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Jimmy John’s sandwich chain discovers data breach compromised 216 of its stores nationwide

Another franchise joins the ranks of those affected by in the recent string of data breaches – Jimmy John’s. According to the sandwich chain, 216 of its stores inadvertently had customers’ debit and credit card data stolen by hackers. From June 16 through Sept. 5, cyber-criminals “phished” login credentials from credit card readers at both corporate and franchised Jimmy John’s locations across the nation. After discovering the cyber-attack on July 30, the company immediately hired a team of security experts to begin an investigation of what had occurred. The data breach only affected Jimmy John’s customers that swiped their card at the ... Read More

Target data breach resulted from phishing email directed to third-party company Fazio Mechanical

According to a report by security blogger Brian Krebs, the hackers that stole the personal and financial information of nearly 110 million Target customers gained access to the computer system by tricking an employee into clicking a malicious email at a separate vendor. Fazio Mechanical, a Pennsylvania-based heating, ventilation and air-conditioning company with access to Target’s network, was the victim of a “spear phishing” attack. Malware-laced emails were being sent from trusted sources to the victims’ computers, according to Krebs. Krebs also found that once the Fazio Mechanical employee opened the threatening email, the hacker was able to gain access ... Read More

Holiday data breach described by Target’s CEO as “a real punch in the gut”

Target’s CEO, Gregg Steinhafel, told CNBC that the data breach that has left millions of customers’ sensitive personal information exposed was “a real punch in the gut.” After disclosing information about the credit and debit card information cyber-crime, Target’s sales have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. “Clearly customers were confused, they were frustrated, they didn’t really understand,” Steinhafel said. “It was a pretty big impact.” According to YouGov’s BrandIndex, a daily measurement of brand perception among the public, Target’s reputation among shoppers plunged during the final shopping days before Christmas when the security breach was first announced to ... Read More