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Urgent Fiat Chrysler recall issued on certain SUVS

Although past recalls have determined certain Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango vehicles to have defects, about five dozen of these vehicles are now under “urgent recall.” Manufacturer Fiat Chrysler has instructed owners to stop driving the vehicles immediately. The urgently recalled vehicles, all from the 2015 model year, feature a flawed suspension component that may break during use, causing the driver “rear-end instability and/or reduced braking power.” The vehicles were found to be defective by a supplier conducting an internal quality review. Shortly after the discovery, Fiat Chrysler halted shipments of the new vehicles from its plant. Now that the problem has ... Read More

Unsuccessful Jeep recall repairs prompt NHTSA query after continued reports of fires

After an unsuccessful Jeep recall including Jeep and Dodge SUVs, vehicles are reportedly still catching fire, prompting a recall query to investigate why. Nearly 895,000 previously recalled Jeep and Dodge SUVs now have auto safety regulators scratching their heads after reports that the vehicles’ sun visors are still catching fire. While no injuries have been reported as a result of the fires, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a public statement announcing a “recall query” to look into what exactly is causing the fires. According to the NHTSA recall query announcement, approximately eight reports of fires have been received from ... Read More

Chrysler issues recall for Jeep and Durango vehicles while NHTSA investigates Ford steering shaft risk

Chrysler has just issued a recall of 895,000 vehicles for a potential fire hazard. Specifically, 651,000 of its Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Dodge Durango SUV models 2011-2014 manufactured in the United States. Also 500,000 Fords are being investigated for steering problems. The source of the problem in the Chrysler vehicles comes from the wiring in the vanity mirror. The vehicles that have been recalled were “involved in a repair related to servicing the vanity mirror and/or headliner, the wiring — located inside the sun visor — may be subject to short-circuit and fire if not appropriately reassembled by the ... Read More

Chrysler recalls more than 75,000 Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles for various problems

Chrysler has announced several recalls affecting Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. More than 75,000 automobiles will be affected. Model-year 2011-12 Dodge Charger sedans had around 43,450 vehicles included in this recall. These vehicles are equipped with halogen headlights. According to a statement by Chrysler, the recalled sedan’s headlamp jumper harness, along with other headlight components, have the potential to overheat during use. In 2012, a recall of police vehicles had the same issue, despite no injuries or accidents occurring due to the issue. Dodge Charger dealers will be asked to inspect and, if needed, replace the headlamp jumper harness and bulbs ... Read More