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Majority of Pulmonologists Would Not Recommend E-Cigarettes for Smoking Cessation

In a survey of 773 pulmonologists, the majority of the physicians did not believe e-cigarettes were an effective method of smoking cessation. Researcher Stephen Baldassarri, MD, of Yale School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn., revealed the findings at CHEST 2016, the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians. “The vast majority of physicians who answered the survey — about 88 percent — reported that at least some of their patients had asked their opinion about e-cigarettes,” said Baldassarri, “and four out of five reported their patients were using e-cigarettes to stop smoking.” Only one-third of the physicians surveyed said ... Read More

Rising Use of E-Cigarettes Among Youth is ‘major public health concern’ According to Surgeon General

In a recent report released by the U.S. Surgeon General, the increased popularity of e-cigarette use among kids, teens and young adults is a major public health concern. According to the report, until age 25, the brain is undergoing tremendous development. Addiction to products that contain nicotine like e-cigarettes can harm the rapidly developing brain. The report points out the dangers of vaping, specifying that ultrafine particles inhaled deep into the lungs can be harmful. The report also warns the flavoring agent diacetyl, a chemical linked to serious lung disease such as bronchiolitis obliterans, also known as “popcorn lung.” Popcorn lung got its nickname for the ... Read More

Vaping May Damage the Heart as Much as Smoking, Experts Say

It’s no secret that smoking is toxic. E-cigarettes seemed to be the safe alternative, avoiding harmful chemicals and salvaging good health. But researchers are now saying that e-cigarettes have plenty of health risks of their own – including damaging effects to the heart. In a study presented at the European Society for Cardiology congress in Rome, the world’s largest cardiology conference, researchers found that vaping may have the same negative impact on heart health as smoking. E-cigarettes have been discovered to have adverse effects on the main artery of the heart. Researchers studied the hearts of 24 smokers while they puffed on ... Read More

The dangers of vaping around kids

Using e-cigarettes – or vaping – indoors exposes kids to nicotine and other chemicals, and leaves deposits of nicotine on walls and surfaces. However, many parents are unaware. According to a survey conducted last year, only 37 percent of the 3,070 survey respondents knew that exhaled e-cigarette vapor contains nicotine, and that the nicotine leaves deposits behind on surfaces. Nearly half were unaware that vaping around children exposes them to nicotine and other chemicals. Oddly enough, 84 percent of respondents said that e-cigarette use should not be allowed in places where smoking is prohibited, and 74 percent said that parents should not use e-cigarettes in front ... Read More

E-cigarettes keep people smoking cigarettes, says Professor of Medicine

The vaping community claims using e-cigarettes decreases the use of, and is substantially safer than, tobacco cigarettes. The scientific community argues that it is still bad for your health, period. Over 600,000 people die of heart disease every year, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The rising popularity of e-cigarette use shows likelihood that those numbers will increase in the coming years. “My current thinking is that e-cigarettes are going to cause less damage than conventional cigarettes in terms of cancer, but they’re probably just as dangerous – if not more – when it comes to heart disease and non-cancer ... Read More

Bias Suspected in Study of E-Cigarettes Claiming Vaping is Safe

A new study that claims e-cigarettes are far less harmful than regular cigarettes may have ulterior motives for their findings. The study was funded by a tobacco company that just recently started selling e-cigarettes. In the study, researchers exposed human lung cells to e-cigarette vapor as well as traditional cigarette smoke in a lab setting. The cells were exposed to each for a 60-minute duration, which, according to the study, is comparable to how long smokers and vapers are exposed over the course of the day. The paper advises that the example was “relatively extreme compared to real-life human exposure.” ... Read More

Two New Carcinogens Discovered in E-Cigarette Liquid

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has discovered two additional carcinogens in e-cigarette liquids. In their recent study published in Environmental Science & Technology, researchers examined three types of e-liquids and two types of vaporizers (one-coil and two-coil) at various battery power levels. The researchers discovered that the first puff looks very different from the last puff in terms of emissions. One example used was the emission of acrolein, a severe eye and respiratory irritant. With the single-coil e-cigarette operating at 3.8 volts, the first five puffs emitted .46 micrograms per puff of the chemical, but the last emitted 8.7 micrograms per puff. “When you ... Read More

Study of E-Cigarettes Provides insight to Improve Safety

In a recent study of e-cigarettes, two types of devices were examined: e-cigarettes with one heating coil, and the more expensive two-heating-coil varieties. Researchers examined the emissions from both types of e-cigarettes, using three kinds of juices and using varying battery voltages. The emissions were found to contain diacetyl, formaldehyde and acrolein, and the higher the e-cigarette voltage, the more dangerous chemicals it produced. Prue Talbot, a professor of cell biology and director of the UC Riverside Stem Cell Center, said of the study, “This is an important area of electronic cigarette research and this paper makes new and interesting observations on ... Read More

FDA Does Not Require Diacetyl to Be Listed On Labels

Diacetyl has been under a lot of scrutiny in the last few years for its links to severe negative effects on the lungs. It is a flavoring agent that mimics the creamy taste of butter, and is used in products such as baking mixes, microwave popcorn, beer, and e-cigarette liquids. Recently, a study has linked consumption of the chemical to Alzheimer’s Disease. It has also been linked to lung damage that leads to bronchiolitis obliterans, a disease where the smallest airways of the lungs have become inflamed and scarred, severely restricting airflow. Lawsuits have been aimed at flavoring manufacturers for the lung ... Read More

New Study on E-Cigarettes Conclude: ‘Regular cigarettes are super unhealthy. E-cigarettes are just unhealthy’

A new study of e-cigarettes by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) has been useful to peg the source of toxic chemical compound emissions and has discovered that temperature, type, and age of the device make a difference in the amount of chemical emissions produced. The study confirmed that the thermal decomposition of two solvents found in e-liquids, or “e-juice,” produces acrolein and formaldehyde when it is vaporized. Also found in most e-liquids is diacetyl, a chemical used in flavorings to mimic the creamy taste of butter. Diacetyl can be found in baking mixes, candy, alcohol, flavored yogurt, snack foods, cheese, and coffee. According to the FDA, ... Read More