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Chattanooga School Bus Crash Lawsuit Seeks Relief For Child With Debilitating Injuries

Chattanooga, TN school bus crashes into tree

A lawsuit filed for the family of a student injured in the deadly Chattanooga, Tenn., elementary school bus crash says the child will live with the effects of a traumatic brain injury, disability, pain, and dismemberment. Plaintiff Shanquatta Byrd’s lawsuit is the third lawsuit filed against Durham School Services, the corporate owner and operator of the bus; its bus driver employee Johnthony Walker; and parent company National Express, in the aftermath of the Nov. 21 crash that killed six students and injured several others. The lawsuit, filed in Hamilton County Circuit Court, asks for a jury trial and any damages ... Read More

American Airlines Flight Aborts Takeoff After Fiery Engine Failure

An American Airlines airplane bound for Miami skidded to a halt on the runway at Chicago O’Hare Airport Friday afternoon after an “uncontained engine failure” sent pieces of the engine flying and caused part of the plane to burst into flames. Twenty people were taken to the hospital with injuries, most of them minor and caused during an emergency evacuation of the plane. The airplane was carrying 161 passengers and nine crewmembers. AA Flight 383 had just started taking off about 2:23 p.m. when the pilot radioed air traffic controllers to say he was “stopping on the runway.” Air traffic ... Read More

Amtrak Reaches $165 Million Settlement In Deadly Philly Derailment Case

Amtrak has agreed to pay $265 million to settle claims filed by victims of high-speed derailment in Philadelphia last year that killed eight passengers and injured more than 200 others. Federal judge Legrome Davis, Eastern District of Pennsylvania, approved the agreement Thursday morning. Although it is one of the largest settlements resulting from a rail disaster, it is $30 million less than Amtrak’s $295-million liability cap for such damages. Amtrak Train 188 crashed May 12, 2015, as it entered a notoriously sharp curve with a 50-mph speed limit going 106 mph, causing several of its cars to jump the tracks ... Read More

Seven Injured When Texas Bus Rams Tractor Trailer; Bus Driver Could Be Cited

At least seven passengers on a commercial bus were injured Wednesday evening when the vehicle they were traveling in slammed into the back of a tractor trailer near Houston, Texas. The bus, operated by Houston-based company Los Chaves Autobuses, was headed to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, when the driver apparently lost control of the vehicle on Highway 59 in Beasley, Texas, “The bus driver noticed something strange with the bus,” Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Sgt. Carl Currie told KPRC Channel 2 News Houston. “He started to lose control and ran into the back end of the 18-wheeler.” Investigators ... Read More

Truck Plummets Off San Diego Bridge, Killing Four Festival Goers Below

California law enforcement authorities are investigating the crash of a GMC pickup truck that jumped the guardrails on a San Diego bridge and plunged into a festival tent set up in the park below, killing four people and injuring several others. The California Highway Patrol said that 25-year-old Richard Anthony Sepolio, a member of the U.S. Navy, lost control of the vehicle Saturday afternoon as he was driving onto the San Diego-Coronado Bridge westbound from I-5. The truck hopped the guardrail and plunged about 60 feet to Chicano Park below. Mr. Sepolio, who is stationed at the naval base on ... Read More

Several Passengers Injured In Long Island Railroad Train Derailment

Several dozen people were injured Saturday night when two Long Island Railroad trains sideswiped and derailed in Nassau County, N.Y. The accident occurred just after 9 p.m. when an eastbound Oyster Bay Line train carrying about 600 passengers struck a maintenance train laden with paint that may have been on the wrong track, shearing off sections of the train cars and forcing several of them off the track. Twenty-nine people were hospitalized for injuries, including four who sustained serious injuries. As many as 100 others were treated at the scene for minor injuries. Many of the passengers were trapped inside ... Read More

Bus Driver In Deadly Louisiana Crash Says Employer Knew He Was Unlicensed

The driver who lost control of a bus near New Orleans last month, slamming into a fire truck and two other vehicles, told investigators his employer knew that he was unlicensed. Denis Yasmir Amaya Amaya-Rodriguez, a 37-year-old undocumented immigrant from Honduras, told Jambalaya News Louisiana that he didn’t want to drive a commercial bus on the morning of Aug. 28 because he was unlicensed and unqualified. Mr. Amaya-Rodriguez departed from the Target in Metairie with two dozen passengers headed to Baton Rouge.  About 20 miles later, his bus plowed into two passenger vehicles and a fire truck stopped at the ... Read More

Local Officials Exasperated By Meaningless Oil Train Safety Reports

An increasing amount of oil train traffic and the devastating accidents that go along with it have officials in municipalities affected by the trains on alert. But as towns and cities across the U.S. request inspection reports of certain bridges and other infrastructures supporting oil trains, officials are discovering that railroads aren’t being open and transparent about their findings. Under the federal Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act, which became law in December, state, county, and municipal officials can request inspection reports from the railroads that run oil trains through their cities. The Federal Railroad Administration, serving as a link between ... Read More

Washington Confronts Growing Oil-Train Threats With New Emergency Preparedness Rule

Oil-train disasters have become so frequent in North America that some U.S. states are taking action to mitigate the potential damage caused by a crash or derailment. Among the states passing legislation to deal with future oil-train disasters is Washington, where last week a new rule went into effect requiring terminals, refineries, and other oil facilities to notify the state Department of Ecology in advance in advance of oil shipments. The state will then relay the information to local emergency responders in communities along the oil train’s route. The new rule –Washington State’s first reporting requirement for oil train shipments ... Read More

Texas State Representative Wants NTSB’s Hot Air Balloon Probe In Public Eye

A Texas state representative from Lockhart, Texas, called upon federal investigators and lawmakers to hold a public investigative hearing on the hot air balloon crash that killed 16 people July 30 in a pasture outside of Lockhart. “As a former county commissioner and current state representative, I am no stranger to disaster, nor is our region,” Rep. John Cyrier, R-Lockhart, wrote in the American-Statesman. “In recent memory, we have endured floods, wildfires and transportation accidents. Yet none of this prepared me for what I witnessed on July 30 in a pasture outside of Lockhart.” The hot air balloon, operated by ... Read More