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Chinese professor sues Asiana for crash injuries in U.S. Court

SAN FRANCISCO – A Chinese college professor who was injured on the July 6 Asiana flight 214 crash has filed a personal-injury lawsuit against the airline in U.S. District Court in San Francisco. The plaintiff is one of the few non-U.S. nationals aboard the plane who have the right to the sue the Korea-based airline in U.S. Court. Zhengheng Xie, who teaches at Shanghai University, was flying to the U.S. to visit his son, a South Bay resident, when the Boeing 777 crashed on its approach to San Francisco International. Investigators are trying to determine why the pilots failed to ... Read More

Some Lumber Liquidators flooring contains toxic formaldehyde levels, report finds

Lumber Liquidators, a highly profitable chain of 279 retail stores selling engineered wood and laminate flooring products, is one of the nation’s largest flooring companies. Last year the company sold more than $800 million in flooring product and its stock prices soared amid attractive profit margins and news that its aggressive growth plan aimed to double the number of retail outlets in just about every state. But blogger and investor Xuhua Zhou reveals that some of Lumber Liquidators’ Chinese-made flooring contains levels of formaldehyde that are both illegal and potentially toxic to consumers – a concern that is echoed by ... Read More

Asiana air crash survivor’s tragic death prompts reevaluation of rescue procedures

A 16-year old girl who survived the initial impact of Asiana flight 214 when it crash landed at San Francisco International Airport July 6 was struck and killed on the runway by a firefighting truck, medical examiners have concluded. The tragic death will likely trigger significant reevaluations of safety procedures and how rescue workers respond to crashes in the future. Ye Meng Yuan and her close friend and classmate Wang Linjia, also 16, were identified as the first passengers from the Asiana flight to lose their lives after the airplane crash landed. The bodies of both girls were found on the exterior ... Read More

Asiana 214 passengers sue Boeing for crash-related injuries

CHICAGO, Ill.–Eighty-three passengers of Asiana flight 214 have joined a lawsuit being prepared against Boeing Co. for injuries they received when the airplane crash-landed on a San Francisco runway July 6. A court filing by the plaintiffs’ firm alleges that mechanical defects within the aircraft might have caused the crash and resulting injuries. Three people were killed and 182 were injured when the plane touched down at San Francisco International Airport after an overnight flight from Seoul, South Korea. Court papers filed in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Boeing’s home city, seek to preserve evidence that may be critical ... Read More

Asiana Flight 214 death toll rises to 3 as another girl dies from crash injuries

A third girl from Asiana flight 214 died Friday morning of her injuries, 6 days after the airplane crash-landed at San Francisco International airport. The girl, whose identity was withheld at the request of her parents, was one of three Asiana passengers in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital with traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, abdominal injuries, and internal bleeding. The two surviving critically injured patients are adults. Four other passengers remain in the hospital. Their conditions range from serious to good. Meanwhile, investigators have confirmed that one of the other victims, 16-year-old schoolgirl Ye Meng Yuan, was ... Read More

San Francisco passenger jet crash kills two schoolgirls, injures 181 others

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — U.S. and South Korean officials are investigating the deadly crash landing of a Boeing 777 passenger plane at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) Saturday. The plane, operated by South Korea-based carrier Asiana Airlines, apparently crashed upon landing, killing two passengers and injuring than 181 others. Authorities said that Asiana flight 214 from Seoul’s Incheon International Airrport was carrying 291 passengers and 16 crew members. Of those passengers, 141 were Chinese, 77 South Korean, 61 American, and one Japanese national. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the airplane’s tail break off during the runway crash. The airplane then spun around ... Read More

Most fireworks injuries and deaths occur in June and July, U.S. safety officials report

In 2012, six men died as a result of fireworks-related injuries and another 8,700 people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for fireworks-related wounds, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). CPSC officials released the latest fireworks safety report last week ahead of the Fourth of July holiday, which is traditionally when the majority of the injuries occur. According to the report, more than 5,000 Americans were treated in hospital emergency rooms due to fireworks-related injuries between June 22, 2012 and July 22, 2012. More than half of the reported injuries involved burns to the hands, head, and ... Read More

CDC urges US hospitals to be on the lookout for patients with bird flu

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is hoping to stop the H7N9 avian flu from spreading throughout the United States by asking hospitals to be on the lookout for people with flu-like symptoms who have traveled to China or have had contact with someone who has the illness. The center also issued interim guidance on the use of antiviral drugs to treat patients with the bird flu. The avian flu has infected at least 92 people in China, resulting in 17 deaths. The source of the infections has not yet been identified and there are no known instances ... Read More

Psychotic behavior a possibility with some synthetic drugs

It is perhaps the most disturbing story to come out in recent months – a drugged out maniac stripping naked and then eating off the face of a homeless man on a Miami causeway. One researcher warns that the attacker’s psychotic rage may not be as random as generally thought. “Absolutely bizarre, if not demonic behavior,” Dr. Deborah Marsh, founder and director of the University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank, told CBS4 News. She says the symptoms the attacker displayed are indicative of ones experienced by people who have gotten high off synthetic drugs, many of which are imported from and ... Read More

FDA China office working to build consumer confidence in exports

A series of safety scares involving Chinese exports prompted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) three years ago to open an office in China to help oversee the quality of products being imported to the United States. Since then, the agency says it has made notable strides toward developing an infrastructure that better ensures product safety. Since the office opened in Beijing in November 2008, the 13-person staff has trained more than 1,600 manufacturers and regulators on United States safety standards. Much of that training involved a hands-on workshop in the cities of Hangzhou and Zhoushan, which included both classroom ... Read More