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NHL tries to skirt head injury claims by denouncing CTE research

Ice hockey is considered one of the most violent contact sports, but the National Hockey League (NHL) begged to differ when it was faced with a proposed class action lawsuit alleging that the league hid the dangers of head injuries from professional players and encouraged aggressive behavior in the games. The NHL argued against the collective knowledge of medical experts and scientists by arguing there is not a link between repeated head blows and the much-talked about degenerative brain disease CTE. Researchers have found that when a brain is concussed, proteins called tau are released in the brain. Repeated head ... Read More

More former NFL players agree to donate brains to science to further CTE research

Thirty more former National Football League (NFL) players have agreed to donate their brains to the world’s largest brain bank to help researchers better understand the degenerative brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a condition linked to repeated head blows. Those who recently agreed to participate in the Concussion Legacy Foundation program include offensive lineman Randy Cross, Pro-Bowl guard Keith Sims, and Pro-Bowl cornerback Shawn Springs. The former players are among more than 1,400 former athletes and veterans who have pledged to donate their brains to the program, a collaboration between the Department of Veterans Affairs, Boston University, and the ... Read More

Former hockey players claim NHL failed to warn about concussion risks

The National Hockey League (NHL) condoned its players picking fights with each other during games, possibility increasing their risk of head injury, according to attorneys representing former players. A group of former players are asking a Minnesota federal court to certify a class of players who claim the NHL failed to warn them of the risks of repeated head blows sustained during play and the long-term effects of such injuries. The claims are similar to those of other high-impact sporting leagues, including the National Football League’s $1 billion settlement soon to be inked. The agreement provides regular monitoring of players and financial ... Read More

High court refuses to take another look at NFL concussions settlement

The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to look into claims by former football players suing the National Football League (NFL) over repeated concussions and head injuries. The players alleged the $1 billion uncapped settlement did not go far enough, and leaves retired athletes with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) out in the cold. The Supreme Court denied without explanation a challenge by 30 former players to review a unanimous Third Circuit decision earlier this year that supported the agreement. The ruling paves the way to solidify the agreement between both parties. Both the NFL and a larger pool of retired players have ... Read More

Study casts doubt about effectiveness of youth athlete concussion program

Nearly four out of 10 (38 percent) school athletes who were examined for concussions at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children sports clinic in 2014, returned to the game the same day they suffered the head injury and without being cleared by a medical professional, according to a study conducted by researchers the Dallas hospital. The study involved 185 school athletes who were examined at the hospital’s sports clinic in 2014, and cast a dark shadow of doubt over efforts to quell the number of sports related head injuries, especially among young athletes. Repeated head blows and concussions increases the ... Read More

NHL offers several defenses in former players’ concussion lawsuit

The National Hockey League (NHL) offered up 26 possible defenses in response to a former player’s lawsuit in Minnesota federal court alleging the league hid effects of repeated concussions or head blows. The possible defenses are in response to the player’s second amended complaint in a consolidated class action against the league, and means the NHL does not necessarily believe it will succeed on each of the 26 defenses but raised them to preserve them for later. Among the league’s defenses: players cannot pursue their claims as a class action, and the NHL’s marketing of the game is protected by ... Read More

Lawsuit claims NFL concussion settlement not based on scientific evidence

The survivors of deceased former National Football League (NFL) player Carlton Gilchrist asked the U.S. Supreme Court to hear their appeal of the NFL’s billion-dollar settlement over concussions sustained by former players saying the deal lacks scientific discovery that excludes retired athletes with so-called living CTE from receiving benefits. CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, is the condition identified by damage caused repeated blows to the head that is diagnosed during a brain autopsy. It causes degenerative neurological symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s, as well as behavior changes that can lead those stricken with the disease to inflict harm on themselves or others. ... Read More

Former NFL players seek workers compensation from league for ‘living CTE’

The National Football League (NFL) continues to suffer headaches from former players seeking compensation for long-term health problems they say were caused by repeated head blows suffered during their football careers. Earlier this month, 38 former NFL players asked a Florida federal court to direct the League and 32 of its clubs to provide workers compensation benefits to players living with the degenerative brain disease CTE, also known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, which they claim is caused by repeated head blows. The players are asking the NFL to amend its collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association to cover ... Read More

USA Football, helmet safety organization try to wiggle out of concussion-related lawsuit

Youth football’s governing body, USA Football, and a helmet safety organization told a California federal court that they were not responsible for the protection of youth football players in the Pop Warner Little Scholars organization and had no business being named in a putative class action lawsuit that resulted from the deaths of two football players allegedly due to a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated concussions. The lawsuit claims that the national youth football program Pop Warner, USA Football, and the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) were fraudulent in their representation of the safety of youth ... Read More

TBI can cause sleep disturbances up to 18 months after injury

People who suffer from traumatic brain injuries (TBI) may suffer sleep problems for more than a year after the injury occurred, according to a new study published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. TBI is a brain dysfunction caused by an outside force, usually a violent blow to the head. It often occurs as a result of a severe sports injury or car accident. Immediate or delayed symptoms include confusion, blurry vision, and concentration difficulty. Recovery can take weeks or even years, with some symptoms lingering a lifetime. Repeated blows to the head, whether or not ... Read More