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Ohio Truck Driver Barred From Road After Two Deadly Collisions

An Ohio-licensed commercial truck driver who struck and killed two people with his tractor-trailer in separate accidents within six months has been deemed a hazard to public safety, federal officials said. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) ordered truck driver Doug Jones to cease driving a tractor-trailer or operating any other commercial motor vehicle across state lines after the second deadly accident. On July 2, 2018, Mr. Jones was driving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 81 in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, when he struck a man who was standing near his disabled vehicle on the right shoulder. After investigating that accident, ... Read More

Truck Underride Survivor Pushes For Tractor-Trailer Safety

Anita Bomgaars was just 19 when a tractor-trailer entered her lane and crashed into her car head-on, resulting in an underride crash that left her multiple debilitating injuries. Now 63, the Iowa resident has become one of the leading advocates of the Stop Underrides Act, a bipartisan bill introduced in 2017 that would require tractor-trailers and other heavy trucks to be equipped with side underride guards. The bill also seeks to raise standards for the already-required rear-underride guards that all tractor-trailers have. Ms. Bomgaars told the Sioux City Journal that she was driving from her parents’ home in Sioux Center, ... Read More

Feds Deem Kentucky Tractor-Trailer Driver ‘Imminent Threat’

Federal authorities have barred a Kentucky tractor-trailer driver from operating any kind of commercial vehicle outside of Kentucky after uncovering a multitude of serious violations that jeopardized public safety. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Jerry Jasper poses “an imminent threat to public safety” should he continue to operate a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle in interstate commerce. On Dec. 6, 2017, Mr. Jasper was operating a large commercial truck on State 4 Highway in Rush County, Kansas, when he was stopped by a Kansas Highway Patrol Officer for a speeding violation. The highway patrolman further inspected Mr. ... Read More

Tractor-Trailer Collides with RV, Seriously Injuring One

Vermont State Police are investigating a crash involving a tractor-trailer that slammed into the back of an RV, seriously injuring one man on Monday, Oct. 11. The crash occurred on I-91 South in Rockingham, Vermont, when a car that was traveling in front of the RV braked abruptly in a construction zone, causing the driver of the RV, identified as Albert Milite, 50, to hit the brakes. According to myChamplainValley.com, Mr. Milite attempted to avoid a collision with the car by entering the left lane prior to the merge. Bernard Avery, 29, the diver of the tractor-trailer, responded by braking ... Read More

Tractor-Trailer Driver Sought In Hit-And-Run Death of Highway Worker


Illinois State Police are on the hunt for a tractor-trailer driver involved in a hit-and-run that killed a Tri-State Tollway worker in Alsip, Illinois Monday as he cleared debris from the roadway. David M. Shwarz, 48, had worked for the Tollway for 25 years as an equipment operator laborer. On Monday he was walking back to his vehicle after picking up debris along the shoulder of the Tollway (I-294) near 127th Street in Alsip in the Chicago Metropolitan Area when a tractor-trailer sideswiped him and his vehicle, the Illinois State Police said. The tractor-trailer struck Mr. Schwarz just before 12:30 ... Read More

Enthusiastic Bipartisan Support for Self-Driving Trucks at Senate Hearing

Support for self-driving technology in tractor-trailers and other heavy commercial trucks is gaining steam in the upper echelons of the U.S. government. On Sept. 13, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation held a hearing titled “Transportation Innovation: Automated Trucks and our Nation’s Highways,” offering legislators, industry officials, safety advocates and others an opportunity to discuss the benefits of automated truck technology as well as the impact self-driving trucks could have on jobs and the U.S. economy. From a safety angle, the evidence is indisputable. Even at its current level of development, self-driving vehicles are far safer than vehicles ... Read More

Virginia Truck Driver Barred From Commercial Driving After Back-to-Back Crashes

A Virginia-licensed commercial truck driver has been ordered to refrain from driving any commercial motor vehicle after federal officials declared him to be an imminent hazard to public safety. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Carlos Alberto Garcia was operating a large commercial truck on Interstate 495 outside of Washington D.C. on June 24 when he drifted into a caution-striped, paved median area and plowed into two individuals who had stopped their vehicle to re-secure a boat to a trailer they were towing. The crash killed one of the individuals and seriously injured the other. An investigation by Virginia ... Read More

Side Underride Crashes Kill 200-Plus Motorists Per Year, No Solution In Sight

Side underride crashes aren’t just among the most common types of crashes involving tractor-trailers and passenger vehicles; they’re one of the most gruesome. These crashes occur when a car or other type of vehicle slams into the side of a tractor trailer and crashes underneath the vehicle, usually after having its top sheared off by the high clearance between the bottom of the trailer and the road. Victims of side underride crashes are often decapitated. Government data shows that more than 200 people are killed every year in side underride crashes with tractor trailers, which could largely be prevented with ... Read More

Truck Driver Killed After High Winds Force Tractor Trailer off Chesapeake Bay Bridge

A tractor-trailer driver died after strong winds blew his truck through the guardrails of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Thursday, March 9. Commercial driver Joseph Chen of Greenville, North Carolina, was pulled from the top of his truck as it floated in the icy Chesapeake Bay waters, but he died shortly afterward on the way to a nearby hospital. Mr. Chen, 47, was one of 16 people who have died after plunging off the bridge since it opened to traffic in April 1964. Since that year, 14 vehicles have gone over or through the guardrails. The most ... Read More

Tractor-Trailer Veers off Interstate, Crashes Into Missouri Troopers

Two Missouri Highway State Patrol troopers are recovering from injuries they suffered when a tractor-trailer veered onto the shoulder of an interstate in St. Louis County and struck their cruisers. Missouri Highway State Patrol trooper Al Nothum told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that crash investigators haven’t determined why the commercial truck driver lost control of the vehicle and plowed into the idling cruisers. The truck, with a CR England logo on the trailer, overturned after the collision. Trooper Nothum told Fox News 2 that the troopers, Michael Broniec, 50, and Derek Mason, 31, pulled far off the highway onto the ... Read More