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Novartis seeks more time in whistleblower case


Drug giant Novartis told a New York federal judge that it needs more time in a whistleblower case. The company said the deadline proposed by a whistleblower seeking the release of the company’s privilege log and other documents as part of a False Claims Act lawsuit is not feasible. “That simply is not a feasible deadline,” Novartis said in a memorandum for opposition. The drug maker also said that throwing documents together in haste would force it “to make important privilege determinations” with prejudice, Law360 reported. Former Novartis employee David Kester filed a whistleblower lawsuit against the drug maker under the ... Read More

Bard on verge of settlement in transvaginal mesh case

transvaginal mesh

C.R. Bard and a woman who claims she was injured by the medical device maker’s defective transvaginal mesh are on the verge of a settlement, just days before the lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial. Debra Wise’s lawsuit was part of a federal multidistrict litigation in West Virginia. The “pending settlement” was signed off on by U.S. District Judge Joseph Goodwin, and the case was ordered off the active docket in the litigation. Wise’s lawsuit was originally filed in West Virginia state court in the Circuit Court of Cabell County before it was transferred to the federal multidistrict litigation. ... Read More

DePuy increases fund for victims of defective hip implants


Johnson & Johnson subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics has agreed to add up to $350 million to a $2.5 billion settlement involving its defective hip implants. The original settlement, penned in November 2013, awarded up to $250,000 to about 8,000 patients who had undergone revision surgery to have their ASR hip replacement system removed prior to Sept. 1, 2013. Patients received less than the full $250,000 based on factors such as if they smoked or had a high body mass index. The original settlement also included $475 million in supplemental awards for patients who suffered further injuries from the revision surgery. About ... Read More

Whistleblower sues Morgan Stanley over retaliation in Pilot Flying J fraud investigation


A Morgan Stanley financial planner who claims he was fired for collaborating with the FBI during an investigation of an alleged Pilot Flying J travel center fraud scheme filed a whistleblower lawsuit against his employer last week. According to The Tennessean, Morgan Stanley employee John Verble filed the whistleblower lawsuit last week in federal court in Knoxville, Tenn. Mr. Verble alleges that Morgan Stanley retaliated against him when it found out he was cooperating with FBI authorities probing a complex Pilot Flying J scheme that allegedly defrauded trucking companies by not paying rebates it owed. The scheme implicated top executives at ... Read More

Risperdal lawsuit claims long-term emotional injury


A Texas man has filed a lawsuit against the makers of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal claiming he suffered long-term emotional problems after the drug caused him to grow female breasts. Jacoby Moore filed his Risperdal lawsuit in Jefferon County District Court against Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., formerly known as Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc., Johnson & Johnson Company, Johnson & Johnson Research and Development, and Dr. Ravikumar Kanneganti both individually and doing business as Child Guidance Center. Moore says he was prescribed Risperdal by Kanneganti when he was 7 to treat attention deficit disorder (ADHD). Risperdal, known generically as risperidone, is approved to ... Read More

Whistleblower claims Novartis is withholding documents


A whistleblower suing his former employer, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, over an alleged kickback scheme has asked a New York federal court to order the drug maker to turn over documents he claims were improperly altered and withheld during the discovery process. Former Novartis employee David Kester filed his lawsuit under the whistleblower provisions of the False Claims Act in 2011, asserting that Novartis had engaged in kickback schemes to push its drugs with CVS Caremark and other pharmacy companies. Mr. Kester’s lawsuit contends that the illegal kickback scheme was designed to boost sales of iron reduction drug Exjade and organ transplant ... Read More

Honda president resigns; profits hurt by Takata air bags

Honda Takata airbags

Honda Motor Co. suffered another devastating blow from the Takata air bag controversy as President Takanobu Ito announced his resignation. Honda, the automaker experiencing the most fallout as a result of the dangerous Takata air bag inflators, has been forced to soak up recall costs related to the air bags, causing inferior earnings lower than the company anticipated. Following Ito’s resignation, Honda executive Takahiro Hachigo will take on the role of president in April and continue his 33-year career with the automaker. The situation with the Takata air bags was not mentioned during the news conference in Tokyo. Other managerial changes ... Read More

Family of teen infected by superbug at UCLA may sue endocope maker


A California teenager is in “grave condition” with an antibiotic resistant superbug infection months after undergoing an endoscopic procedure at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, stoking fears that the design of specialized duodenoscopes used on about a half a million patients a year makes them difficult to thoroughly sanitize. Duodenoscopes are flexible fiber-optic tubes fitted with a light and camera that that are inserted down the throat, enabling physicians to examine an organ. Regulators and medical professionals are now learning the devices are can be extremely difficult to disinfect, a potential design flaw that could open the ... Read More

CO poisoning rises as temps drop

Recall - space heaters

During the coldest months of winter, it’s always good to ensure your heating sources are used properly to avoid what health experts refer to as “the silent killer” – carbon monoxide (CO). Carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas, claims the lives of more than 400 citizens annually when carbon-based fuels, such as gasoline, natural gas, oil, charcoal or wood, are burned without enough oxygen present. The toxic CO fumes then accumulate in nearby areas, poisoning any people or animals nearby. CO poisoning occurs more often as a result of power outages from hurricanes and winter storms when fuel ... Read More

Risperdal makers attempt to discredit former FDA chief in gynecomastia lawsuit


Johnson & Johnson attorneys attempted to discredit former Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chief who testified against the company in a lawsuit claiming its antipsychotic drug Risperdal causes adolescent boys to grow breasts. Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler testified in front of a Philadelphia jury last week in the gynocomastia lawsuit saying, “What (Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary Janssen Pharmaceuticals) want to convey here, as you see in their own words, doesn’t match what the data show and, to me, that’s not telling the whole story, especially when you’re talking about adverse events that are significant. “The one thing you ... Read More