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Report accuses TVA of trying to dodge blame for coal ash spill

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) tried to dodge blame for the coal ash spill that destroyed homes and damaged property near its Kingston, Tenn., coal-firing plant, according to a report released by the utility’s Inspector General. The December 22, 2008, spill dumped 1.1 billion gallons of toxic coal ash on to 300 acres of rural community and into the Emory River. Since the spill, the TVA has been involved in a massive cleanup, expected to cost the utility nearly a $1 billion before it is complete. “It appears the TVA management made a conscious decision to present to the public ... Read More

TVA rates coal ash dumps in Alabama, Tennessee as ‘high hazard’

Following protests by environmentalists to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has upgraded four of its coal ash sites to a high hazard rating, according to the New York Times. The news comes a month after the EPA released a list of 44 “high hazard” coal ash dump sites across the country, meaning if a dam failure occurred, it would put human life at risk. Utilities were asked to evaluate their own sites. Coincidentally, none of the TVA’s 12 coal ash storage sites made the list. Environmentalists criticized the EPA for allowing the TVA to rate ... Read More

Uniontown residents plead with EPA, ‘Will you help us?’

“Lisa Jackson, will you help us?” The phrase is repeated over and over in a short film by Alabama activist Betsy Ramaccia. You can view the film on www.AshHoles.org. Last month at a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) meeting in Tennessee, Ramaccia dressed in a haz-mat suit and handed out fake newspapers with the headline “The New Ash Hole of Alabama,” and directed them to the Web site. There, viewers can hear the voices and see the faces of several Uniontown, Alabama residents pleading with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson to protect them from the dangers of coal ash. The Web site ... Read More

EPA approves TVA’s bid to store recovered coal ash in Alabama

More than half of the toxic coal ash spilled on to an east Tennessee community can be stored in a landfill in Perry County, Alabama, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) will begin immediately shipping the coal ash by rail. Perry County is populated by predominantly blacks and is one of the poorest counties in the state where more than 30 percent of families live in poverty. Residents there will benefit from the plan, gaining about 50 jobs and earning millions off dumping fees. However, opponents say the plan is unjust. More than a ... Read More

Recovered toxic coal ash to be stored in rural Alabama

Three million tons of toxic coal ash recovered from east Tennessee from a breached impoundment at a coal-firing plant which sent a wave of the dangerous material on to a neighboring community, will be moved to Perry County, Alabama, and stored in a privately owned landfill near Uniontown. The deal could generate $4.1 million in fees and more than 50 jobs to the community, which has the highest unemployment rate in the state. But residents are hardly optimistic. “I’m not crazy about it,” said Hank James in an interview with the Tuscaloosa News. “From what I’ve read, it doesn’t sound ... Read More

Victims of TVA coal ash spill speak out at town meeting

Residents of east Tennessee affected by last December’s coal ash spill are still reeling six months after the toxic sludge poured down on their community, changing their lives forever. They expressed their anger at a meeting this week with Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) officials at Roane State Community College. The comments from community members were telling: “TVA says I’m not affected, I’ve never been so affected by anything in my life,” one concerned citizen says. “How are you going to make me whole again?” “I generally don’t come to these meetings because I get really upset because I don’t believe ... Read More

Congressional subcommittee chair hears complaints of coal ash victims

Glen and Lisa Sexton listed their house in Kingston, Tennessee for sale last September and had plenty of out-of-state offers. But since an a coal ash impoundment pond at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plant 16 miles away failed last December and flooded the neighboring community with more than a billion gallons of coal ash, no one seems interested in their home. “Our situation is we can’t sell it. It’s worthless,” Glen says. To make matters worse, the “tsunami” of fly ash that poured down the river after heavy rains last month exacerbated Lisa’s auto-immune disorder. In short, the environmental ... Read More

ORAU to address health concerns of those affected by coal ash spill

Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU), a consortium of academic institutions, will begin addressing the health concerns of residents affected by last December’s coal ash spill at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Fossil Plant in Kingston, Tennessee, by late summer, according to a report by Knox News. The consortium was tapped to head up the response and handle the work. TVA will be monitoring the implementation of the guidelines and has agreed to pay medical expenses for anyone whose health problems are determined to be caused by the coal ash. More than a billion gallons of coal ash spilled from an ... Read More

TVA’s new chairman says coal ash disaster must not happen again

The new chairman for the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) says the disastrous coal ash spill that dumped more than a billion gallons of toxic material on to an east Tennessee community and into the Emory River must never happen again, according to WHNT-TV. Kentucky baker and former Republican Party chairman Mike Duncan, who has signed on to oversee the nation’s largest utility, made the comment at the board’s meeting earlier this week. He said the agency is already facing an uphill battle with lower electric sales from the downturn in the economy and mounting costs to clean up the mess ... Read More

Proposal to store coal ash could bring jobs to Cumberland County

Not everyone is trying to keep the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) from dumping coal ash on its property. One company wants the TVA to pay them to haul and hold coal ash in its Cumberland County strip mine. TVA has been involved in a massive cleanup effort ever since its Kingston, Tennessee coal ash impoundment pond burst last December and dumped more than a billion gallons of toxic coal ash on to 300 acres of a neighboring community and into the Emory River. No end seems to be in the near future for the country’s largest public utility, which says ... Read More