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Hip replacement surgery complications

Hip replacement surgeries are required once medical treatment has been deemed ineffective or a disease has progressed to severity. The indications for surgery include severe pain, loss of movements, and the inability to perform activities of daily life. While the surgery can help reduce pain and restore mobility, hip replacement surgery is a major, invasive process and complications may occur. During surgery, nerves in the vicinity of the total joint replacement may be damaged. While this is a rare complication, it is more likely to occur when the surgery involves correction of major joint deformity or lengthening of a shortened ... Read More

Precautions should be taken after hip replacement surgery

If you have had a total hip replacement, there are precautions you should take to avoid further injury. Your hip replacement surgery was likely recommended by your doctor to restore your mobility and reduce pain from damage to the hip joint. Surgery allowed your doctor to open the hip joint capsule. While this is a necessary part of the surgery, it puts the hip at risk for dislocating after surgery. Because of this, once patients have total hip replacement surgery, they should follow special precautions outlined by their doctors about which hip positions and movements need to be avoided to ... Read More