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Possible equipment failure sends diesel tanker plummeting off Oregon highway

A truck driver hauling two tanker trailers full of diesel fuel lost control of his truck on I-84 near Hood River, Oregon, Friday afternoon after experiencing an apparent equipment failure on one of the trailers. Oregon State Police said Eric D. Christiansen, 58, of Vancouver, Washington, jumped from the truck just before it and the diesel-laden tankers toppled over and rolled down an embankment. The truck and its trailers initially came to a stop, partially dangling from a guardrail on the right shoulder of the road, giving Mr. Christiansen time to climb out before the vehicles rolled. Fortunately, the trailers ... Read More

Improper driver training, safety violations result in fatal NJ crash

The death of a 42-year-old mother on a New Jersey highway in 2008 and the sentencing of a commercial truck driver with no previous record demonstrate the enormous responsibility that falls on the shoulders of commercial truckers every time they pick up a load and the consequences of not measuring and properly securing cargo. On the early morning of November 18, Michelle Lamaze of Whitehall Township, New Jersey, was driving to work when she collided with a cargo container that became dislodged from a tractor trailer driven by 31-year-old driver Robert Kostadinov of Illinois. The top of Kostadinov’s cargo container, ... Read More

Nominations for 2010 Highway Heroes announced

Heavy trucks get a bad rap in the news all the time, so it’s nice when some of the heroes of the trucking industry get the attention they deserve for their courageous, lifesaving acts on the road. Thanks to the Goodyear North America Highway Hero Awards, commercial truck drivers are celebrated every year for their good deeds. The 28th annual Highway Hero Award ceremony was held last Thursday in Akron, Ohio. The four finalists announced were a Texas truck driver who administered CPR to a victim of a high-speed crash; a Washington truck driver who pulled an unconscious driver from ... Read More

Bill addresses loading dock detention time impact on productivity, safety

Independent truck operators have voiced concerns over the time they and their drivers are detained at loading docks waiting for cargo to be readied for pickup or unloading, and a new study has been ordered to that could change trucking industry rules from compensation to Hours-of-Service regulations. Oregon congressman Peter DeFazio introduced legislation last Thursday directing the U.S. Department of Transportation to study just how much time truckers typically lose while waiting at loading docks and to establish a maximum number of hours drivers my be detained without compensation. “Over the years I’ve heard anecdotes from truck drivers that detention ... Read More

FMCSA agrees to hold public hearings on proposed Hours-of-Service rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced it will hold a public listening session on its regulatory proposal that would revise hours-of-service (HOS) requirements for commercial truck drivers on February 17, 2011 in Arlington, Virginia. The agency will also webcast the session live with a forum on its website for comments and questions in order to maximize public participation. The proposed HOS changes have widened a rift between the trucking industry, which asserts the proposed changes would restrict business excessively in already economically challenging times, and safety advocates who say the changes don’t go far enough in reducing ... Read More

More commercial truck and bus drivers buckling up than ever, survey finds

More commercial truck and bus drivers in Missouri are buckling up behind the wheel, a new survey found, reflecting a larger national trend in safety belt awareness and usage amongst professional drivers. The Missouri Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Belt Survey, which was conducted by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) and released Tuesday, found that 80.6 percent of commercial drivers in Missouri used their seatbelts in 2010 – a dramatic increase from 2008 when just 73.4 percent of commercial drivers buckled up. Only 65 percent of commercial drivers used their safety belts in 2007, according to the Federal Motor Carrier ... Read More

Five causes of commercial truck crashes and how they can be prevented

Months of studying, long hours on the road, and being held to the highest traffic safety standards make commercial drivers some of the safest drivers on America’s roads and highways. But even though the number of truck crashes is at its lowest level since 1950, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there were still 3,380 commercial truck crashes involving fatalities in 2009. So what are the leading causes of commercial vehicle crashes? As we have reported in the past, sometimes drivers of passenger vehicles are unaware of the special dangers big rigs present and follow trucks too closely or ... Read More

Produce truck collides with fuel tanker in Idaho

A commercial truck hauling a load of beets collided with a fuel tanker Monday on U.S. Highway 30 near Twin Falls, Idaho. The crash released approximately 3,500 gallons of diesel and unleaded fuel onto the road and surrounding land, shutting the road to traffic as responders clamored to contain the gasoline. According to Idaho’s Times-News, the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and Idaho State Police said Corey Slippey, 35, of Rupert, Idaho, was traveling west on Highway 30 in a 2002 Peterbilt tanker carrying the gasoline and diesel fuel. He stopped at a railroad crossing at the intersection of U.S. ... Read More

The eight changes FMCSA hopes to make to hours-of-service rules

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has proposed eight changes to Hours-of-Service (HOS) rules, which govern work shifts, rest periods, and driving hours for commercial truck and bus drivers. The current rules have gone far in driving down the number of fatigue-related truck crashes and fatalities, but the FMCSA says there is much room for improvement, even though large-truck crashes and fatalities are at their lowest levels since record keeping began in 1975. Since the current rules were enacted, large truck fatalities have dropped 33 percent, from 5,036 in 2003 to 3,380 in 2009. However, FMCSA officials say that new ... Read More

Family sues after trucker plunges off dangerous Bay Bridge curve

The family of a commercial truck driver killed last year when his vehicle rolled over and off the Bay Bridge connecting San Francisco to Oakland has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and a number of companies. According to a San Francisco Chronicle report, the plaintiffs allege Caltrans was negligent in sufficiently warning motorists of the sudden speed limit reduction on the bridge’s S-curve, which opened to drivers on Sept. 9, 2009 as part of the Bay Bridge’s reconstruction. According to the Chronicle, the 56-year-old resident of Hayward, California, died on Nov. 9, 2009 ... Read More