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Crane collapse in Kentucky leads to $21K in OSHA fines; two ‘serious’ violations

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Walsh Construction Co. and Vinci Construction Grand Projects have been cited for a total of $21,379 in proposed fines following a crane collapse that occurred at the eastern Ohio River bridge project earlier this year. The incident, which occurred on Feb. 19 in Louisville, Ky., involved a large crane that fell into the river during routine construction work. Although no one was injured, a worker did fall into the river and had to be rescued. Bill Cochran, the OSHA area director for the agency’s Nashville office, later confirmed that the ... Read More

New Safety Rules Take effect Following Deadly NYC Crane Collapse

New York City officials tightened safety rules governing the safe operation of crawler cranes after a 565-foot crane fell and crashed onto a lower Manhattan Street Feb. 5, killing one person, injuring several others, and smashing several vehicles. The changes, which took effect Feb. 8, are considered temporary but will remain in place until a more thorough analysis of the NYC crane collapse has been completed. Currently, cranes in New York City may continue to operate until winds reach 30 mph or gusts increase to 40 mph. The new rules require that crawler cranes stop operating and go into safety ... Read More

Deadly Crane Collapse Prompts NYC To Reassess Construction Safety

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan Sunday to improve the safety of crane operations in the city after a crane collapse in Tribeca Friday morning killed a pedestrian and injured several others. Workers with Bay Crane Services, which operates about a quarter of all the cranes in New York City, were in the process of lowering the boom on the 565-foot long structure into the safety position as a precaution against 20 mph winds when the collapse occurred. David Wichs, a 38-year old Harvard graduate and Wall Street worker, was struck and killed by the falling ... Read More