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The Fraud List: DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc. A fraud settlement record-breaker

The Fraud List

DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc. is a Fortune 500® company that offers a variety of health care services throughout the U.S., but is best known for its DaVita Kidney Care division, which operates 2,200 outpatient kidney dialysis clinics in the U.S. and nearly 100 others globally. DaVita treats about 174,000 U.S. patients for chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease, meaning that it bills Medicare, Medicaid, and other government health insurance programs for hundreds of millions of dollars in reimbursement claims every year. According to its 2014 annual report, 58 percent of DaVita’s revenue came from Medicare, with an additional eight ... Read More

Documentary shows stark reality of kidney disease, particularly for high-risk African Americans

African Americans are at an increased risk of kidney disease, and retired videographer Ron Minor wants people to know that lifestyle changes can literally help save lives. Minor, who had a kidney transplant five years ago, created a documentary titled, “I Didn’t Know,” that takes a stark look at the challenges a person with kidney disease faces, from dialysis to kidney transplants, with many people dying while waiting on a kidney. Minor draws a line between the obesity epidemic in America and high rates of related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease among African Americans – all factors ... Read More

Dialysis solutions recalled due to potential contamination

Baxter International is recalling two lots of Dianeal Low Calcium Peritoneal Dialysis Solution with 2.5 percent Dextrose 5000mL (Ambu-Flex II) because oxidized stainless steel, garment fiber and PVC particulate matter was present during the manufacturing process and seen floating in the solution. If the particulate within the solution is injected into patients it could cause local inflammation with foreign body reaction or result in adhesion formation. The matter could also potentially serve as a focal point for infection should any existing pre-existing peritonitis exist, which could be deadly to patients receiving the solution. The product labeling advises health care providers ... Read More

Fresenius issues second recall of NaturaLyte due to bacterial contamination

Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services, is recalling 56 lots of NaturaLyte Liquid Bicarbonate Concentrate, which is used in hemodialysis machines, because the dialysis concentrate may be contaminated with bacteria, which could lead to bacteremia or systemic infection in patients treated with affect products. Fresenius says that the dialysis filter, called a dialyzer, and the use of the Diasafe filter or equivalent create an effective bacteria and endotoxin barrier that reduces the likelihood of adverse events from occurring. The announcement follows a recall of 49 lots of NaturaLyte due to high levels of bacterial contamination ... Read More

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against dialysis provider Fresenius Medical Care

Immediately after Beverly Stockton received hemodialysis treatment at Fresenius Medical Care in Charleston, W.Va., she suffered cardiac arrest and died. Her husband James Stockton is suing Fresenius, the largest provider of dialysis products and services, for her wrongful death. James’ lawsuit alleges that his wife was given the dialysis concentrate GranuFlo, which had confusing dosing instructions that caused his wife to receive toxic levels of bicarbonate, an ingredient in GranuFlo. Elevated bicarbonate can cause heart problems including sudden cardiac arrest. The complaint claims that long before his wife received her fatal dose of GranuFlo, Fresenius executives had received, but disregarded, ... Read More

Fresenius recalls defective dialysis machines

Fresenius Medical Care is recalling more than 111,000 hemodialysis machines sold throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. The recall, which affects specific model numbers from the Fresenius 2008 Series hemodialysis machines, was issued due to complaints of the saline bags inappropriately filling during recirculation and setup. Dialysis machines are designed to cleanse and filter the blood of patients with kidney disease whose kidneys do not function properly. Nearly 400,000 people in the United States undergo this life-saving treatment every day. Fresenius is the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services, providing dialysis treatments within its own facilities and ... Read More

Death rate among dialysis patients dropping, but still higher than general population

Fewer people with end-stage renal disease and who may also be on dialysis are dying, however the rate of death among those populations remains much higher than the general population, according to the 2013 Annual Data Report from the U.S. Renal Data System. The death rate of patients with end-stage renal disease dropped more than 30 percent from 1996 to 2011. During that same time, the mortality rate among the dialysis population dropped more than 26 percent. According to the data, among patients an average of 65 years of age, dialysis patients overall had an expected 6.2 years of remaining life, compared to the ... Read More

Dialysis treatments for kidney failure growing faster than world population

The need for dialysis treatments for kidney failure is growing at a faster rate than the population as a whole, according to a study presented at the 2013 American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week. For the study, titled “The Rapidly Growing Global Burden of End-Stage Renal Disease – An Analysis of the Change in Maintenance Dialysis Prevalence between 1990 and 2010,” researchers examined data from the Global Burden of Disease database, the largest existing database for global causes of illness and death, as well as data from national and regional end-stage renal disease (ESRD) registries. They performed a literature review ... Read More

Fresenius asks Missouri officials to send back drug it intended to use for executions

Fresenius Kabi, one of four business segments of the worldwide dialysis giant Fresenius Medical Care, is playing hardball with one of its U.S. wholesalers for mistakenly selling its anesthetic propofol to the state of Missouri, which purchased it for use in executions. German drug maker Fresenius made its wholesalers sign contracts agreeing they wouldn’t sell the drug to states for use in executions. The death penalty is not practiced in Europe, and Germany has a law that does not allow the export of medications for such uses. Fresenius was being pressured not to sell propofal in the United States because of the ... Read More

Kidney disease one of the most costly health threats in U.S.

Kidney disease is becoming a dangerous health threat and one of the most costly in the United States, with treatments such as dialysis that costs Medicare upwards of $41 billion a year. Many things can cause kidney disease; in particular diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As many as 35 percent of people with diabetes age 20 and older, and 20 percent of patients with hypertension suffer from chronic kidney disease. Researchers with Johns Hopkins University projected the lifetime risk of moderate kidney disease in the United States is about 60 percent. Currently, an estimated 26 million Americans ... Read More