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Target data breach settlement reached for consumers

Following one of the largest data breaches in history, Target will pay compromised customers a total of $10 million in a proposed class-action settlement. The Target data breach settlement, which still requires federal court approval, will pay out up to $10,000 in damages to data breach victims with burden of proof that the cyberattack affected them negatively. According to the proposal, claims will be submitted and handled mainly through a Target data breach settlement website designated for retrieving affected customer information. Court documents also show that Target will be required to follow stricter data security measures, including the appointment of ... Read More

Colossal Anthem data breach announced as millions of private customer records are exposed by hackers

Anthem, the second-largest health insurance provider in the U.S., is now alerting millions of its customers about a data breach resulting in the compromise of customer names, birthdays, medical IDs, social security numbers, street addresses, e-mail addresses and employment records. While Anthem believes that customer financial and medical data were not affected by the data breach, hackers still managed to gain access to a database containing up to 80 million customer records. “Anthem’s own associates’ personal information — including my own — was accessed during this security breach,” said Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish in a letter notifying customers of the breach. ... Read More

Data breach legislation sees strong support in House; both parties interested in adopting federal standard in 2015

Following one of our nation’s most difficult years in terms of cybersecurity, both parties in the House of Representatives have expressed optimism in passing data breach legislation that would require companies to notify consumers when their information has been compromised in a cyberattack. For years, attempts to pass similar bills have been met with apathy, but after a hearing that took place this week, both sides of the political spectrum appear to be on the same page when it comes to the importance of cybersecurity. “I do sincerely believe that is an achievable goal,” Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas), chairman of ... Read More