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Patients claiming injuries from Hip Implants continue quest for compensation despite roadblocks

Patients in New Zealand who claim they have been injured by metal-on-metal hip implants have hit another roadblock in their fight for compensation, but are not giving up. Justice David Collins in the High Court at Wellington has ruled that New Zealand’s method of accident compensation disallows plaintiffs from suing the hip implant manufacturer, DePuy International, which is based in Leeds, England. The three plaintiffs represent a larger group of 38 claimants that are seeking to file claims against DePuy, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, for compensation in regards to their failed devices. One of the claimants, James Elliott, who has become an unofficial ... Read More

Study Shows Cystic Lesions in Asymptomatic Patients with Metal-on-Metal Hips

A recent study of patients that had received a metal-on-metal hip system found they had adverse reactions to their new hip, despite being asymptomatic. Although the patients had not complained of pain and had not shown any signs of hip implant failure, 31 percent of them had cystic lesions, according to researchers. Many of the patients involved in the study returned a year later with symptoms of a failing hip, and required revision surgery. In a multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, the number of lawsuits aimed at the medical device manufacturer has reached 8,800. Other manufacturers such as Stryker and Wright ... Read More

Scottish Man’s Metal Hip Removed After Only Three Years leaving him Permanently Crippled

John Haldane was 68 when he received a new hip, a metal-on-metal design that he was told would last two decades. Three years later, the hip had to be removed, leaving him permanently crippled. “I’m disabled and this should not have happened,” Haldane said. “I just want the company which made the implants to take responsibility.” Now, 88 people who allege they were permanently injured by metal-on-metal hip implants are seeking compensation for the agony and problems they say they experienced from their new prosthetic. Their ages range from 30s to 80s, and each claim their lives have been ruined by the faulty device. They’re ... Read More

Metal-on-Metal Hip Recipients Report Severe Sickness

A fall at work in the ’90s caused Australian native Lianne Slinger an injury that led to a total hip replacement in 1999. She received a Sulzer metal-on-metal hip, which has now been recalled. Shortly after, she began experiencing a series of health problems from metal poisoning linked to her hip. Metal-on-metal hip components are made of cobalt and chromium, which, upon corrosion and wear-down, can flake metal particles into the body and cause metallosis. Metallosis is a type of metal poisoning that is a resulting side effect of joint replacing devices such as metal-on-metal hip implants. The symptoms include implant failure, necrosis ... Read More

Aussie Attorney Experiences Health Problems After Receiving Metal-on-Metal Hip

Andrew Archer, an attorney at a top law firm in Melbourne, was 41 when he had hip replacement surgery in 2008. He received a Mitch Stryker THR, a metal-on-metal design that he says gave him “nothing but pain from the word go.” In the six years following the hip replacement surgery, Archer underwent four additional operations that did little to ease his pain. “My wife said it was like living with a different person,” Archer said, “and we’ve been together 20 years. From 2000 to 2005 I worked in a top-tier law firm at full pelt – almost four years without a decent ... Read More

Illness Plagues Metal-on-Metal Hip Patient

Di Harvey, an ambitious 60-year-old former nurse in New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, had been hard at work restoring her town as well as the cinema and antique shop wiped out by the flood waters of Charlton in 2011. But when health problems started getting in the way of her efforts, Harvey sought necessary medical help. After pain killers and anti-inflammatories didn’t help the pain in her neck diagnosed as a pinched nerve, she visited an orthopedic surgeon. The neck pain was a result of her back problem, the Bendigo orthopedic surgeon had said, which was a direct result of her artificial ... Read More

1 in 5 Metal-on-Metal Hip implants Will Have to be Replaced Within 10-13 Years, Study Shows

Patients who have received a total hip arthroplasty (THA) with a metal-on-metal hip implant will most likely need a replacement within 10-13 years after they have been implanted. In a study published in June of 2015, researchers found that 1 in 5 patients will experience a failed metal-on-metal hip implant far before hip implants made from other materials will fail. James Drummond of Melbourne Medical School at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Phong Tran and Camdon Fary from the Department of Orthopaedics at Western Health in Melbourne, Australia, have found joint registry data from 2008 that showed an alarming number ... Read More

Overwhelming Fatigue, Moodiness, Chronic Headaches Could Be Side Effects from Metal-on-Metal Hip

Howard Piper, a retired aircraft finance consultant, was heading to a New Year’s Eve celebration in the UK when he was suddenly overwhelmed with exhaustion, and found himself driving straight into the path of an oncoming car. “I was hit by a wave of fatigue. It could have killed us all,” Piper said. “It was completely my fault. I’ve driven for decades and never done anything like that.” Although Piper had undergone a hip replacement in August 2010 using a Birmingham Hip Resurfacing device manufactured by Smith & Nephew, he didn’t think the hip could have been the cause of his symptoms. During ... Read More

Plaintiff’s $8.3 million Award in Metal-on-Metal Hip Trial Still Stands after Johnson & Johnson’s Appeal

Loren Kransky says that his metal-on-metal ASR XL hip made by DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, failed less than five years after he received it. In March of 2013, after a trial that lasted five weeks, a California jury sided with him and awarded him with an $8.3 million verdict. Kransky’s trial was the first of thousands of product liability cases filed against DePuy for the failed ASR metal-on-metal hip. Johnson & Johnson immediately appealed the decision. Last March, a federal jury in Dallas, Texas, sided with the another group of plaintiffs and slapped Johnson & Johnson ... Read More

Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Linked to Heart Failure Risk in Men

Men who received a large-head metal-on-metal hip implant had nearly double the risk of heart failure than men who received a metal-on-polyethylene, said Stephen Graves, M.D., at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting. According to a study led by Dr. Graves, 2,115 men had total hip arthroplasties between January 2003 – December 2012. Of those men, 2,028 received metal-on-polyethylene and 87 received the ASR XL, the DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction. The ASR XL recipients had “significant increased risk” of heart failure – one in 10, to be exact. The study strongly suggests that the men who have received the ASR XL should have “close ... Read More