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NHTSA announces Jeep rollaway probe expansion to include more Chrysler vehicles

Jeep Cherokee rollaway incidents have been a major concern of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for some time, with more than 100 incidents reported thus far. In order to protect other drivers from similar experiences, the NHTSA has expanded its probe to include several other Chrysler vehicles. The following Chrysler vehicles are now included in the NHTSA’s rollaway probe: 2012-14 Dodge Chargers and Chrysler 300s with 3.6L engines, as well as the 2014-15 Grand Cherokees already under investigation. The NHTSA’s announcement leaves the agency with approximately 856,000 vehicles to inspect and ensure they are safe for public roadways. The rollaway ... Read More

Arbitration clause found in Chrysler “Friends Program Pricing” form

Chrysler appears to have pulled a fast one on a number of unsuspecting car buyers signing mountains of paperwork by slipping in an arbitration clause on the “Chrysler Group LLC – Employee Advantage – Friends Program Pricing & Acknowledgment Form.” According to Jalopnik, the Chrysler dealer offers the contract as part of a one percent discount to the buyer. At first glance, the form appears non-threatening, aptly named the “friends program,” to encourage potential buyers of simply signing it and moving forward. However, in all caps, but smaller font, reads the following sentence:  “THIS CONTRACT CONTAINS A BINDING ARBITRATION PROVISION ... Read More

Defective Takata air bag inflators lead to second recall expansion by Chrysler amid safety worries

There is more drama stirring in the defective Takata air bag inflators situation as Chrysler announces its second recall expansion, this time of 208,783 vehicles, in one week. The expansion comes likely as a reaction from regulators like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which are following the issue closely. Since June, Chrysler has recalled more than 600,000 vehicles featuring the infamous Takata air bags due to reports that the defective Takata air bag inflators may explode, firing tiny metal fragments into drivers and passengers within the vehicle. Honda vehicles in areas of high humidity, such as Florida, have experienced ... Read More

Similar ignition switch issue that prompted massive GM recalls now prompts Chrysler Jeep recalls

Nearly 792,000 older-model Jeep SUVs are now under recall by Chrysler Group due to an issue General Motors (GM) would be familiar with – ignition switches. According to Chrysler, if the ignition switch is bumped by the driver’s knees, it may shift out of the “on” position, thus shutting off engine power and killing power assist to both the steering and brakes. In this state, air bags are also disabled in the vehicle. Vehicles affected by this recall include 2006-07 Jeep Commanders and 2005-07 Jeep Grand Cherokees. However, Chrysler also expanded a previous ignition switch-related recall to its older model ... Read More

Chrysler issues recall for Jeep and Durango vehicles while NHTSA investigates Ford steering shaft risk

Chrysler has just issued a recall of 895,000 vehicles for a potential fire hazard. Specifically, 651,000 of its Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Durango SUV models 2011-2014 manufactured in the United States. Also 500,000 Fords are being investigated for steering problems. The source of the problem in the Chrysler vehicles comes from the wiring in the vanity mirror. The vehicles that have been recalled were “involved in a repair related to servicing the vanity mirror and/or headliner, the wiring — located inside the sun visor — may be subject to short-circuit and fire if not appropriately reassembled by the ... Read More

Death report prompts federal regulators to launch probe of Dodge Ram clutch interlock

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation into an estimated 110,000 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks with manual transmissions, saying it has received reports that the clutch interlocks on the model year 2004-2006 vehicles may be defective. One of the complaints triggering the investigation involved the death of a child struck by one of the trucks. NHTSA regulators said that three complaints it has received about the trucks indicate they can be started even when the driver’s foot is not on the clutch. “One complaint involved an incident that occurred when a child was able ... Read More

Chrysler recalls more than 75,000 Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles for various problems

Chrysler has announced several recalls affecting Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. More than 75,000 automobiles will be affected. Model-year 2011-12 Dodge Charger sedans had around 43,450 vehicles included in this recall. These vehicles are equipped with halogen headlights. According to a statement by Chrysler, the recalled sedan’s headlamp jumper harness, along with other headlight components, have the potential to overheat during use. In 2012, a recall of police vehicles had the same issue, despite no injuries or accidents occurring due to the issue. Dodge Charger dealers will be asked to inspect and, if needed, replace the headlamp jumper harness and bulbs ... Read More

NHTSA approves Chrysler recall plan for older model Jeeps

Chrysler has just been approved to proceed with recall repairs after the government closed its investigation into the safety of older-model Jeeps in the event of a rear-end collision. The investigation stemmed from a recall indicating a risk that a crash into the rear of the vehicle would rupture the vehicles’ gas tanks, erupting the vehicle into flames. The recall will cover 1.6 million Jeep Cherokees from 1993 to 1998 and Jeep Libertys from 2002 to 2007. The repairs will consist of adding a trailer hitch, if the vehicle doesn’t already have one, in order to provide extra rear-crash protection. The ... Read More

Chrysler refuses to recall Jeep vehicles despite risk for deadly, fiery crashes

Chrysler is refusing to recall 2.7 million vehicles to fix fuel tank problems that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says made the cars more susceptible to catching fire when rear-ended and may have caused at least 338 deaths. The issue involves the placement of fuel tanks in 1993 to 2004 model year Jeep Grand Cherokees. Those vehicles have fuel tanks located behind the rear bumper, which critics say make the tanks more likely to rupture and leak fuel during rear-end crashes, which increases the probability of the vehicles catching fire. NHTSA launched an investigation on 1993 to 2004 ... Read More

Chrysler recalls nearly 1 million Jeep Grand Cherokees, Jeep Liberties

Chrysler is recalling nearly a million of its Jeep vehicles worldwide because the airbags may deploy automatically while the vehicles are in operation. The recall affects 2002 to 2004 model year Jeep Grand Cherokees and Jeep Liberties, and involves nearly 750,000 vehicles in the United States. The problem involves the front and side airbags, which can go off at any moment, as well as the sudden tightening of seatbelts. The airbag deployments can increase the risk of injury and the chances of a crash, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Chrysler says there have been no reports ... Read More