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Harbor Freight class action settlement benefits customers that purchased items misrepresented as discounted

Harbor Freight, a discount tool retailer headquartered in California, will be giving shoppers up to 30 percent back on their purchases following a class action settlement. The suit alleges Harbor Freight lied when it advertised items at “sale” or “compare at” prices, despite the products having never been sold at a higher price point. According to AL.com, the settlement will cover purchases made from April 8, 2011, through Dec. 15, 2016. Any consumer with itemized receipts from Harbor Freight showing the “you saved” amount may receive either 20 percent of that amount in cash, or 30 percent in Harbor Freight ... Read More

Lawsuits Filed In Virginia Against Tropical Smoothie Over Hepatitis A Contamination

Tropical Smoothie Café faces two lawsuits in Virginia filed in connection with a hepatitis A outbreak linked to Egyptian strawberries, including one potential class-action that includes scores of plaintiffs who have had a smoothie at one of the chain’s Virginia cafes before Aug 8. Using genetic testing, Virginia Department of Health officials were able to identify the hepatitis A strain as one that has been associated with past outbreaks stemming from frozen strawberries imported from Egypt. Further research led the health officials to discover certain Tropical Smoothie Café chains used such strawberries in many of their blended drinks. The smoothie ... Read More

Honda Class Action Claims Rabbits, Rodents Have Appetite For Soy-Based Wiring

A federal class action lawsuit representing vehicle owners in three states claims soy-based electrical wire coatings have caused rats, mice, rabbits, and squirrels to munch on Honda engines like snacks, causing severe and costly damage. Lead plaintiff Daniel Dobbs, a Wyoming resident, and owners of Honda vehicles in Texas and Arizona sued Honda earlier this year for breach of warranty, alleging the biodegradable, food-based wire coatings Honda used in 2012-2015 model-year vehicles are defective in their design. The plaintiffs say Honda refuses to cover the repairs. Another plaintiff, Arizona resident Greg Delaney, took his ’14 Honda CrossTour to have wires ... Read More

Second Proposed Class Action Claims Old Spice Deodorant Causes Chemical Burns

A California man has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against Proctor & Gambel alleging its Old Spice deodorant caused a severe chemical burn and rash that “turned into open sores.” The lawsuit, filed in a California federal court by Gregory Johnson of San Francisco, is the second such complaint to be filed in connection with Procter & Gambel’s Old Spice-brand deodorant for men. Mr. Johnson alleges that he used Old Spice Swagger and Old Spice Classic deodorants for a month when he developed a painful red rash under his arms that required medical attention and a prescription drug to heal. ... Read More

GNC agrees to settle FLSA class action for $9M; pending court approval

Popular vitamin and health supplement retailer GNC, as well as an 8,000-member class of its current and former employees, is requesting a California federal court to approve a $9 million settlement, putting an end to allegations stating the company violated federal wage and labor laws. The settlement agreement also includes additional costs up to $20,000 for disbursing the settlement payment to the class members, thus ending “all issues in the pending litigation.” Upon being certified in late 2014, the class action claimed GNC was responsible for breaking several labor and wage laws, ranging from failing to provide meal breaks and ... Read More

Mercedes BlueTec under fire by lawsuit claiming emissions cheat device

A class-action lawsuit has been filed by the owner of a Mercedes BlueTEC diesel car, claiming the vehicle secretly emits illegally high amounts of nitrogen oxide (NOx). The situation is similar to that faced by Volkswagen, which publicly admitted last September to have rigged its U.S. diesel emissions tests. The plaintiff suing Mercedes alleges that the BlueTec cars feature a device responsible for disabling a NOx-reducing instrument within its exhaust as needed. The device only activates when the temperatures go below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. “Mercedes never disclosed to consumers that Mercedes diesels with BlueTEC engines may ... Read More

Lyft class action settles for $12.25M; adds benefits for drivers

A recent class action settlement in California means that drivers for Lyft will be granted extra workplace protections. Despite not being classified as full employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Lyft drivers are now eligible for specific benefits without endangering the company’s business model. According to the Lyft settlement agreement, Lyft drivers involved with the class action are splitting the settlement’s sum of $12.25 million and receiving multiple benefits, including new rules regarding driver deactivation. Before the settlement, Lyft drivers could be removed from the company’s system without warning, such as for low passenger ratings. The new rules ... Read More

Alleged FCRA violations by J&J and Kelly Services lead to class action lawsuit

After allegedly breaking the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA) by taking back a job offer based on the discovery of a criminal conviction, Johnson & Johnson and staffing agency Kelly Services are now facing a putative class action filed this week in Pennsylvania federal court. Plaintiff T. Jason Noye accused the two entities of violating the FCRA when they acquired his consumer reports without properly letting him know, “in a document that consists solely of the disclosure,” that they would be obtained and why. The complaint alleges J&J offered Noye a job, but then revoked the offer upon finding his ... Read More

German magazine says as many as 30 managers knew about VW software emissions cheat

The German publication Der Spiegel is reporting as many as 30 Volkswagen managers had some role in the company’s emissions cheat software. The news was reported in the U.S. by Wired magazine. Volkswagen is the subject of several class action lawsuits after it was revealed proprietary software installed by the company disguised true nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on more than 10 million diesel vehicles. In September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cited Volkswagen and its affiliates Audi AG and Volkswagen Group of America, alleging VW and Audi diesel cars from model years 2009-2015 include a “cheat device.” The device is ... Read More

Ford class action filed after automaker refuses to address carbon monoxide defect in certain models

After reports that certain defective Ford vehicles allow the passage of carbon monoxide into the passenger compartment, a putative class action lawsuit was filed in New Jersey claiming that Ford knowingly disregarded its consumers’ safety by failing to warn owners to get the defect fixed. The issue appears to affect 2011-2015 Ford Explorers and 2011-13 Edge and MKX vehicles with 3.5L and 3.7L TIVCT engines. According to the complaint, Ford recognized the carbon monoxide defect as of 2012 and posted two different technical safety bulletins to Ford dealers in response; however, the automaker has refused to notify the vehicle owners ... Read More