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Giant Methane Hotspot Over Four Corners Attributed To Oil and Gas Industry

A giant methane hotspot looming over the Four Corners area of the Southwest put the oil and gas industry on the defensive when NASA first reported on it two years ago, even though the source was undetermined then. According to Earthworks staff member Pete Dronkers, the big oil and gas polluters immediately started pointing fingers at landfills and claiming that natural seeps were responsible for the all the methane. But last week, NASA followed up its original report with another one specifically identifying 250 spots where all the methane is coming from. Those sources include gas well pads, storage tanks, ... Read More

Study Shows Hotter E-Cigarette Means Higher Levels of Carcinogens

According to a new study, the hotter the e-cigarette is, the higher levels of harmful carcinogens you’re inhaling. All e-cigarettes are made of three parts:  a battery, an atomizer (heating element), and the tank that holds the liquid. A small coil sits on top of the atomizer that heats up. When the liquid passes through the atomizer and is heated up, it is turned into a vapor. Some more high-end designs have two coils that allow more liquid to be heated up with each puff. The benefit of having an extra coil is that a lower level of toxins are delivered. ... Read More

Doctors say toxic effects from vaping mimicked cancer symptoms

The FDA is reviewing the safety of using e-cigarettes, or vaping, as a healthier substitute for regular cigarettes. The agency has held public workshops discussing the safety of e-cigarettes, examining a few chemical analyses that have come back indicating that vaping liquids may contain carcinogens and toxic chemicals. A recent case of a 45-year-old woman referred to a clinic with abdominal pain and a fever have raised eyebrows on the potential toxic effects e-cigarettes have on the body. When the patient arrived at the clinic, she was ordered a full-body workup, which included a CT scan. The scan showed that there were nodules in the ... Read More

SoCal Gas Leak Exposing Porter Ranch Residents To Toxic Benzene

A massive gas leak blasting from Southern California Gas Company’s (SoCalGas) Aliso Canyon operations has California regulators worried about the potential environmental impact. But for months they have expressed little concern that the out-of-control leak might cause long-term health problems for those exposed to the odorless gas. Independent experts, however, are saying residents in and around Porter Ranch, Calif., are possibly being exposed to high levels of benzene, a highly carcinogenic compound present in natural gas. Over time, benzene exposure could manifest as cancer or other illnesses. The SoCalGas started erupting in October and currently engineers have no idea how ... Read More

Class action lawsuit calls for advertising campaign to warn of ovarian cancer risks with baby powder

A class action lawsuit has been filed against consumer health care giant Johnson & Johnson alleging the company’s baby powder causes ovarian cancer. The lawsuit claims that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the risks but failed to warn consumers, instead marketing the product as safe. The class action comes as many similar ovarian cancer lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. The complaints allege that the company’s products contain talcum powder, derived from talc, which is a known carcinogen. When used for personal hygiene in the genital area, researchers have found that the talc can travel up the uterus, ... Read More

School’s baby powder ritual banned due to health hazards

A Michigan high school ritual has been labeled hazardous by school officials and is now banned from school sporting events. Students from Dexter High School have started clapping and spraying baby powder into the air during football games, creating huge clouds and a residual white dusting on those nearby. When the powder-puffing fans, about three dozen in total, moved the ritual indoors for basketball games, the fun turned into a frenzy. Visitors starting having breathing problems, and janitors were forced to clean up the mess during half time. The school’s principal issued a public statement asking students to stop tossing ... Read More

5 health products that are dangerous to women

Medical devices, prescription drugs, and even consumer products offer unique benefits to women. But sometimes they can cause unexpected harm. Here are some products that women should use with caution: 1. Talcum powder – It might sound far-fetched, but women who apply baby powder or body powder regularly to their genitals are a third more likely to develop ovarian cancer than women who do not use the product. Talcum powder, derived from talc, contains various elements, including asbestos, which is a known carcinogen. Researchers say the powder when applied to the genitals can travel up the vagina through the uterus ... Read More

Consumer Reports finds excessive levels of carcinogen in Pepsi One

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said that it would conduct new studies on the safety of caramel coloring in food and drink after a Consumer Reports analysis found that Pepsi One contained excessive levels of a carcinogenic caramel coloring byproduct called 4-methylimidazole, also known as 4-Mel. 4-Mel forms in some caramel coloring during the manufacturing process. It is a known cancer-causing substance that can occur in trace amounts in certain food items when they are introduced to heat. Consumer Reports’ study, however, found that 4-Mel is present in more than just trace amounts in Pepsi One and another ... Read More

Cancer groups warn of increased risk of ovarian cancer with talcum powder use

Ovarian cancer is the most deadly cancer of the female reproductive system. Its high death rate is partly due to the lack of early detection and screening tests. The American Cancer Society estimates that 22,240 cases of ovarian cancer were diagnosed in 2013, and approximately 14,030 women died from the disease in that year. While the causes of ovarian cancer are unknown, most cases are thought to be genetic in nature. Increased hormone levels before and during ovulation may also stimulate the growth of abnormal cells. However, researchers have identified another possible cause of the deadly disease – one that ... Read More

Some Lumber Liquidators flooring contains toxic formaldehyde levels, report finds

Lumber Liquidators, a highly profitable chain of 279 retail stores selling engineered wood and laminate flooring products, is one of the nation’s largest flooring companies. Last year the company sold more than $800 million in flooring product and its stock prices soared amid attractive profit margins and news that its aggressive growth plan aimed to double the number of retail outlets in just about every state. But blogger and investor Xuhua Zhou reveals that some of Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese-made flooring contains levels of formaldehyde that are both illegal and potentially toxic to consumers – a concern that is echoed by ... Read More