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Videotaping colonoscopies results in better physician performance

Videotaped colonoscopies may result in better physician performance and more accurate outcomes for patients, according to CureToday.com. A study lead by Dr. Douglas Rex with Indiana University Medical Center in Indianapolis found that videotaping such procedures resulted in a change in physician behavior. “Basically the doctors went slower and looked more carefully” when videotaped, Dr. Rex says. The findings were presented this week at the American College of Gastroenterology annual meeting in San Diego, Calif. The study involved videotaping without their knowledge seven experienced endoscopists during 8 to 10 colonoscopies. The same endoscopists were then videotaped with their knowledge during ... Read More

Advances in technology improve accuracy of colonoscopies

The annual meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology in San Diego, Calif., is conjuring up even more good news for consumers, especially those who have to undergo colonoscopies anytime soon. The procedure – which is recommended for those 50 years and older, those with a family history of colon cancer, or those experiencing symptoms of the disease – is getting more accurate, thanks to better techniques and equipment such as a camera that helps detect polyps and other lesions in the colon and the intestines, according to a report on Web MD. Doctors have been working to improve the ... Read More

Researchers consider new options in colonoscopy prep products

A new study presented at the American College of Gastroenterology’s 74th Annual Scientific Meeting in San Diego, Calif., places new emphasis on the importance of adequate bowel preparation prior to colonoscopies. The news comes as clinicians are evaluating new bowel preparation solutions to replace popular ones that were pulled from the market or given a black box warning by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The study performed at the VA Medical Center in Phoenix, Ariz., cites inadequate bowel preparation by the patient prior to colonoscopies as resulting in earlier follow-up colonoscopies than when adequate cleansing is performed. “Endoscopists’ ability ... Read More

New drug shows promising results in treatment, prevention of colon cancer

A new formulation of an older generation antibiotic is showing promising results in lab animals as an effective treatment in the prevention and treatment of colon cancer and could minimize the need for uncomfortable colonoscopies and surgical polyp removal. Dr. Rina Rosin-Arbesfeld of Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine has reformulated an antibiotic that has reduced the sizes of polyps in about 80 percent of mice. On average, the mice that were given the drug lived about 30 percent longer than mice that were not treated with the antibiotic. Dr. Rosin-Arbesfeld hopes these findings will lead to a preventative ... Read More

Computer model aims to make colonoscopy facilities more efficient

The high cost of colonoscopies and hours in the waiting room can be a real pain in the bum for most people. But a new tool developed by researchers from North Carolina State University, Mayo Clinic and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst (UMass) may help colonoscopy facilities operate more efficiently, thus lowering costs and wait times for patients. The computer model helps hospitals and clinics find the best combination of staff, equipment and rooms for the number of patients the facility expects. This, in turn, helps facilities determine the optimum number of patients it can see on any given ... Read More

Colonoscopy prep important, but beware of OSP solutions

Most people dread colonoscopies. Not only does the procedure, which involves a physician running a flexible tube through your colon and intestines, sound uncomfortable, the prep can be a real pain in the you-know-what. This is one reason why, when your doctor orders a colonoscopy, you’ll want to be sure you cleanse your bowel thoroughly and effectively to ensure that your doctor has a clear view of your colon. If not, you may have to repeat the procedure and the prep along with it. Colonoscopies can be lifesavers, identifying colon and rectum polyps even before they become cancerous. Doctors recommend ... Read More

Study puts colonoscopy risks into perspective

To hear your doctor recommend a “colonoscopy” can send chills down most peoples’ spines. The procedure, which involves a doctor sending a little camera fixed to the end of a flexible tube through the colon and into the intestines, can make even the strongest folks a bit uncomfortable. Some even fear that the procedure itself can cause harm. One study hopes to put those fears into perspective. Colonoscopies serve an important purpose – identifying colon polyps even before they are cancerous, in some cases virtually eliminating one’s chances of getting colorectal cancer. Because most cancers of the colon and rectum ... Read More

Second bowel cleansing recommended for colonoscopies

Many physicians who perform colonoscopies are beginning to ask their patient for a second cleansing of the bowel in the wee hours before their procedures to ensure the bowel is clean and reduce the need for a redo. During a colonoscopy, a doctor inserts a long tube with a camera on the end through the rectum and the intestines to look for polyps, signs of early colon cancer. The procedure can virtually remove the risk of colon cancer if detected early, making regular colon screenings a must for individuals age 50 and older and earlier for those with a family ... Read More

Virtual colonoscopy shows promising results

A study by a group of Italian researchers shows that virtual colonoscopies that use computer tomography scans are almost as effective at detecting tumors and precancerous lesions as standard colonoscopies, which requires threading a camera through the colon. The study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, suggests that the new procedure may offer an alternative to people who are too embarrassed or afraid to undergo a standard colonoscopy. Colorectal cancer has the second highest overall cancer death rate. But it is easily treated if caught early. The best way to screen for colorectal cancer is through regular ... Read More

Pauly Polyp encourages regular colon screenings

Nobody enjoys colonoscopies, but they save lives. Regular colon screenings can detect polyps even before they become cancerous. It is recommended that people begin colon screenings beginning at age 50, or earlier if they have a family history or are exhibiting symptoms such as blood in the stool. But how can you convince someone he needs to have a colonoscopy? Just have Pauly Polyp do the asking. Pauly Polyp, developed by Theda Care, uses humor and a bit of attitude to convince people age 50 and older to get a colonoscopy. When you enter the site, aptly titled “I Don’t ... Read More