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Study indicates IVC Filters May Increase Blood Clot risk

Researchers at the UC Davis Health System have found that inferior vena cava filters  (IVC filters) may increase the risk of new blood clots. The findings were published in Circulation, an online journal sponsored by the American Heart Association. The study was conducted mainly to distinguish what kinds of patients should receive an IVC filter and which should not. The IVC filter is a cage-like device that is inserted into the vena cava, the largest vein in the body. It is used most often in patients that cannot tolerate blood thinning medication. The fingers of the cage are intended to catch blood clots, preventing pulmonary embolism. ... Read More

Missouri Man Dies After IVC Filter Travels to His Heart

Eugene Benzing, a husband, father and grandfather to eight grandchildren, died on a hospital floor at University of Kansas Medical Center while recovering from bariatric surgery. Doctors discovered his Recovery IVC filter had broken away and entered his heart. When Benzing decided to have bariatric surgery, doctors were hesitant to perform the surgery because he had a history of pulmonary embolism. A doctor finally agreed to the surgery if he would be implanted with an IVC filter first, the Recovery model made by C.R. Bard.  A retrievable IVC filter is a spider-like device inserted into the inferior vena cava (the largest vein in ... Read More

Two Worker Deaths In Two Weeks Prompt Investigation of Goodyear tire Plant

A Goodyear tire plant in Danville, Va., announced Tuesday that it would temporarily close for a safety evaluation and investigation after a longtime worker died on the job earlier in the day. The worker’s death was the second at the plant in less than two weeks and the third death in less than eight months. Details surrounding the death of Greg Cooper, an associate at the plant for 18 years, were not disclosed except that he died during his morning shift. Less than two weeks ago, Kevin Edmonds, who worked at the same Goodyear plant for 26 years, also died on ... Read More

Mining Deaths Hit Record Lows In 2015

Improvements in mining safety have dramatically reduced the number of U.S. miner fatalities over the last five years, with mining deaths dropping to record lows in 2015, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) officials said Tuesday. Speaking at an annual Stone, Sand and Gravel Association convention in Nashville, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Mine Safety and Health Joseph A. Main discussed actions the MSHA and the mining industry have taken in recent years to drive down the number of miner deaths, including better compliance with federal safety regulations. A sharp reduction in the number of chronic violators, combined with a historically low levels ... Read More

Two Workers Killed By Falling 5-Ton Generator At NJ Construction Site

A second man died last week from crushing injuries he sustained when a 10,000-pound generator that was being hoisted by a crane fell onto workers at a Hanover, N.J., construction site. The deadly accident occurred last Thursday morning, Feb. 18, while construction for a new Hanover firehouse was underway. Hanover, N.J., is about 25 miles west of New York City. The generator was being lifted by a crane when a strap securing the load broke and fell onto two workers. One of the two workers killed, a man in his 20s and the son-in-law of the crane operator, was pronounced dead at the ... Read More

Dollar Tree Stores Agrees To Improve Worker Safety Nationwide

Dollar Tree Stores Inc. has agreed to pay $825,000 in civil penalties for widespread safety and health violations and take a number of measures to improve safety and working conditions for its employees, federal safety regulators announced last week. Various individual Dollar Tree stores have resolved safety violations with state and federal authorities in the past, but the corporate-wide settlement announced last week by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) aims to enhance safety for workers in thousands of Dollar Tree stores throughout the country. The agreement requires the Chesapeake, Virginia-based retailer to develop and implement a comprehensive ... Read More

Worker’s Death Triggers Investigation of Missouri Construction Site

Federal authorities are taking over the investigation of a construction worker’s death Saturday morning at the site of a new senior center being built in Carthage, Mo. Luis Estrada, 29, of El Paso, Texas, died from blunt-force injuries he sustained in a falling accident. Authorities said that Mr. Estrada was declared dead upon his arrival at Mercy Joplin Hospital in Joplin, Mo., Sat. morning. Mr. Estrada, an employee of Munda Hernandez Construction of El Paso, Texas, was part of a construction crew that is building an assisted living facility for seniors in the south side of the city. According to ... Read More

Company With Poor Safety Record Cited After Death of Texas Construction Worker

DALLAS, Tex. – Construction worker Jorge Carrion Torres, 44, died after falling from a third-story balcony of an apartment complex in Dallas where he was working last May. Mr. Torres, who had been on the job for just one month, was applying a stucco underlayment to the balcony walls when he fell. According to federal regulators, his Phoenix, Arizona-based employers, Design Plastering Inc. and Design Plastering West LLC, had neglected to install protective scaffolding or provide Mr. Torres and his coworkers with fall protection equipment. The deadly incident marked the eighth time the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ... Read More

AndroGel makers tried to persuade doctors to widen use of testosterone

AbbVie Inc., maker of the blockbuster testosterone treatment AndroGel, offered free education courses to doctors for continuing medical education credits (CME), which are required for doctors to keep their medical licenses, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today investigation has found. The classes promoted unapproved uses for the hormone treatment. Testosterone treatments are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat hypogonadism, a condition in which the body does not produce enough testosterone due to disease or injury. The condition can cause fertility issues, low libido and muscle loss. In recent years, manufacturers of testosterone treatments have launched aggressive advertising ... Read More

Construction Managers Face Manslaughter Charges For Trench Cave-In Death

New York State prosecutors have filed manslaughter charges against two construction companies and their managers for the trench cave-in death of a worker killed in April when an unsecured trench he was working in collapsed and crushed him. The worker, Carlos Moncayo, 22, was an Ecuadorean immigrant living in Queens. He was employed by Sky Materials, one of the construction companies charged in his death. Also charged are Wilmer Cueva, a Sky Materials manager; Harco Construction, and Harco manager Alfonso Prestia. Prosecutors on Wednesday said that Mr. Cueva and Mr. Prestia had repeatedly ignored warnings of perilous conditions that threatened ... Read More