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Pre-workout supplements recalled due to undeclared allergen

Independent Nutrition Inc., doing business as Back to Health, is recalling certain lots of its Ignite High Endurance Pre-Workout dietary supplements because they may contain undeclared milk. People who have an allergy or severe sensitivity to milk who consume this product are at risk of serious or life-threatening allergic reaction. To date, Independent Nutrition has received no reports of illness related to this recall issue. Affected lots of Ignite High Endurance Pre-Workout Supplement products were sold at health food stores in California, Oregon, New Jersey and Texas between March 1, 2015, and March 31, 2018. The products were sold in ... Read More

AdvoCare recalls supplements due to undeclared milk allergen

AdvoCare International is recalling two lots of Muscle Strength and four lots of Nighttime Recovery dietary supplements because they may contain milk. This ingredient is not listed on the bottles and could cause an allergic reaction in people who are sensitive to milk and milk products. People who are highly sensitive to milk protein who consume these caplets from these lots may experience symptoms common to milk allergies such as gastrointestinal disturbances or allergenic skin reactions. Some of these reactions may be intense. The company says it anticipates that anyone who does experience an allergic reaction to the milk in ... Read More

Joint supplement linked to accelerating growth of melanoma tumors

Chondroitin sulfates are dietary supplements promoted to help strengthen joints and are sold under dozens of brand names. But a new study suggests the supplements can speed up the growth of a type of melanoma. About half of melanomas have a particular mutation in the B-raf gene (V600E). The study, published in the journal Molecular Cell, found that chondroitin sulfate can boost the growth of melanoma cells carrying this particular gene mutation. But it does not affect melanoma cells without V600E. The study involved cell culture and mouse models. Researchers implanted laboratory mice with the V600E tumors and found chondroitin ... Read More

Salmonella outbreak investigation leads to another kratom recall

A federal investigation into a multi-state outbreak of Salmonella linked to kratom capsules has led to another recall. Houston, Texas-based NutriZone LLC is recalling four different dietary supplements containing the herb kratom because they may be contaminated with Salmonella, an organism that can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. The outbreak has sickened at least 87 people in 35 states, 17 of whom have been hospitalized. The investigation was launched in March by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), ... Read More

Sexual enhancement supplements contain hidden drugs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising the public not to purchase or use certain dietary supplements promoted for sexual enhancement sold online and in some retail stores because the capsules contain hidden prescription drugs that pose a risk to consumers. The FDA conducted a laboratory analysis on some supplements and found undeclared tadalafil, the active ingredient in the prescription erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Cialis, in Rhino 69 Extreme 50000 and Red Zone Xtreme 3000. The agency also found sildenafil, the active ingredient in the prescription ED drug Viaga, in Black Lion Pill. The capsules were sold in individual ... Read More

FDA warns ED supplements contain Viagra drug

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to be fooled into buying dietary supplements advertised on the radio for erectile dysfunction because they contain a high dose of the prescription drug Viagra, which can be harmful to certain people including the elderly and people with liver or kidney problems. The supplements are promoted as a “healthy man alternative to the little blue pill,” or “the power pill,” on broadcast or internet radio platforms like iHeartRadio. The products are available to consumers without a prescription but contain 100mg of sildenafil, the active drug ingredient in Viagra. Sildenafil, even ... Read More

MO supplement maker faces prison time, fines for felony fraud

A Joplin, Missouri dietary supplement manufacturer is facing up to 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony fraud in federal court. Jeff Hicks, owner of JT Naturals, pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri for misrepresenting ingredients in his dietary supplements his company made and sold to several retail outlets in Florida, New York, California and Oklahoma. Hicks also admitted to lying about conducting tests for potentially dangerous ingredients in the supplements when he actually did not. Hicks was released on a personal recognizance bond. He faces up to 20 years in prison ... Read More

Many protein supplement powders contain arsenic, toxins

Many top-selling dietary supplement powder protein drinks contain high levels of heavy metals, including arsenic, cadminum, mercury, and lead, as well as toxins like bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used to make plastic containers – substances that have been linked to cancer, brain damage, and reproductive problems, according to a new study from the nonprofit food safety group, the Clean Label Project. “These toxins accumulate in your body and can stay there for years,” says Tunde Akinleye, a test program leader in Consumer Reports’ Food Safety division. “Frequent consumption of foods that contain them can have adverse health effects over ... Read More

Supplement makers recall kratom under pressure from FDA

Botany Bay, Enhance Your Life, and Divinity by Divinity Products Distribution are recalling and destroying dietary supplements that contain kratom, and have agreed to stop selling all products that contain kratom, as part of an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The large volume of kratom-containing products were distributed nationwide, and were recalled in the interest of public health because of the serious risks they pose to consumers. The FDA is also encouraging all companies currently involved in the sale of products containing kratom to follow suit and remove their products from the market. “The extensive scientific data ... Read More

FDA, FTC crack down on illegal opioid addiction, withdrawal aids

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) are cracking down on companies that illegally market unapproved products that claim to help people overcome opioid addiction and withdrawal, posting joint warning letters to marketers and distributors of 12 opioid cessation products. “The FDA is increasingly concerned with the proliferation of products claiming to treat or cure serious diseases like opioid addiction and withdrawal,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. “People who are addicted to opioids should have access to safe and effective treatments and not be victimized by unscrupulous vendors who are trying to capitalize on ... Read More