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Big Pharma spending billions on direct-to-consumer drug advertising

In a recent article on drug advertising, STAT analyzed data from Kantar Media, Nielsen, and iSpot.tv market reports. STAT noted that the data neglected to include the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on digital ads and social media, focusing on the list price of TV and print ads, as it is more difficult to isolate costs in these new advertising categories. “Pharma companies know who they’re going after, and they really focus on reaching those people,” Timothy Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, told STAT. Based on the results of the data, top drug ... Read More

Bayer tests Google’s new ad format for Yaz promotion

A new ad format developed by Google for prescription drugs attaches a fixed link to sponsored results. When clicked, the link takes the browser to a page announcing  the drug’s side effects, risks, and other important information, much the same way as it is printed on the drug label or inside the product’s packaging. Bayer was the first company to sign up for the new format, which it now uses for its beleaguered birth control pill Yaz. When customers go to Google’s search engine and perform a search for information on Yaz or “the pill,” they will see this simple new ad format appear ... Read More

Off-label marketing boosts drug company profits

Off-label marketing is an illegal yet commonly employed sales strategy that some big pharmaceutical companies practice to broaden the appeal of a drug and boost sales. One of the most blatant examples of off-label marketing involved Bayer Healthcare’s blockbuster birth control pill Yaz. Bayer promoted the drug as a treatment for premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) symptoms and to clear up moderate cases of acne when the FDA approved it as birth control only. Bayer stopped the deceptive marketing of Yaz when the FDA cited it for false and misleading advertising. After Bayer was admonished over its Yaz ads, attorneys general ... Read More

Comedian lampoons the absurdity of drug ads

Writer-comedian Sarah Haskins has produced another segment of her popular satire on Current TV’s Target: Women, this time calling out the absurdity of television advertising in marketing drugs to women. “Even though I’m old, I don’t want the horrifying side effects of aging to prevent me from doing what I love,” Haskins, who just turned 30, jokes. “I want to walk with canoes, peel oranges, play fetch with my pup, and do stuff with horses,” she says while a montage of images pulled from actual television drug ads plays. In one of the ads Haskins shows, anatomy takes the form ... Read More