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Whistleblowers Aid in $24 Million Recovery From Kool Smiles Dental Chain

Multiple whistleblower lawsuits alleging a pediatric dental chain and a dental management company systematically defrauded Medicaid programs in several states have led to a settlement of nearly $24 million. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Kool Smiles Dental Clinics and dental management company Benevis LLC (formerly NCDR LLC) conspired to bill Medicaid programs for root canals and other dental procedures on children that weren’t medically necessary or never provided. According to the whistleblower complaints, Kool Smiles, which operates more than 130 dental clinics in 17 states, routinely pressured and incentivized dentists to meet production goals through a system that ... Read More

150 Train Crashes, Hundreds of Deaths Preventable With Speed Control

Railroad data obtained by the Associated Press shows that nearly 300 people have been killed and several thousand maimed in 150 U.S. train crashes that could have been prevented had rail companies installed the speed-control technology that federal safety investigators have been advocating for decades. According to the AP, National Transportation Board (NTSB) investigators first pushed for “automatic train control” in 1969, after two Penn Central commuter trains crashed into each other in Darien, Connecticut, killing four people and injuring 43. Since that crash, there have been 298 deaths, 6,763 injuries, and $385 million in property damages in train crashes ... Read More

Romaine Lettuce A Possible Suspect in Deadly E. Coli Outbreak

Health authorities in the U.S. and Canada are working to identify the source of an E. coli outbreak that has sickened people in 13 states and several Canadian provinces. So far, romaine lettuce appears to be a possible culprit. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Public Health Agency of Canada has identified romaine lettuce as the source of the outbreak of the E. coli 0157:H7 strain there. In the U.S., state and local public health officials are interviewing people sickened on this side of the border to determine whether there is a correlation to Canada’s ... Read More

SEC Sues Two NY Securities Brokers For Defrauding Customers

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said it charged two New York-based brokers with making unsuitable trades that were costly for customers but highly profitable for the brokers. In a Dec. 6 announcement, the SEC said it filed a complaint in Manhattan federal court against Zachary S. Berkey of Centerreach, New York, and Daniel T. Fischer of Greenwich, Connecticut, alleging the brokers “conducted in-and-out trading that was almost certain to lose money for customers while yielding commissions for themselves. “ According to the SEC’s complaint, 10 customers of Four Points Capital Partners LLC, where Mr. Berkey and Mr. Fischer previously worked, lost a ... Read More

CDC Warns Raw Milk Consumers of Rare Bacterial Infection

People who consumed raw milk and raw milk products made by the Udder Milk cooperative should see their doctor because they are at risk of a rare but serious Brucella abortus RB51 infection, federal officials warn. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued the warning this week for the second time in three months. The agency says that Udder Milk has not provided information about the farms that supply the co-op’s raw milk, making it impossible thus far to trace the source of a recent Brucella RB51 infection. In that case, a New Jersey woman became ill ... Read More

Dahlia Bus Driver In Deadly Queens Crash Was Operating Illegally

Motorists along the I-95 corridor in New York and Connecticut are urging authorities to revoke the operating license of Dahlia Travel and Tours, a Flushing, Queens, New York bus company that was behind a Sept. 18 crash that left three people dead. “If you travel I-95 to Connecticut, you’re probably no stranger to the Dahlia buses, famous for careening along the Interstate as if the only thing that mattered in the world was dropping their load of gamblers at a casino and then scurrying back to Flushing to get more,” the New York Daily News observed in a scathing report about ... Read More

Several Injured in Explosion at Connecticut Inn

Several people were injured in an explosion at the Spring Hill Inn in Mansfield, Connecticut on Saturday, Oct. 21. At the time, the Inn was the location of an event hosted by the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry, reports WFSB.com. According to police, six people were injured when a mystery explosion rocked the building. At least one person was transported to Hartford Hospital by Life Star. Although the injuries reported so far are non-life threatening, the incident was traumatizing. The evening of the incident, the Windham Area Interfaith Ministry was hosting an event to raise money for a mission for “providing ... Read More

Publix recalls ground turkey for ‘extraneous materials’

Grocery chain Publix has announced a recall of ground turkey products produced and distributed by Prestage Foods, Inc. The company, based in St. Pauls, North Carolina, alerted Publix that the ground turkey may be contaminated with “extraneous materials.” The recall affects nearly 40,000 pounds of ground turkey. The problem was detected following a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) review. Workers conducting sanitation procedures on equipment reported a possible problem to the FSIS. On the same day, according to a Publix news release, a worker at one of the retail locations that received the ground ... Read More

Bus Safety Impeded By Outdated Federal Regulations

After a Dahlia tour bus plowed into a New York City bus in Flushing, Queens last week, killing three people and injuring several others, elected officials and others demanded more oversight of privately owned low-fare buses that have proliferated in the Northeastern Corridor over the past decade. But it wasn’t the first time a horrific bus crash triggered calls for better regulatory scrutiny, and it likely won’t be the last time because there is little states and cities can do to combat the budget bus problem. Before the deadly Sept. 18 bus crash in Queens, which remains under investigation, Dahlia ... Read More

Carnage, destruction after Tour Bus crashes into city bus in Queens

A tour bus speeding through New York City streets crashed into a city bus Monday morning, killing three people and injuring 16 others. “We’ve had a really tragic morning here in Flushing, Queens,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told the press. “It’s just shocking to see the scene over there. Hard to compare it to anything I’ve ever seen — the sheer destruction from the impact of the collision.” Authorities have just started an investigation of the bus crash, but evidence shows that “an enormous amount of speed” contributed to the accident, the Associated Press reported, citing Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman ... Read More