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Lawsuits against Fresenius dialysis product GranuFlo may be consolidated

A lawsuit filed against Fresenius Medical Care, the largest provider of dialysis products and services, by a Virginia woman has been removed to federal court and may be grouped with similar lawsuits against the dialysis company. The lawsuit, filed by Linda Bryant, executor of the estate of Dalta Dixie Pauley, alleges that Pauley suffered a fatal heart attack two days after undergoing dialysis treatment during which she received GranuFlo. Granuflo is a Fresenius-made dry acid concentrate commonly used in dialysis patients to help balance the electrolytes in the blood. “Dalta Dixie Pauley died as a result of receiving unreasonably dangerous ... Read More

The events leading up to the sudden death warning with GranuFlo dialysis product

What occurred within Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services? RenalWEB sought to find the answer to that question in the second part of a two-part series looking into the high number of cardiovascular-related deaths in dialysis patients allegedly tied to GranuFlo, a product made by Fresenius and used during hemodialysis treatments. The first story in the series explained the problem. GranuFlo, a dry acid concentrate, contains an ingredient that converts to bicarbonate in the body. Elevated levels of bicarbonate have been linked to cardiovascular events, including sudden cardiac death. GranuFlo contains more of ... Read More

Fresenius responds to mounting wrongful death lawsuits

Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest dialysis services provider, is facing several wrongful death lawsuits alleging that one of its products caused sudden cardiac death in patients. The dialysis company is accused of being aware of but withholding information from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and its customers about the serious health risks associated with its GranuFlo dialysis concentrate products. In response to the allegations, a spokesperson with Fresenius issued this statement: “As a result of the office’s (the chief medical office of Fresenius) efforts, its review of data may sometimes identify a working hypothesis or preliminary concern that ... Read More

Complaints allege Fresenius withheld information about deaths to minimize legal risks, keep market share

Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of dialysis services and products, is facing numerous wrongful death lawsuits claiming one of its products caused the deaths of dialysis patients. The company is fighting back, claiming it was not at fault. But sources say top management at Fresenius knew its dialysate product GranuFlo was contributing to serious health problems including deaths in patients but withheld this information in order to maintain the company’s market share as well as to minimize and diffuse its legal risks. Dialysates, such as GranuFlo, are solutions used to clean the blood during hemodialysis. GranuFlo is the ... Read More

Plaintiffs file petition for MDL against Fresenius in wrongful deaths of dialysis patients

A group of plaintiffs have filed a petition to form a federal multidistrict litigation (MDL) against Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. and its subsidiaries, for the wrongful deaths of dialysis patients who received toxic amounts of a dialysate concentrate that caused them to suffer cardiac arrest. The MDL was filed in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and allege generally that inadequate labeling and warnings for Fresenius’ dry acid concentrates GranuFlo and NaturaLyte caused harm to patients. Fresenius contends that the lawsuits are without merit, and the company says that it will defend them vigorously. In ... Read More

Widow files lawsuit against makers of dialysis product GranuFlo

A Florida woman is suing the manufacturer of GranuFlo, a dry acid concentrate used during dialysis treatments, claiming the product caused her husband’s death. The lawsuit alleges that the product’s manufacturer, Fresenius USA Inc., knew that there were cardiac dangers associated with GranuFlo when it was introduced 2003 but didn’t make others aware of the dangers until years later. Fresenius is a major provider of kidney dialysis service and renal care products. The company also produces GranuFlo, which performs various functions during dialysis treatment. GranuFlo contains an ingredient that the body converts to bicarbonate, an alkaline substance that works to ... Read More