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Sterility concerns lead to recall of all products from another compounding pharmacy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered the recall of all unexpired products made by Ameridose, LLC, a compounding pharmacy based in Westborough, Mass., after an inspection of the facility raised concerns about sterility. The recall comes in the wake of a deadly multistate fungal meningitis outbreak that was traced back to steroid shots made by a different compounding pharmacy. The investigation is ongoing and there have been no reports of patients with infections with any of Ameridose’s products; however, health inspectors say a recall of the products was ordered out of an abundance of caution. “Use of non-sterile ... Read More

Black mold fungus from tainted steroid shots can be difficult to treat

Months ago, before hundreds of people became infected with a black mold fungus called Exserohilum rostratum from contaminated steroid shots, only 33 human infections had ever been reported. And those were mostly eye or skin infections in people with weak immune systems. Exserohilium rostratum, commonly found in dirt and grasses, has never before been known to cause meningitis. Yet, floating in vials of steroid shots injected directly into the spine of people being treated for back or neck pain, the fungus can slowly grow. It sits quietly until enough accumulates for it to burrow a tiny hole, or abscess, into ... Read More

Medical case study of early fungal meningitis outbreak victim shows difficulty in diagnosing

Since investigators began narrowing in on the possible source of the deadly fungal meningitis outbreak that, to date, has killed 19 and infected 245 others, doctors have been alerted to test spinal fluid in patients who are exhibiting symptoms of meningitis and have received a steroid injection for back pain. But the first patients to fall ill weren’t as lucky. The first case to be described in medical detail is of a 51-year-old woman who showed up at the emergency room with a severe headache. A week prior she had been treated for neck pain and fibromyalgia with an injection of ... Read More

Alabama residents exposed to meningitis-contaminated steroid shots

Thirteen Alabama residents were injected with the tainted steroid that has been linked to the country’s deadly fungal meningitis outbreak, says Alabama Department of Public Health Officer Dr. Donald Williamson. Six received the medication in Tennessee, and seven got the shot in Florida. If those residents develop the life threatening infection, they will be included in the cases from those states. Earlier this month health officials began investigating cases of rare fungal meningitis in Tennessee. All patients had received a steroid injection commonly used to treat back pain. The pain shots were traced back to New England Compounding Center, a ... Read More

Patients who received contaminated shots for pain rush to emergency room for testing

Jim McGuire didn’t waste time going to the emergency room after his doctor called to tell him he had received a steroid shot from a contaminated batch that – to date – has killed 12 people and infected 137 others with a rare fungal meningitis. Jim wasn’t experiencing symptoms, but it can take a month or more for symptoms of the infection to appear. Investigators have learned that as many as 13,000 people in 23 states may have been exposed to the fungus. The only way for people to find out if they are at risk is to have a ... Read More

Compounding pharmacy at center of meningitis outbreak recalls all products in circulation

The compounding pharmacy at the center of an investigation into a deadly outbreak of fungal meningitis has issued a recall of all its products in circulation “out of an abundance of caution.” An investigation into the cause of the outbreak is currently underway, but it is suspected that vials of an injectable steroid that were mixed at the pharmacy may be contaminated with the fungus. Hundreds – and possibly thousands – of people in as many as 23 states may have been exposed. New England Compounding Center (NECC) issued a voluntary recall on all products distributed by the pharmacy as ... Read More

Attorneys investigating cases of cardiac arrest in dialysis patients

It was nearly a year ago when Fresenius Medical Care, the country’s largest operator of dialysis centers, issued an internal memo to its doctors warning them that failure to properly use one of their products appeared to be contributing to a sharp increase in the sudden cardiac death of patients. The memo was meant to clarify dosing instructions for its most widely used dry acid product, GranuFlo, which performs various functions during dialysis treatment. GranuFlo contains an ingredient that the body converts to bicarbonate, an alkaline substance that works to neutralize the acid in the blood. GranuFlow, however, contains more of ... Read More

Dialysis patients who suffered sudden cardiac arrest may have case against drug manufacturer

Attorneys at Beasley Allen Law Firm are investigating cases of sudden cardiac death associated in dialysis patients after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it is investigating Fresenius Medical Care, the nation’s largest operator of dialysis centers and producer of dialysis drugs, for failing to warn patients that use of some of its products could be deadly. On November 4, 2011, German-based Fresenius sent an internal memo to doctors in its dialysis clinics warning that the risk of heart attack was significantly higher in patients who were given GranuFlo. The company failed to warn health care professionals at other clinics ... Read More

FDA investigates makers of dialysis treatment linked to hundreds of sudden deaths

The nation’s largest operator of dialysis centers is under investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failing to warn patients that use of one of their products could be deadly. Fresenius Medical Care treats more than 130,000 of the estimated 400,000 Americans who receive dialysis. The company also is the leading supplier of dialysis machines and disposable products to other dialysis clinics across the country. Last November, the company’s medical office sent an internal memo to doctors at its clinics warning that improper use of one of its products could be the cause of a stark increase in ... Read More

Lawsuits claim Pradaxa never warned that bleeding side effects may not be reversible

The newly approved blood thinner Pradaxa works faster and requires fewer medical exams and dietary restrictions than the long-used warfarin, but it may result in dangerous and sometimes fatal internal bleeding events. Pradaxa was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) two years ago to prevent strokes in patients with a common heart condition known as atrial fibrillation. It was the first anticoagulant approved to treat atrial fibrillation patients since warfarin was cleared more than 50 years ago. Pradaxa was an attractive alternative to warfarin because there were fewer interactions and patients didn’t need to be as closely monitored. ... Read More