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Jury selection begins for trial of employees of peanut processing plant at center of deadly Salmonella outbreak

Jury selection is underway for the trial of three people, employees and associates with a peanut processing plant blamed for the deadliest Salmonella outbreak in U.S. history, which killed nine people and sickened more than 700 in 2009. Former Peanut Company of America owner Stewart Parnell, his brother and food broker Michael Parnell, and the peanut plant’s quality control manager Mary Wilkerson were indicted last year on 76 criminal counts that allege the three shipped peanuts contaminated with Salmonella to industrial food customers – including nursing homes, schools and food suppliers – and covered up lab tests that showed some batches ... Read More

Foster Farms chicken plant issues first recall in salmonella outbreak

Foster Farms, the poultry processing plant that distributed chicken contaminated with salmonella that has sickened hundreds of people in the past 16 months, has issued its first recall of the products. Packages of Foster Farms chicken affected by the recall have a “use or freeze by” date ranging from March 21 to March 29, and are imprinted with plant codes P-6137, P-6137A and P-7632. Though the meat has sickened more than 500 people across 25 states and Puerto Rico, the recall was initiated because of one single illness – that of a 10-year-old California boy who had to be hospitalized. Salmonella ... Read More

College student sues meat packing plant after E. Coli poisoning

Kalamazoo college student Rachel Tamminga is suing a meat packing plant after hamburgers she consumed at two local restaurants landed her in the hospital for six days. The meat was linked to a recall of 1.8 million pounds of ground beef processed by Wolverine Packing Co. in Detroit due to E. Coli contamination. The affected ground beef was sold to restaurants in four states – Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio. The recall was later extended to the rest of the U.S. after it was determined that the meat was shipped to distributors who may have sold it to individuals. At ... Read More

Almost 1.8 million pounds of ground beef recalled due to possible E. coli contamination

Nearly 1.8 million pounds of ground beef is being recalled because it may contain the bacteria E. coli, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced. The affected products involve Wolverine Packing Co. ground beef sold for restaurant use in four states – Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio. The affected meat was also distributed to institutions such as the Department of Defense and the National School Lunch Program. Recalled packages are marked with the number “EST. 2574B” and have a production date code in the format “Packing Nos: MMDD14” between “03 31 14” and “04 18 14.” ... Read More

Benicar lawsuits claim blood pressure drug caused intestinal problems, severe diarrhea

Several lawsuits have been filed over the blood pressure-lowering drug Benicar, representing what some legal experts say is just the “tip of the iceberg.” The lawsuits claim the drug caused patients to develop intestinal problems resulting in chronic diarrhea and dramatic weight loss. Benicar is manufactured by Daiichi Sankyo and marketed in the United States by Forest Laboratories. It contains the drug ingredient olmesartan medoxomil, which is also found in the blood pressure drugs Benicar HCT, Azor and Tribenzor, as well as generics. Olmesartan medoxomil is known as a angiotensin II receptor blocker, or ARB. It is either used alone ... Read More

Increase in flu cases has hospitals, dialysis clinics experiencing a shortage of IV saline

An increase in flu cases has contributed to a shortage of intravenous saline used to treat dehydration and other conditions. Hospitals and dialysis centers are left to scramble to manage their supplies, and are being advised to use smaller IV bags and find alternatives, if possible. Each week since mid-January, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received word from dozens of hospitals that supplies of IV saline are low. While the agency says it has not had any reports of any facilities being out of the solution, some have reported they have just a few days’ supply. A spike ... Read More

Couple files lawsuit against companies that sold produce tainted with diarrhea-causing parasite

Two people sickened by a diarrhea-causing parasite have filed a lawsuit against Taylor Fresh Foods Inc., Mex Luna Produce Co., and a Texas Mexican restaurant alleging the companies negligently imported, manufactured, distributed and marketed contaminated salad ingredients and failed to warn consumers of the danger. Kennon Smith and Lyndsay Smith filed the complaint in Texas state court. The plaintiffs claim they lead physically active and healthy lives but were floored with gastrointestinal distress after eating tamales and tacos with salad and other produce at Bob’s Taco Station in Rosenberg, Texas. They suffered from nausea, persistent diarrhea, fever, headaches, dehydration, abdominal ... Read More

Diarrhea-causing parasite linked to salad mix sold to restaurants

The outbreak of a diarrhea-inducing parasite that has sickened at least 400 people in 16 states has been traced to prepackaged salad mix served at Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said. The salad mix was produced by the Mexican subsidiary of Taylor Farms, an American food service company, and sold to the restaurants in various states. The salad mix contained iceberg and romaine lettuce, carrots and red cabbage. FDA investigators are working with the company to conduct an environmental assessment of the processing facility in Mexico to determine the cause of the parasite. ... Read More

Diarrhea-causing parasite spreads across country, contaminated produce suspected

At least 321 people in 14 states and New York City have become infected with Cyclospora, a parasite that can contaminate produce and cause gastrointestinal symptoms in people who consume it. At least 18 people have been hospitalized since the first cases were reported in mid-June. No deaths have been reported. Officials with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have yet to identify the source of the outbreak, although previous outbreaks have been linked to produce. The parasite is typically found in the tropics and not indigenous to the United States, which suggests the culprit could be produce ... Read More

Hospira recalls electrolyte solution due to possible contamination

Hospira is recalling containers of sodium chloride injection used as a source of water and electrolytes for patients with various conditions. The recall is based on a confirmed customer report in which four individual flexible containers of the solution were found to be contaminated with polyester fiber, nylon fiber, cotton fiber and nitrocellulous fiber. Hospira is investigating to determine the root cause of the contamination. Sodium chloride injection is used to treat conditions such as dehydration and metabolic alkalosis, as a priming solution in hemodialysis procedures and blood transfusions, and to aid in the infusion of drug additives. If the ... Read More