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E-Cigarette Blast Severely Burns California Toddler and Mom

California mom Paige Kadella heard a strange crackling sound coming from her purse as she was traveling in the backseat of her father-in-law’s car with her 18-month-old daughter Ashlynn. When she bent over to investigate, her purse was engulfed in flames. Her e-cigarette had exploded for unknown reasons and she seriously burned her hands as she frantically tried to put out the fire, screaming for her father-in-law to pull the car over. But Ashlynn, who was strapped into a car seat, suffered the worst injuries. The fire had spread from Ms. Kadella’s purse to her daughter’s car seat, leaving the ... Read More

iPhone Cases Recalled Due to Skin Irritation, Burns

Consumers looking to accessorize their iPhones should be aware that New Jersey-based MixBin Electronics LLC, has recalled approximately 263,000 of its Liquid Glitter iPhone cases after customers reported the cases caused skin irritation and chemical burns, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. There have been 24 reports of skin irritation and chemical burns, including 19 injuries in the U.S. CNN reports that the injuries are a result of the liquid substance contained in the cases leaking out and coming into contact users’ skin. The liquid can leak out if the case cracks or breaks. One consumer has been permanently ... Read More

Apple Juice With Toxic Level of Methanol Sends Two Children To ICU

Two children are recovering in a Pennsylvania hospital after drinking apple juice containing methanol and other caustic substances at a Lancaster restaurant Friday night. Richie Zaragoza, 10, and his sister Ginaya Mendoza, 4, were rushed to Hershey Medical Center with severe burns of the mouth and throat after drinking apple juice at Star Buffet and Grill, LancasterOnline reported. The children were admitted to intensive care at Hershey Medical Center in “critical but stable” condition. By Monday morning, their condition had improved to fair. The children’s mother, Virginia Davis, told LancasterOnline that both her children began vomiting after drinking the apple ... Read More

FDA: OTC topical painkillers may cause serious chemical burns

Topical creams or gels sold over-the-counter to relieve pain in muscles and joints may cause chemical burn, some of which have required medical attention, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns. OTC topical pain relievers include creams, lotions, ointments and patches sold under brand names such as Icy Hot, Bengay, Capzasin, Flexall, and Mentholatum. The products are applied to the skin. The FDA cautions consumers that it has received reports of serious skin injuries with these products, and people who experience burning pain or blistering after using the products should seek medical attention immediately. The injuries, while rare, have ranged from ... Read More

Nail polish remover recalled for risk of chemical burns

Personal Care Products has notified the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of a voluntary nationwide recall of one of its nail polish remover products because it has the potential to cause chemical burns to the fingers of users. Bingham Farms, MI-based Personal Care Products has recalled all lots of Personal Care non-acetone nail polish remover, condition enriched with gelatin 6 fl. Oz., UPC 4815592076 because its formulation does not meet proper specifications. To date, the company has received two complaints from consumers of burns to the fingers resulting from use of the product. The product is sold nationwide in small ... Read More