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Honda Class Action Claims Rabbits, Rodents Have Appetite For Soy-Based Wiring

A federal class action lawsuit representing vehicle owners in three states claims soy-based electrical wire coatings have caused rats, mice, rabbits, and squirrels to munch on Honda engines like snacks, causing severe and costly damage. Lead plaintiff Daniel Dobbs, a Wyoming resident, and owners of Honda vehicles in Texas and Arizona sued Honda earlier this year for breach of warranty, alleging the biodegradable, food-based wire coatings Honda used in 2012-2015 model-year vehicles are defective in their design. The plaintiffs say Honda refuses to cover the repairs. Another plaintiff, Arizona resident Greg Delaney, took his ’14 Honda CrossTour to have wires ... Read More

Investigations raise safety concerns for cryotherapy

An attorney for the family of a woman who was found dead inside a cryotherapy chamber in Nevada is investigating whether a design defect with the machine may have contributed to the woman’s death. Meanwhile, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services is launching its own probe into whether the machines are safe for the public. Chelsea Ake-Salvacion, 24, was found dead Oct. 20. The Clark County coroner’s office ruled that her death was the result of “asphyxia due to an oxygen-poor environment.” The young woman was found dead in the machine, which blows extremely cold (250-300 degrees below ... Read More

Nap Nanny and Chill infant recliners recalled after five infant deaths

Baby Matters LLC of Berwyn, Penn., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced a voluntary recall of all models of its Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill infant recliners and covers. Since 2009, the CPSC has received 92 reports of incidents involving these products, including five infant deaths. Four of the deaths were related to the Nap Nanny Generation Two recliners and one death involved the Chill model. According to the incident reports received by CPSC, infants were able to fall or hang over the side of the product, including infants who were supposedly restrained ... Read More

Plane crash defies aviation odds, devastates family for second time

Aviation experts say that the odds of a person winning the lottery are better than being in two airplane crashes, but that is what happened to Austin Hatch, 16, and his father Dr. Stephen Hatch, a pain specialist, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In 2003, Austin was 8 years old when he and his family were flying home to Fort Wayne from their vacation cabin on Walloon Lake in Michigan’s peninsula. The family plane was making an emergency landing in Uniondale, Indiana, with Austin riding shotgun next to his dad while holding a flashlight on the vertical speed indicator to help ... Read More

Texas jury awards family $1.8 million in Hyundai seat design lawsuit

A Texas jury awarded the family of a 19-year-old woman $1.8 million after finding a defective seat design contributed to her death in a July 2007 traffic accident. Rebekah Goodner and her sister Sara were taking turns driving their 2005 Hyundai Tucson from San Angelo, Texas, to Dallas when Rebekah lost control of the vehicle, causing it to roll over 3 times. Rebekah remained safely buckled in her seat and suffered only from minor neck pain. Tragically, Sara, who was also wearing her safety belt when the rollover happened, was thrown from the rear window of the Tucson and suffered ... Read More