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Woman sues Bayer over injuries caused by Essure contraceptive

Marlee Scott delivered four children without an epidural to deaden the pain of childbirth. But after having the Essure permanent birth control device implanted last June, she experienced pain so severe she had to take prescription painkillers. The medication masked the pain, but it didn’t ease her other strange symptoms – “non-stop” menstrual bleeding, aching joints, bloating, and losing chunks of hair. Miserable and desperate, Marlee agreed to have a hysterectomy just three months later because she could no longer endure the suffering. She blames her suffering on Essure. “I didn’t want to get a hysterectomy at 26 or at ... Read More

Canadian couple sues Cook Medical for faulty blood clot filter

Canadian Wendy Kopeck is suing Cook Medical for $200 million over claims that the company’s blood clot blocking device broke and is trapped inside her body where it is a “ticking time bomb” threatening to end her life at any moment. In August 2013, Kopeck was implanted with Cook’s retrievable IVC filter. The cage-like device is implanted in the inferior vena cava – the largest vein in the body that runs along the spine toward the heart. It is designed to catch blood clots before they travel to the heart or lungs. IVC filters are implanted in patients at risk ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson files motion to dismiss baby powder-ovarian cancer lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson filed a motion in Illinois court to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit alleging the consumer health care company’s classic baby powder products increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson says plaintiff Barbara Mihalich has not developed ovarian cancer nor has she shown to suffer any injury from using the product, and thus has suffered no economic loss for which she should be compensated. She also did not claim that she bought the product to use for personal hygiene in her genital area, which the company says is the only use that the plaintiff claims ... Read More

Class action lawsuit calls for advertising campaign to warn of ovarian cancer risks with baby powder

A class action lawsuit has been filed against consumer health care giant Johnson & Johnson alleging the company’s baby powder causes ovarian cancer. The lawsuit claims that Johnson & Johnson was aware of the risks but failed to warn consumers, instead marketing the product as safe. The class action comes as many similar ovarian cancer lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. The complaints allege that the company’s products contain talcum powder, derived from talc, which is a known carcinogen. When used for personal hygiene in the genital area, researchers have found that the talc can travel up the uterus, ... Read More

Preliminary approval on NFL settlement with former players who suffered concussions

A landmark deal compensating thousands of former National Football League (NFL) players for claims that the NFL improperly handled concussions has been preliminarily approved by a federal judge. U.S. District Judge Anita Brody had previously denied a request for preliminary approval of a $765 million settlement that included a monetary award fund capped at $675 million, raising concerns that the fund may not be enough to cover damages in some scenarios. Two weeks ago, the NFL agreed to remove the cap on the fund. The settlement resolves more than 240 lawsuits filed by more than 4,500 former NFL players, which ... Read More

BBB warns of scams promising payouts for medical device settlements

The Jacksonville, Fla., Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning consumers of a scam involving legal settlements on medical devices, and to be wary of callers promising big payouts but only after the consumer agrees to lay out cash. The Jacksonville BBB says it received a report from a woman who got a phone call claiming that the woman was entitled to $25,000 as part of a class action lawsuit settlement involving a medical procedure in which she was implanted with a bladder sling, also known as transvaginal mesh. The woman was told to put $150 on a Green Dot card – ... Read More

Louisiana AG lawsuit claims Fresenius products caused fatal heart attacks in dialysis patients

The Louisiana Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Fresenius Medical Care North America and the nearly 100 Fresenius-owned dialysis clinics in the state alleging that its dialysis concentrates GranuFlo and NaturaLyte contributed to fatal heart attacks of dialysis patients. The lawsuit, filed in state district court in Baton Rouge, claims Fresenius violated Louisiana law and attempted to defraud dialysis clinics, physicians, the state and its residents with confusing labeling on its dialysis products, which resulted in patients suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Louisiana seeks civil penalties of $5,000 per violation and is asking the court to force Fresenius to pay ... Read More

Proposed new class action takes on Listerine Total Care mouthwash

Johnson & Johnson and some of its subsidiaries are facing a potential new class action lawsuit from about 100 consumers who allege the company falsely labeled its Listerine Total Care products and touted benefits such as enamel restoration despite “overwhelming consensus” from experts that once lost, tooth enamel cannot be restored. Members of the class action are seeking a total of more than $5 million for being misled by false labeling of Listerine Total Care line of products. The special label enabled the company to charge a 35.8 percent price premium when, the lawsuit claims, Listerine Total Care is essentially ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson faces class action lawsuit over ovarian cancer risk linked to talcum powder

A new class action lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder is not safe and puts women who use it in their genital area at risk for ovarian cancer. The lawsuit was filed by Denis Mikhlin and Erin Hoffmann in federal court. “As numerous studies have confirmed, Johnson’s Baby Powder leads to a significant increased risk of ovarian cancer. Women who used talc-based powders to powder their genital area have a 33 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer compared to those women who never used the powders,” the lawsuit states. “Despite the potential catastrophic health consequences, defendants do not ... Read More

Class action lawsuit filed by Fitbit Force fitness tracker wearers who developed skin rashes

A class action lawsuit was filed against Fitbit by people who say they should be compensated for the injuries they suffered while wearing the company’s Force fitness tracker wristband. The Fitbit Force is the latest product to be released by Fitbit. The popular wristbands sell for about $130. The bands are made of silicon and have a small display and sensors that measure motion in order to track steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep patterns. The device syncs with computers and smart phones. Last year, consumers reported developing skin rashes and other skin problems while wearing the device. ... Read More