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Maine logging truck rollover kills 5-year-old asleep in house

There is no doubt logging trucks have a bad reputation. Anyone who lives near a timber operation or along a route heavily traveled by logging trucks has heard stories about poorly secured logs coming loose on the highway and causing horrific crashes. Seldom, however, do we hear of crashes as incomprehensible and tragic as the fatal logging truck crash last Tuesday that killed a 5-year-old boy who was asleep on the couch in his house. The Bangor Daily News reports that commercial driver Christian Cloutier, 57, of Quebec, Canada, fell asleep behind the wheel of his logging truck while driving ... Read More

Police investigate bus crash that killed former NBA player

Raleigh, NC — Former Atlanta Hawks player Lorenzo Charles was killed Tuesday afternoon when the commercial bus he was driving on Interstate 40 in Raleigh, North Carolina, suddenly veered off the road and crashed. Charles, 47, was widely regarded as a hero in this basketball-crazy state for a last-second dunk that delivered a stunning victory to underdog North Carolina State in the 1983 national college championship game against Houston. According to the Raleigh Police Department’s accident report, the Charles’ bus crashed at 3:47 p.m. while traveling on I-40 westbound. Charles, who worked for Elite Tours, a commercial bus company based ... Read More

Minnesota truck driver endangered himself to avoid crash

A Minnesota truck driver hauling a load of hot asphalt elected to send his vehicle tumbling into a ditch Wednesday afternoon when he witnessed a traffic accident occur just ahead of him. Sources familiar with the accident told Willmar, Minnesota’s West Central Tribune that the trucker’s evasive action almost certainly saved the lives of the two women who collided in his path. According to the Tribune, Jerome Kluver is regarded as a hero locally for choosing to run his truck off the road rather than collide with the cars in his path, which likely would have spelled certain death for ... Read More

Truck loaded with watermelons crashes on Arizona desert highway

A tractor trailer laden with watermelons overturned on Highway 68 near Bullhead City, Arizona, Tuesday, spilling its cargo across a long stretch of the road and injuring the driver. According to the Mohave Daily News, driver Jose Alcides Rios of Houston, Texas, was taken to Western Arizona Regional Medical Center, where he was treated and released following the crash that totaled his flatbed trailer and crushed his cab. Police responding to the scene don’t know for certain what caused Mr. Rios’ truck to overturn, but the crash remains under investigation. “The road turned and he didn’t,” Bullhead City police officer ... Read More

Deadly Virginia bus crash prompts major change in federal enforcement

Another deadly discount bus crash that killed four people and injured 50 others in Virginia Tuesday morning evoked strong words from U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, who vowed to change the way motor coach companies are able to appeal the federal government’s decision to shut them down. The bus that sparked this latest crackdown was traveling northbound on I-95 in Virginia early Tuesday morning when it crashed. The bus, owned and operated by Sky Express, had departed from Greensboro, N.C., and was bound for New York City’s Chinatown in when it hit an embankment and flipped over about 30 miles ... Read More

Edmonton, Alberta police crack down on unsafe trucks and drivers

Police in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada launched their annual spring crackdown on unsafe commercial trucks and drivers last week, setting up multiple safety check stops that resulted in more than a third of commercial vehicles being removed from the road.According to Global Edmonton, just 33 percent of the commercial trucks inspected during the three-day sting passed inspection, while 27 percent of the vehicles were cited for regulatory deficiencies that required attention. The remaining 40 percent were immediately removed from the road and suspended until the safety violations were remedied. According to Edmonton Police Sgt. Barry Maron, the most common problems found ... Read More

Trucker blamed for fiery Chicago train crash had 50-plus traffic citations

The driver of a semi truck who allegedly caused a collision with a Chicago commuter train Friday had more than 50 traffic citations on his driving record, including a drunken-driving arrest, but still retained his commercial driver’s license, the Chicago Tribune reported. Kazimierz Karasek, 59, the self-employed owner / operator of a semi truck, was hauling a load of cement when he came to a railroad crossing in Mount Prospect. According to witnesses, Mr. Karasek ignored the illuminated no-turn sign and warning lights at the crossing rather than wait, and drove around the closed gates. The cab of his truck ... Read More

NYC police arrest tour bus driver for pedestrian’s death

A Philadelphia man is dead after being struck by a tour bus in a New York City crosswalk, and the driver of the bus has been charged with driving while intoxicated and vehicular manslaughter. The tour bus was carrying about 40 tourists on a sightseeing excursion back to their hotels in Newark, New Jersey, when the incident occurred just before 10 p.m. Saturday night. Authorities said that the bus was turning left onto Ninth Ave. from 47th Street when the rear of vehicle struck Timothy White, 29, dragging him for several yards before a witness was able to flag the ... Read More

Commercial truck driver calls it quits after latest crash

“I’m not going to drive anymore,” now-retired truck driver J.E. Tucker told North Dakota’s Inforum news site, after losing control of a Freightliner dump truck in Fargo Monday, causing him to strike another vehicle and crash through nine units of a storage building. Although Mr. Tucker, a 57-year-old resident of Barnesville, Minnesota, told Inforum he would likely lose his commercial driver’s license because of the crash, Monday’s incident was really just the feather in the cap of a man whose health and driving record were a preamble for disaster. Mr. Tucker told Inforum he has Type 2 diabetes and also ... Read More

Study identifies riskiest driving behaviors for commercial truckers

In-cab video surveillance of 34,466 commercial drivers has helped researchers at SmartDrive Systems Inc. determine the most common driver distractions linked to risky driving maneuvers. The San Diego-based company, which specializes in fleet management and driver safety solutions, evaluated more than 13.8 million video events recorded last year in a study that sought to quantify behind-the-wheel distractions, such as talking and texting on cell phones, eating, and drinking. Study researchers correlated driver distractions caught on video with sudden stops, swerves, collisions, and other events captured by “black box” type data recordings. The nine most common distractions researchers observed in conjunction ... Read More