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South Carolina treasurer recovering after cholesterol-lowering statin overdose

South Carolina treasurer Curtis Loftis is recovering after being bedridden for 30 hours and feeling “like death” as a result of an “error in dosage” with his cholesterol-lowering medication. Loftis said he was “astounded” that taking a “little bit more” of his statin medication Crestor made him so ill. While Loftis is on the mend, statin overdose is nothing to sniff at. Too much of the drug in the bloodstream can cause some serious side effects including liver damage, kidney failure, and Rhabdomyolysis, a type of severe muscle damage. Treatment includes pumping of the stomach, giving IV fluids, and providing ... Read More

Cognitive side effects to be studied in new class of cholesterol-lowering medications

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is asking pharmaceutical companies to assess potential neurocognitive side effects associated with experimental cholesterol-lowering drugs from a new class of medications they are developing. The agency said it is “aware of concerns raised with neurocognitive adverse events and other lipid-lowering therapies, including statins,” and as part of its oversight the agency said it was carefully monitoring these types of events. The drugs are from a new class of cholesterol-lowering medications known as PCSK9 inhibitors that are designed to block a protein that benefits LDL cholesterol – the so-called “bad” cholesterol – in the blood. ... Read More

‘Good’ cholesterol linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

HDL, the so-called “good” cholesterol, may not be so good after all. A new study published in the journal Nature Medicine has linked high levels of HDL to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Cholesterol is a lipid, or fat, produced by the liver. It is vital for normal body function however elevated levels of cholesterol have been associated with an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Because of this, many people are prescribed cholesterol-lowering medications. A cholesterol reading is made up of HDLs, or “good” cholesterol, and LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. HDL is considered a “friendly scavenger” because ... Read More

New cholesterol guidelines may incorrectly recommend millions of people take statins

At least one expert is calling for the implementation of new cholesterol guidelines to be postponed because the risk assessment tool used to help evaluate patients appears to greatly overstate the risk, which may result in millions of people being incorrectly identified as candidates for cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. The risk calculator, released by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology, assesses a person’s 10-year heart attack risk based on information such as age, race, gender, cholesterol level, blood pressure levels, and whether a person has diabetes or is a smoker. According to the new guidelines, people with a ... Read More

Obese people can cut heart disease, stroke risk by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar

Obese and overweight people who lower their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels could cut their risk of heart disease and stroke by more than half, according to a new study published in The Lancet. Researchers analyzed nearly 100 studies that involved more than 1.8 million people worldwide. They concluded that high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels contributed to about 50 percent of overweight and obese people’s increased risk of heart disease and 75 percent of their increased risk of stroke. Obesity rates have almost doubled worldwide in the past 35 years affecting more than 1.4 billion ... Read More

Woman files lawsuit claiming Pfizer’s Lipitor caused her to develop type 2 diabetes

Gladys Board didn’t know when she started taking Pfizer’s cholesterol-lowering statin medication Lipitor in the late 1990s that it could increase her blood sugar levels and put her at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Pfizer did not alert anyone of this risk until 2011, after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered the company to place a warning on its safety label. The FDA’s action was based on studies that showed the widely prescribed Lipitor could increase blood sugar levels and put users at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Those at greatest risk were postmenopausal women, especially those ... Read More

Lipitor may protect against gum disease but increases blood sugar levels

A high dose of the widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering statin atorvastatin, known by the brand name Lipitor, may help alleviate periodontal disease, a small, randomized study suggests. However, other studies have shown Lipitor puts users at risk for type 2 diabetes, a condition that if not properly controlled can lead to gum disease. Periodontal disease is a gum disease that affects nearly half of U.S. adults. It has been associated with atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries in some studies although more recent studies have questioned the connection. The possible connection between atherosclerosis and gum disease comes from the type of ... Read More