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U.S. Traffic Deaths Exceed 40K for Third Consecutive Year

U.S. traffic deaths exceeded 40,000 in 2018, the third year in a row that the number of people killed in traffic accidents surpassed the 40k mark. Additionally, 4.5 million people were seriously injured last year in traffic crashes, a 1-percent rise over 2017’s figures, according to the National Safety Council (NSC). Although data shows that traffic deaths have dipped slightly since 2016 (40,327 deaths) and 2017 (40,231 deaths), the estimated 40,000 people killed in 2018 is still 14 percent higher than four years ago. The spikes in traffic deaths were found in Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania ... Read More

Distracted Dump Truck Driver Slams into Stopped Traffic

A dash cam video of a dump truck slamming into a line of stopped traffic south of Minneapolis, Minnesota, demonstrates the horrifying consequences of distracted driving. The video, captured by the dash cam of a tractor-trailer traveling in another lane of State Highway 13 in Savage, Minnesota, shows the dump truck cruising along for several seconds, even after the line of stopped traffic comes into view. The dump truck driver fails to brake until less than a second before smashing into the back of an SUV, which plows another SUV into the back of a tractor trailer. In a second, ... Read More

Driver Used Prescription, Illicit Drugs Before Deadly Texas Church Bus Crash

A truck driver who collided head-on with a church bus near Concan, Texas last year was impaired by a combination of prescription drugs and marijuana, federal investigators said. In its Oct. 16 report, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) said the March 29, 2017, crash that killed 13 people and seriously injured two underscores deficiencies in leadership, law-enforcement training, and bus safety that should be corrected to help prevent similar accidents from happening in the future. The deadly crash occurred when Jack Dillon Young, the 20-year-old driver of a pick-up truck, crossed the center line of U.S. Highway 83, entered ... Read More

Distracted driving possible cause of multi-vehicle crash

An initial investigation into the cause of multi-vehicle crash in Burnsville, Minnesota, that started when a dump truck didn’t slow down behind a line of cars stopped at a light, indicates that the driver of the dump truck may have been distracted even though he didn’t appear to be on his phone, a state patrol spokesperson told local media. The crash was captured on another truck driver’s dashcam. It shows normal daytime traffic flowing northbound on State Highway 13 around 9:45 a.m. A line of vehicles in the lane to the right slowed to a stop for a signal at ... Read More

Ohio Expands Distracted Driving Ban

Ohio’s ban on distracted driving will soon encompass more than smartphones and other handheld devices. Starting in October, the state will crack down on all types of driver distraction, from texting while driving to applying makeup behind the wheel. A bill signed into law by Governor Bill Kasich will make all forms of distracted driving a secondary offense punishable by fines up to $100. As a secondary offense, Ohio police who pull over a driver for a traffic violation could add a distracted driving penalty if any kind of distraction contributed to the primary offense, according to Cleveland.com. According to ... Read More

Dump trucks tangle with power lines, causing outages

The upturned bed of a dump truck became ensnared in power lines and took down at least 15 utility poles, leaving more than 1,200 residents in the Rochester, New York suburb of Henrietta without power. The driver, Florida resident Mark Inguaggito, was cited for operating an over-height vehicle and having an inoperable warning light. The light would have let Inguaggito know that his truck bed was upright and the accident could have been prevented. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating whether distracted driving was at issue during the crash. If they find that the driver was on his cell phone ... Read More

Semi-truck crash causes multi-vehicle pileup, fatalities

A semi-truck driver’s distracted driving was likely the cause of a fiery multi-vehicle crash in Idaho in June that claimed the lives of three airmen from Mountain Home Air Force Base as well as the driver of the truck, according to a report issued by the Idaho State Police. Illya D. Tsar, an employee for Krujex Freight Transport Corp., was driving a 2019 Volvo semitractor-trailer truck east on the freeway just before noon on June 16 when he failed to stop and careened into a 2008 Jeep Wrangler carrying the airmen. The Jeep and other vehicles were stopped just ahead ... Read More

Minnesota School Bus Driver Facing Distracted Driving Charges

A Minnesota school bus driver is facing more than two dozen charges for distracted driving and other traffic violations after video and audio surveillance recordings captured her using her smartphone to look up jokes while driving and other improper, potentially dangerous behavior. KARE Channel 11 Minneapolis reported that authorities charged 39-year-old Brenda Cartsen of Blaine, Minnesota, with 15 traffic offenses stemming from distracted driving, including reckless and careless driving and child endangerment. According to KARE, a parent of one of the middle school students aboard the bus contacted Ms. Carsten’s employer, Lorenz Bus Service Inc., about the driver’s distracted driving. ... Read More

In Florida, a Push To Toughen State’s Abysmal Distracted Driving Laws

A coalition pushing for safer streets for pedestrians and bicyclists in Lee County, Florida, is urging Florida to get tough on distracted driving and improve the safety of Florida roads for all users. Based in Lee County, Florida, BikeWalkLee says in a Fort Myers News-Press opinion that its top legislative priority for the past five years has been to advocate for better road-safety laws statewide, with particular aim at Florida’s weak “texting while driving” law. Although texting while driving has been banned in Florida since 2012, it is a secondary offense, meaning law enforcement authorities can’t pull people over solely ... Read More

Proposed Distracted Driving Bill Wants Dogs out of Drivers’ Laps

Eating, drinking, applying makeup, tending to children behind the wheel – distracted driving has been a safety issue ever since cars replaced the horse and buggy on U.S. roads. But it wasn’t until the ubiquitous cellphone – and particularly the smartphone – that the problem of distracted driving became a matter of national urgency. Now a Michigan state representative wants to ban another form of distraction: dogs in the front seat. Rep. LaTanya Garrett, a Detroit Democrat and dog owner, has proposed a bill that would make it a civil infraction for a motorist to drive around with a dog in ... Read More