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Milwaukee Man Crushed while Operating Crane

A Milwaukee man has died after being crushed while operating a remote-controlled crane. Monday, Oct. 16, Kelvis Price, 42, was using a remote-controlled magnetic crane to lift a massive steel plate overhead, CBS58 News reports. When one of the magnets failed, the steel plate fell on top of Price, crushing him. When emergency responders arrived on scene, they found Price lying on his back with the steel plate covering him from the waist down. The remote control used to move the crane was worn on a strap hanging off Price’s shoulder. The workers were unable to remove the large piece ... Read More

Electrocution: a Deadly Occupational Injury

A Sarasota man was severely injured when he was electrocuted by power lines. Omri Snow, 23, was using a lift truck to hang banners on light poles for a private contractor when he came in contact with power lines. By the time rescue crews arrived on scene, the entire lift truck was engulfed in flames. According to Fox 13 News, from the time the truck caught fire to the time rescuers arrived and put it out, a total of only 16 minutes had passed. Power was shut off for the 3,000 nearby homes as a team worked to douse the ... Read More

Parents of 8-year-old Boy Killed by Trash Hauler Files Lawsuit

The parents of an 8-year-old boy killed by a trash hauler has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company, claiming they are responsible for their son’s death. The OCWeekly reports that in May 2016, Brock McCann, a third-grader at Newport Beach Heights Elementary School, was riding home from school on his bike when he was struck by a CR&R trash hauler. The truck had just turned onto 15th Street and allegedly drove through a crosswalk without stopping. Patrick and Bernardette McCann , the boy’s parents, blame the driver, Roberto Zermeno Pedroza, for looking only to the left, but not to the right, before the turn was ... Read More

County Fair Draft Horse Chairman Thrown from Wagon, Killed

Just weeks after the Ohio State Fair incident that killed one and injured several more, another fair has turned deadly. The Meadville Tribune reports that Wednesday afternoon, 64-year-old Charles E. Burns, the chairman of the draft horse competition department, was killed when he was thrown from his horse-drawn wagon as he rode around the horse ring of the Crawford County Fair in Pennsylvania. According to witnesses, Burns was driving a wagon pulled by a team of draft horses when it made a sharp turn, throwing Burns forward beneath the hooves of the giants. The horses became spooked and began bucking. Emergency ... Read More

Stuntman Killed On Set of The Walking Dead

A stuntman filming for AMC’s hit television show The Walking Dead died last week from injuries he suffered from a fall on the show’s set in Georgia. John Bernecker, 33, was flown to Atlanta Medical Center Wednesday, July 12, after falling more than 20 feet from a balcony on The Walking Dead set to a concrete floor below. He died at 6:30 p.m. the same day from blunt force trauma, including a head injury, Coweta County Coroner Richard Hawk said. The Walking Dead has been filmed in and around the town of Senoia, Georgia, just southwest of Atlanta, since it ... Read More

Worker at Library Construction Site Killed by Falling Rock

A worker was killed at a construction site in Woburn, Massachusetts, when a large rock fell on top of him, The Boston Herald reports. Woburn is located northwest of Boston. Midmorning on Tuesday, July 11, officers from the Woburn police department were called out to the construction site on Pleasant Street, where the Woburn Public Library is undergoing a $31 million renovation. “The preliminary investigation suggests that the decedent, a man in his 30s, had been working alongside the foundation of the building when he was apparently struck by a piece of rock that had broken free,” the District Attorney’s office said ... Read More

Workers Killed, Injured in Florida Construction Accident

In Durkeeville, Florida, at the construction site of a new senior community, one worker was killed and another seriously injured in an accident, Action News Jax reports. One worker, believed to be in his 40s, died and another 30-year-old worker was seriously injured by falling on his back. The injured worker was transported to UF Hospital, while the other worker was pronounced dead on the scene. No details about the incident leading to the injury and death have been officially released, but Charlie McCloud, who lives next door to the future Mary Eaves Apartment building set to open this summer, ... Read More

Soybean Plant Explosion kills worker

The family of a man killed in a soybean plant explosion has filed a wrongful death lawsuit alleging the company’s negligence led to the man’s death. The Argus Leader reported that Randy Lee Satter, a 39-year-old employee of CCM Welding Repair and Fabrication of Minneota, Minnesota, had been sent to the South Dakota Soybean Processors plant in Volga to install a catwalk on an industrial tank. According to the lawsuit, Satter was allowed to “drill, cut, grind and weld in the location and during the construction of the catwalk” under a “hot work permit” given to him when he arrived at the ... Read More

Maintenance Worker Killed after Being Crushed Beneath Lawn Mower

Last Saturday at a north suburban country club in Northbrook, Illinois, a maintenance worker was killed after being crushed beneath a lawn mower. Richard L. Bowden, a 62-year-old Deerfield resident, was operating a commercial lawn mower on the grounds of Greenacre Country Club. As a contract employee of the landscaping company charged with maintaining the country club’s property, Bowden was mowing the grass along an embankment with a steep incline when the heavy machine tipped over, crushing him beneath its weight. NBC News Chicago reports that the autopsy performed by the Cook County medical examiner’s office determined he died of traumatic asphyxia, with blunt force ... Read More

Minnesota Menards Worker Killed by Forklift

At Menards home improvement store in Burnsville, Minnesota, a worker was killed when a forklift fell on top of him, Valley News Live reports. According to witnesses, Alec Saunders, 27, was attempting to move a stack of two-by-fours when the forklift began to tip over. He tried to jump off the falling forklift, the witnesses add, which resulted in the heavy equipment landing on top of him. Officials say Saunders died of injuries from blunt force to the chest. The accident, which happened last Friday around 8:56 a.m., was described as a “forklift mishap” by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner. WEAU 13 ... Read More