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Salon industry workers often exposed to toxic levels of formaldehyde

Formaldehyde, a highly volatile and toxic compound that poses a substantial threat to human health, is commonly found in and released by certain hair-smoothing products used by salons. But despite the known dangers and the federal laws designed to protect salon workers from the dangers of formaldehyde, regulators are finding salon workers are regularly exposed to the substance. “We want to make sure that salon owners are aware that if they use these products, they have to implement protective measures such as air monitoring and training,” said Dr. David Michaels, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Assistant Secretary of ... Read More

Group urges J&J to remove cancer-causing chemicals from shampoo

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo is designed to be gentle enough for the youngest tots, but a coalition of health and environmental groups say the product actually contains dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. For more than two years, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics has lobbied Johnson & Johnson to remove the chemicals dioxane and quaternium-15 from its baby shampoo. The health care company has refused, though it does make versions of the shampoo without the dangerous chemicals for other markets outside the United States. Members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics say they have met with Johnson & Johnson representatives three times ... Read More

Study links cleaning products to increased risk of breast cancer

A new study published Tuesday in the international journal Environmental Health says that regular use of cleaning products is likely to double the chances of developing breast cancer in women. Common household products, many of which have been sold for decades, contain substances such as “endocrine disrupting chemicals” and “mammary gland carcinogens.” Researchers conducted the study in Massachusetts by surveying women who developed breast cancer about which household cleaning products they typically used. The study found that women who used certain cleaning products the most were twice as likely to develop cancer. Products including air fresheners and mold removers were ... Read More

Chinese manufacturers substitute toxic cadmium for lead

Earlier this month, the Associated Press exposed yet another disturbing Chinese trade secret when it reported that some manufacturers in China are making children’s jewelry with the highly toxic metal cadmium. Children’s jewelry now joins the growing list of dangerous and sometimes deadly products pouring into the United States from China – a list that includes toys covered with lead paint, pet food and baby formula tainted with melamine, sulfuric drywall that has ruined thousands of homes, and other poorly made or defective merchandise. Evidence suggests that Chinese manufacturers are turning to cadmium as a substitute for lead, which the ... Read More

Wal-Mart, CPSC act to foil use of cadmium in children’s products

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the world’s largest retailer, is pulling items of children’s jewelry known or suspected to be manufactured with high levels of toxic cadmium from store shelves. The move follows an Associated Press investigation published earlier this week which found some China-based manufacturers were creating children’s jewelry with varying amounts of cadmium — a heavy medal considered by the federal government to be one of the most toxic substances on earth. Cadmium is a soft metal that occurs naturally in soil. Exposure to concentrated quantities of it, however, can have debilitating effects on humans. The metal is known to cause cancer ... Read More

High levels of toxic cadmium found in children’s jewelry from China

On the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s priority list of the 275 most toxic substances in the environment, the heavy metal cadmium is ranked seventh. Unfortunately, in an investigative report, the Associated Press found that cadmium is being used in large quantities to make children’s jewelry and other products that are sold in the United States. The country of origin for almost all of these products is China. In its investigation, the AP purchased 103 pieces of children’s jewelry from stores such as Wal-Mart and Claire’s in New York, Ohio, Texas, and California. The jewelry was then analyzed for ... Read More

Traditional morning sickness remedy found to contain lead, arsenic

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Texas Department of State Health Services are warning consumers, especially those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, to avoid a traditional remedy for morning sickness known as Nzu because it contains high levels of lead and arsenic, which can lead to adverse effects of the unborn child’s brain and nervous system and increase one’s risk of cancers of the urinary bladder, lungs and skin. Nzu is sold at African specialty stores and is also known by the name Calabash clay, Calabar stone, Mabele, Argile and La Craie. It resembles balls of clay or ... Read More