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GM launching two new safety recalls of more than half a million cars, SUVs

General Motors (GM) announced two new safety recalls on Friday for loose joints and a hood latch problem that together affect more than 524,000 cars and SUVs. The first recall encompasses 430,550 Cadillac SRX and Saab 9-4X SUVs for possible loose joints and worn threads in the rear toe link assembly, which could cause the toe adjuster link to separate and in turn cause the vehicle to veer off the intended course at highway speeds and potentially crash. GM said it knows of three crashes and two injuries linked to the rear toe link defect. The recall affects 2010-2015 model-year ... Read More

Cyclist files lawsuit against metal hip implant manufacturer

Mark Stephan was riding his bike with friends when he crashed and fractured two vertebrae. He was told he might never walk again. Yet, four years and a hip replacement later, Stephan defied the odds not only by walking again, but by completing a 3,200-mile cycling trip to raise money for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where he was treated. The victory was short-lived, however. Last year he received a letter stating that the Stryker Orthopedic hip replacement he received in 2011 was recalled because it was defective. Stryker warned that the faulty all-metal hip implants were at risk of ... Read More

Wright Medical must submit a decade of data on metal hip implants

Medical device maker Wright Medical has been asked by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee to pony up records relating to its line of metal hip implants dating back to January 1, 2000. Wright manufactures metal hip stems and total hip replacement systems. Metal hip implants have been the center of much controversy in the past two years since DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, recalled its ASR Acetabulator metal-on-metal hip replacement system. The recall led to an investigation that found that the metal-on-metal design used by several manufacturers of hip implants has serious ... Read More

Metal-on-metal hip devices recalled due to corrosion risk

Last week, orthopaedic device maker Stryker issued a recall of two modular-neck hip stems because of a potential for fretting and corrosion that may result in tissue damage and blood poisoning. The recall involved specific lots of the Rejuvenate Modular and the ABG II modular-neck hip stems. Hip stems are not full hip replacement systems but attachments for artificial hips that allow the device to fit a patient better. The hip stems were made with metal parts that were eroding in some patients, dropping bits of metal into surrounding tissue, causing pain and swelling, and in some cases, seeping into ... Read More

Authorities call high failure of metal-on-metal hip implants ‘unacceptable’

European researchers have found an “unacceptable” high rate of failures among metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, and raised concerns about corrosion of the implant and the effects on patients. The researchers presented these findings at the British Orthopaedic Association and the Irish Orthopaedic Association Combined meeting. “We wanted to try to establish whether there were some predictors of failure in the workup of these patients which could help the surgeon make a choice,” said Ben JRF Bolland, the study’s author. “We also wanted to get a retrieval analysis so we could determine the mechanism of failure.” The study included 17 patients ... Read More

Customers, safety experts say Ford downplayed Windstar van recall

The family of a young man killed October 15, 2010, when the rear axle of his 2001 Ford Windstar minivan broke in half, causing the vehicle to crash into a wall, is accusing the auto maker of downplaying the urgency of a recall on the van. The family says they did not receive any notice of the recall, which says the rear axle should be checked due to danger of corrosion and breakage, until one week after the accident, too late for Sean Bowman, the victim. Ford announced a recall of 1998-2003 model year Ford Windstar minivans in August, saying ... Read More

Toyota says it is recalling 600,000 Sienna Minivans to fix rust defect

In what is starting to sound like a recall du jour, Toyota has announced that it will recall about 600,000 Sienna minivans sold in the United States over concerns the spare tires, held in place by cables that are prone to rust, may separate from the vehicle. The Sienna recall will include model-year 1998-2010 Siennas with two-wheel drive sold in 20 northern states and Washington D.C. According to Toyota, the cables holding the spare tires in place are prone to corrosion and rust after repeated exposure to the road salts used to melt snow on roads in the northern states. ... Read More

Toyota expands Tundra recall to 30 more states

Toyota announced yesterday that it is expanding its recall of 2000-2003 Tundra pickup trucks to include all of the trucks in the U.S. The original recall, launched last November, recalled about 110,000 trucks in 20 cold-weather states only. The recall was limited to cold-weather states only because the Tundras are especially vulnerable to corrosion caused by the salt commonly used to melt snow on roadways. Exposure to road salt caused the frames of some Tundras to corrode in the rear section. Rusting and general corrosion of the rear crossmember could cause spare tires and gas tanks to separate from the ... Read More