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Lipitor may protect against gum disease but increases blood sugar levels

A high dose of the widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin atorvastatin, known by the brand name Lipitor, may help alleviate periodontal disease, a small, randomized study suggests. However, other studies have shown Lipitor puts users at risk for type 2 diabetes, a condition that if not properly controlled can lead to gum disease. Periodontal disease is a gum disease that affects nearly half of U.S. adults. It has been associated with atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries in some studies although more recent studies have questioned the connection. The possible connection between atherosclerosis and gum disease comes from the type of ... Read More

Lipitor makers fend off generic competition and rake in billions in profits

Pfizer’s top selling cholesterol-lowering drug Lipitor went off patent in December 2011, but the company has managed to fend off generic competition while raising the drug’s price. If things continue as planned for Pfizer, annual sales for Lipitor will top $3 billion by 2015. Ranbaxy Laboratories was, in 2008, the first drug company to file a generic version of Lipitor with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). When Pfizer got word of this plan, it worked out a pay-for-delay deal with Ranbaxy to hold off on the generic drug until November 2011. Several drug companies filed lawsuits accusing the two ... Read More

Merck suspends sales of cholesterol drug Tredaptive due to serious adverse reactions

Sales of the cholesterol drug Tredaptive are being suspended after initial results from a study showed that the drug was not effective at lowering cholesterol and could increase the risk for serious side effects. Drug maker Merck & Co. is also asking doctors to stop writing prescriptions for the tablets. Tredaptive is not approved in the United States, but it has been approved in about 70 other countries, and is sold in about 40 countries, including Europe. It is also sold under the brand names Pelzont in Italy, Trevaclyn in Italy and Portugal, and Cordaptive in other markets around the ... Read More

Development of new cholesterol drug halted due to lack of efficacy

Development on a potential blockbuster cholesterol drug has been halted by the manufacturer because the medication failed to provide benefit when added to existing standard of care in patients with coronary heart disease. A pharmaceutical product is considered a “blockbuster drug” if it generates more than $1 billion of revenue for its owner annually. Roche Holding AG’s dalcetrapid is one of several cholesterol drugs in development known as CETP inhibitor. This class is designed to raise “good cholesterol” (HDL) and prevent cardiovascular problems including heart attacks and strokes. CETP inhibitor drugs are different than the widely used statins, which are designed ... Read More