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Hunt For Benzene Contamination Source Continues In Fire-Damaged Santa Rosa

Benzene contamination continues to haunt the city of Santa Rosa, California, months after deadly wildfires consumed parts of the city. And now new tests have indicated that benzene contamination may be affecting the water supply in a larger area than previously thought. The Santa Rosa Press Democrat has been reporting on the city’s ongoing benzene problem in the Fountainhead neighborhood in the northern part of the city limits. Parts of the Fountainhead area were completely decimated by the October wildfires, especially a 184-acrea area encompassing Fountaingrove Parkway around Fir Ridge Drive. That part of the city used to be home ... Read More

Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against DuPont alleging Carcinogen Exposure

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against E.I. DuPont De Nemours, a science and engineering company that makes construction materials, polymers, paints, plastics, printing materials, and more, alleging long-term exposure to “a potent bladder carcinogen known as aminobiphenyl” made a former employee sick. The estate of William Clawson filed the lawsuit in Jefferson County District Court in Texas on April 5, saying Clawson was a long-term employee of DuPont who was exposed to a chemical that led to his death. The suit alleges Clawson’s job description required him to work around aminobiphenyl, a “known human bladder carcinogen,” according to a hazard document produced by ... Read More

Nigerian court labels Fanta and Sprite ‘ticking health bomb’ for benzene

A Nigerian court has labeled Coke products Fanta and Sprite manufactured by the Nigerian Bottle Company as unfit for human consumption due to to the chemical reaction within the drinks that it says produces benzene. Nine years of deliberation has led to the court’s decision to declare the two drinks “poisonous,” because the high levels of benzoic acid and ascorbic acid combine to produce benzene. The chemical benzene is a known human carcinogen that has been linked to serious blood diseases such as leukemia, specifically AML and MDS. World Now News described the drinks as a “ticking health bomb.” The struggle began ... Read More

Monsanto may have known Roundup can cause cancer

Previously sealed documents call into question whether Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, colluded with officials of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to allow the sale of the company’s popular weed killer, though its main ingredient, glyphosate, has been linked to cancer. Roundup has been the recent center of litigation in California over whether state health officials could label the weed killer as a human carcinogen, the basis for which Monsanto’s legal representation heavily disputed. Ultimately, the litigation failed to stop Roundup’s new label in the state, and internal emails unearthed as part of an ongoing suit reportedly show the company ... Read More

Metal-on-metal hip implant settlement cuts Into Stryker Earnings

Profits for Stryker, a medical device manufacturing giant, have taken a 2.3 percent cut year-over-year when projections had predicted they’d be up by 14.1 percent. This is likely due to the number of lawsuits regarding the company’s Rejuvenate or ABG II modular metal-on-metal neck hip stems. Information about the earnings came about a month after Stryker announced that Howmedica Osteonics, its subsidiary, had reached a settlement with patients who required revision surgery to correct problems with their new Rejuvenate or ABG II metal-on-metal hips. The metal-on-metal hip implant designs, made by a number of medical device manufacturers such as Wright Medical, DePuy Orthopaedics and its parent company Johnson & Johnson; Smith & Nephew, and Zimmer Biomet ... Read More

Survey: Teens who Use E-Cigarettes are experimenting with “Dripping”

One in four U.S. teen e-cigarette users have tried “dripping“, a new vaping trick that creates thicker clouds of exhaled vapor, according to a new study. “Dripping” is when the e-cigarette liquid is dripped directly onto the exposed heating coils, then immediately inhaled, explains Krishnan-Sarin, a professor of psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut. Krishnan-Sarin, upon learning about the method of dripping, took a survey among high school students about e-cigarette use. The survey revealed that 26 percent of high school vapers at eight Connecticut high schools had experimented with dripping at least once. “They say it ... Read More

California May Soon Put Cancer Warnings On Monsanto’s Roundup

California took a big step toward requiring agribusiness giant Monsanto to label its glyphosate herbicide Roundup as a probable cancer risk when a Fresno County Superior Court judge tentatively ruled Jan. 27 in favor of the warning. A formal decision on the matter, expected to come within days, is now all that separates California regulators from requiring Monsanto to warn the public of Roundup’s potential link to cancer. Once state authorities enforce an order for the warning, Monsanto would have a year to comply. California is one of the biggest markets in the world for Monsanto’s Roundup, which is sold ... Read More

Ontario Fire Contaminates Residents’ Water with Benzene

Residents near Smith Falls, Ontario, were forced to shut off their water for more than two weeks when a nearby fire caused benzene to leach into the groundwater. On Nov. 6, the popular flea market, Rideau Valley Market, near Smith Falls, Ontario, went up in flames. Firefighters responded promptly and kept the fire from spreading, but the chemicals from the burned materials released benzene into the groundwater. Residents near the site of the fire were forced to avoid drinking and coming in contact with tap water for more than two weeks due to contamination. “Which means that if you turn the water ... Read More

Former Chemical Plant Worker Sues For MDS Allegedly Caused by Benzene Exposure

Louis Gest, a resident of Santa Fe, Texas, has filed a lawsuit for more than $1 million against Chevron USA Inc., Lyondell Chemical Co., Shell Oil Co., and Motiva Enterprises LLC. Gest alleges that benzene exposure is responsible for his development of blood disorders. While Gest was a chemical plant worker, refinery worker and pipefitter from 1970 to 2005, he was exposed to benzene and benzene-containing mixtures. Gest claims the exposure caused myelodysplastic syndrome, as well as blood and bone marrow illnesses. He has also been diagnosed with cellular abnormalities and anemia. The lawsuit includes claims of negligence regarding the provision of information about how ... Read More

Valero Reaches Agreement To Reduce Bay-Area Benzene Releases

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said it has reached a settlement with the Valero oil refinery in Benicia, Calif., over its illegal dumping of benzene-contaminated wastewater into an unlined retention pond and other shoddy practices that threaten the environment and human health. Under the agreement, Valero will pay a fine of just $157,800. More importantly, the oil company is required to make infrastructural upgrades to prevent toxic releases and shore up its paperwork proving to the government that it’s in compliance with federal regulations. In May 2014, the EPA inspected Valero’s massive Benicia facility, which occupies about 900 acres in ... Read More