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Report details how Corexit dispersant made BP oil spill many times more toxic

A new report published by the nation’s leading whistleblower advocacy group provides one of the most thoroughly researched, comprehensive independent analyses of BP’s unrestrained use of Corexit oil dispersants to break up the oil that blasted from its Macondo well after the Deepwater Horizon explosion and sinking in 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. The report sends a strong warning about the proven, toxic effects of the chemical dispersant on human health and the environment, but it also demonstrates how powerful corporations like BP continually undermine the federal government’s authority, rendering it unable or unwilling to actively prevent such disasters ... Read More

BP oil spill still imperils sea life three years later, new report finds

Three years have passed since BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, unleashing a torrent of oil from its blown-out Macondo well that created the worst oil disaster in the history of the United States. But while Gulf residents and businesses continue to heal from the damage, a new report by the National Wildlife Federation suggests the Gulf’s marine life is still in grave danger. “Three years after the initial explosion, the impacts of the disaster continue to unfold,” National Wildlife Federation senior scientist and lead report author Doug Inkley, said. “Dolphins are still dying in high numbers ... Read More

Some Gulf species in peril after BP oil spill, but seafood marketers upbeat

When the Tampa Bay Times published an article about the number of sick fish that continue to turn up in the Gulf of Mexico three years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the Gulf Seafood Marketing Coalition offered to send the reporter on an all-expenses-paid trip to New Orleans to sample delicious, wholesome, safe Gulf seafood. As the Times reported, the writer declined the generous invitation, but the fact that it was extended demonstrates how nervous the Gulf seafood industry continues to be in the wake of such an epic disaster. It also demonstrates the tough dichotomy the Gulf seafood ... Read More

Major oil spills in Arkansas, Texas, Utah receive little notice in the public eye

Have oil spills become so common in the U.S. that they are no longer considered news? The same week that ExxonMobil’s Pegasus pipeline ruptured, spewing thousands of barrels of sticky bitumen sludge all over an Arkansas town, two other oil spills categorized as “major” by federal standards occurred in the U.S. Yet the three spills have received very little attention by national news outlets. On Good Friday, the same day that the ExxonMobil spill erupted underneath a suburban development in Mayflower, Arkansas, Shell Pipeline, a unit of Royal Dutch Shell Plc, shut down its West Columbia, Texas, pipeline when federal ... Read More

Homeowners sue ExxonMobil over Arkansas oil spill damage

Despite ExxonMobil’s promises to clean up thousands of barrels of dense Canadian tar sands oil that flooded an Arkansas community, residents of the contaminated town have filed a class-action lawsuit against the oil giant. The company’s Pegasus pipeline, which transports the bitumen oil from Illinois to the Texas Gulf coast, ruptured March 29 in a residential section of the Mayflower community just a few miles north of Little Rock. Since then, the area has been on lockdown as ExxonMobil workers arrive to clean up the spill, talk with residents and officials, and assess damage claims. “This Arkansas class action lawsuit ... Read More

BP calls witnesses to testify in its defense as oil spill trial enters 7th week

Individuals, businesses, and government bodies from local to federal harmed by BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill say the oil giant acted with gross negligence in the events leading to the April 2010 disaster, which killed 11 workers and allowed more than 200 million gallons of oil to escape from the deep-sea well into the Gulf of Mexico. Now it’s BP’s turn to defend itself against those allegations in court. BP began its defense Monday in New Orleans, calling a retired Louisiana State University petroleum engineering professor as its first witness to testify in a trial designed to apportion blame among ... Read More

Die off, disease, mutation in wake of BP oil spill concern scientists

Three years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster unleashed the nation’s worst oil spill, a group of University of South Florida scientists have found evidence of a massive die-off at the base of the Gulf of Mexico’s food chain – a troubling sign that sea life in the area is far from returning to normal. David Hollander, a USF chemical oceanographer, told the Tampa Bay Times that a die-off of tiny foraminifera stretches into the mile-deep DeSoto Canyon where BP’s Macondo well blew out in April 2010. From there the die-off emanates throughout the Gulf waters, following the trails forged by ... Read More

Exxon says it will pay costs of cleaning up Arkansas oil spill

Exxon Mobil officials say that the company will assume all of the costs stemming from the cleanup of the oil spill that originated from a ruptured pipeline in Arkansas last week. The spill occurred on Friday, March 30, when a breach in Exxon Mobil’s 60-year-old Pegasus pipeline sent thousands of barrels of sticky Canadian crude oil into the Arkansas community of Mayflower. The company told ABC News that it is actively cleaning up the spill and has deployed a number of claims adjusters to the area to assist residents harmed or displaced by the spill, which prompted the evacuation of ... Read More

Three Alabamians charged with defrauding BP oil spill fund

Three Alabama residents are facing federal charges for allegedly submitting fraudulent claims to the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), which was established to compensate the victims of BP’s enormous 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. According to court documents, Andre Clinton Dale, 45, of Mobile; Crystal David Blackmon, 27, of Bessemer; and Christopher Jarris Addison, 31, of Birmingham filed false claims to the GCCF for lost wages totaling nearly $175,000. All three have signed plea agreements stating they will each plead guilty to one count of conspiracy, and will pay restitution for the amount they received from ... Read More

ExxonMobil pipeline breach drenches Arkansas community in oil

As of Monday afternoon, Exxon Mobil had yet to start excavating the area where a breach in its Pegasus pipeline has been releasing thousands of barrels of Canadian crude oil into the environment, meaning a fix could be days away. The major oil spill erupted Friday in the central Arkansas community of Mayflower, just a few minutes from Little Rock, swamping sections of the city in oily sludge and toxic fumes. Built in the 1940s, the frail Pegasus pipeline is capable of carrying more than 90,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Patoka, Illinois, to Nederland, Texas. At the ... Read More