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Volkswagen Hires Kenneth Feinberg To Oversee Emissions Claims Payments

Volkswagen has hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg to handle compensation claims from owners of diesel-powered VW vehicles that are part of its massive emissions cheating scheme, the German automaker announced Thursday. The announcement to appoint Mr. Feinberg comes as his work as head of the General Motors Ignition Compensation Claims Resolution Facility draws to an end. In that role, Mr. Feinberg oversaw the processing of thousands personal injury and wrongful death claims submitted by victims and families who claimed to have been harmed by GM’s defective ignition switches. Volkswagen officials said that Mr. Feinberg will design and administer its victims compensation fund, ... Read More

Lipitor side effects lawsuits mount against Pfizer

Lawsuits are mounting against Pfizer Inc., alleging the company withheld information that its cholesterol-lowering statin drug Lipitor could cause women to develop type 2 diabetes. In the past five months, Lipitor side effects lawsuits have jumped from 56 to more than 1,000. With the number of lawsuits growing so quickly, the federal judicial panel consolidated all Lipitor lawsuits in Charleston, S.C. Pfizer fought the decision, claiming that it might cause more people to file lawsuits against the company. Lipitor is the best-selling prescription drug in the world, generating more than $130 billion in sales since it hit the market in 1996. ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson files motion to dismiss baby powder-ovarian cancer lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson filed a motion in Illinois court to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit alleging the consumer health care company’s classic baby powder products increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson says plaintiff Barbara Mihalich has not developed ovarian cancer nor has she shown to suffer any injury from using the product, and thus has suffered no economic loss for which she should be compensated. She also did not claim that she bought the product to use for personal hygiene in her genital area, which the company says is the only use that the plaintiff claims ... Read More

Compounding pharmacy agrees to pay $100 million to victims of fungal meningitis outbreak

The compounding pharmacy that manufactured contaminated steroid shots that caused the 2012 multi-state fungal meningitis outbreak sickening at least 750 people and killing 64 has agreed to pay more than $100 million to settle claims from victims and their surviving family members. However, when and how the money will be distributed to those infected in the outbreak is still yet to be determined. About 18,000 contaminated steroid shots manufactured by New England Compounding Center (NECC) were distributed to medical facilities in 23 states. An estimated 14,000 people received the tainted shots, which were used to treat back, neck and joint ... Read More

Maine woman sues makers of transvaginal mesh

Dory Ames from Maine is one of the latest women to file a lawsuit against the makers of transvaginal mesh claiming the device caused serious injuries. Manufacturers of these bladder slings face tens of thousands of lawsuits alleging the companies marketed the devices knowing they were defective and could cause harm to women. Transvaginal mesh is a type of surgical mesh used to treat common pelvic floor disorders known as pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence. The mesh is inserted through the vagina to hold up organs that have dropped or protruded due to childbirth, age, weight gain, or ... Read More

Cancer Monthly urges Actos users to be aware of the signs of bladder cancer

Cancer Monthly, an information site about the disease, is advising people who take or have taken the type 2 diabetes drug Actos to be aware of the symptoms of bladder cancer following a $9 billion judgment against the drug company to compensate a single bladder cancer victim. According to court testimony, the plaintiff took Actos for five years before he was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2011. Also that year, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning that people who took Actos for a year were 40 percent more likely to develop bladder cancer. The FDA ordered Takeda ... Read More

Maker of tainted steroid shots reaches settlement agreement in meningitis outbreak case

Patients and their families harmed or killed by contaminated steroid injections made by New England Compounding Center (NECC) could start receiving compensation next year now that a $100-million multidistrict litigation (MDL) settlement has been reached between the plaintiffs and trustees of the now-bankrupt company. Tuesday’s settlement agreement came as welcome news to dozens of plaintiffs whose lives were marred by a deadly 2012 meningitis outbreak traced to NECC injections that killed 64 people in 20 states and injured 750 others. “There are hundreds of victims and their families feeling some relief today, even though grief for many is still fresh,” ... Read More

Class action lawsuit filed by Fitbit Force fitness tracker wearers who developed skin rashes

A class action lawsuit was filed against Fitbit by people who say they should be compensated for the injuries they suffered while wearing the company’s Force fitness tracker wristband. The Fitbit Force is the latest product to be released by Fitbit. The popular wristbands sell for about $130. The bands are made of silicon and have a small display and sensors that measure motion in order to track steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, and sleep patterns. The device syncs with computers and smart phones. Last year, consumers reported developing skin rashes and other skin problems while wearing the device. ... Read More

Supreme Court will hear Amazon workers’ FLSA lawsuit

A significant labor case headed to the U.S. Supreme Court could determine whether workers are entitled to pay for all the time they spend in company-mandated security checks at the end of the workday. The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to hear the case, which involves a group of temporary workers hired to work in Amazon.com’s warehouses in Nevada. The workers were required to undergo security checks as part of the company’s anti-theft procedures. The workers, Jesse Busk and Laurie Castro, said that they and other employees hired through Amazon contractor Integrity Staffing Solutions had to spend nearly 30 minutes ... Read More

Woman files lawsuit against makers of defective transvaginal mesh

“I get stabbed a thousand times a day,” Frances Shulte told The Gazette. The constant pain prevents the Coralville, Iowa, resident from comfortably moving around or going to the bathroom. She never dreamed that the surgery to correct a pelvic floor disorder would cause her chronic pain and disability. “People don’t understand that I’m in pain every day,” she said. Frances’ ordeal began in 2005, when she had surgery to correct her stress urinary incontinence. Doctors inserted a type of surgical mesh, also known as transvaginal mesh or a bladder sling, into her body to hold up organs that had ... Read More