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Soy-based Wiring Turns Subarus Into Rodent Attraction, Lawsuit Contends

A Maui woman is suing the Hawaii distributor for Subaru vehicles claiming that the car manufacturer’s use of soy-based wiring attracts mice, rats and other rodents, leaving owners with damaged, unsafe vehicles and costly repairs. The lawsuit, filed by Joy Diane Shuey in Hawaii’s Second Circuit Court in Maui, seeks class-action status to cover other owners of Subaru vehicles sold or distributed by Servco Subaru Hawaii between Nov. 22, 2013, and the present. Ms. Shuey alleges that Subaru uses wiring coated with a soy-based insulation not just because it is biodegradable and better for the environment, but because it is ... Read More

German magazine says as many as 30 managers knew about VW software emissions cheat

The German publication Der Spiegel is reporting as many as 30 Volkswagen managers had some role in the company’s emissions cheat software. The news was reported in the U.S. by Wired magazine. Volkswagen is the subject of several class action lawsuits after it was revealed proprietary software installed by the company disguised true nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions on more than 10 million diesel vehicles. In September, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cited Volkswagen and its affiliates Audi AG and Volkswagen Group of America, alleging VW and Audi diesel cars from model years 2009-2015 include a “cheat device.” The device is ... Read More

Santa Barbara retailer alleges oil spill caused economic losses

The owner of a Colorado-based retailer with a store in Santa Barbara, Calif,, has filed a lawsuit against Plains All American Pipeline LP seeking economic damages she alleges resulted from an oil spill that polluted miles of coastline around Santa Barbara in May. Erica Dahl, owner of Savvy of Boulder LLC, which operates two retail locations including one in Santa Barbara called Savvy on Pearl, filed the complaint June 11 in a California federal court. Ms. Dahl alleges that the oil spill caused store sales to plummet as much as 25 percent in May compared with sales figures from the ... Read More

Johnson and Johnson files motion to dismiss baby powder-ovarian cancer lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson filed a motion in Illinois court to dismiss a proposed class action lawsuit alleging the consumer health care company’s classic baby powder products increase the risk of ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson says plaintiff Barbara Mihalich has not developed ovarian cancer nor has she shown to suffer any injury from using the product, and thus has suffered no economic loss for which she should be compensated. She also did not claim that she bought the product to use for personal hygiene in her genital area, which the company says is the only use that the plaintiff claims ... Read More

Texas teen’s Hyundai Elantra speeds out of control and crashes on Texas highway

A Texas teenager was seriously injured after his 2011 Hyundai Elantra allegedly sped out of control on Dallas area highway December 2 and crashed. Elez Lushaj, 16, reportedly told investigators he tried to stop the car as it sped out of control, but all his efforts to slow the vehicle failed. The Elantra raced along highway 183 in Rockwall County at speeds more than 100 mph for nearly 120 miles. A police car in pursuit of the speeding vehicle shows Mr. Lushaj switching lanes to dodge traffic, often veering onto the median when the lanes were impassable. The driver lost ... Read More

Toyota agrees to settle sudden acceleration claims with 30 states

Alabama and 29 other states have reached an agreement with Toyota Motor Corporation to settle allegations that the auto maker hid what it knew about safety problems related to sudden unintended acceleration, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange announced Thursday. Toyota agreed to pay $29 million to resolve the claims that it violated consumer protection rules. The Japanese auto maker also agreed to provide additional restitution and incentives to vehicle owners designed to make vehicle information more easily accessible to consumers. These measures will help drivers operate their vehicles safely by helping them to make more informed choices. Alabama will receive ... Read More

Toyota moves to settle sudden-acceleration lawsuit chosen as first bellwether case

In what appears to be a move to keep potentially damaging cases from trial, Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to settle a sudden-acceleration lawsuit filed by the families of two people killed in a 2010 crash in Utah. The case had been scheduled to go to trial February 19 as the first of three bellwether cases involving runaway Toyota vehicles. The cases were selected to represent the larger body of wrongful death and personal injury litigation the Japanese auto giant faces over allegations that its vehicles contain a defect that can cause them to accelerate suddenly and unexpectedly. Details of ... Read More

$1 billion Toyota settlement provides economic damages, safety upgrades to vehicle owners

A settlement to resolve economic damages stemming from sudden unintended acceleration in millions of Toyota and Lexus vehicles will provide some relief to car-owners who claim the ongoing controversy caused a significant decline in the value of their vehicles.   On Wednesday, Toyota agreed to pay as much as $1.4 billion to settle economic-loss litigation stemming from Toyota’s sudden-acceleration debacle, which led to the recall of more than 14 million vehicles worldwide. The agreement is believed to be the largest settlement in U.S. history involving automotive defects. Toyota recalled millions of vehicles in 2009 and 2010 to fix problems relating ... Read More

Toyota agrees to settle unintended acceleration lawsuits for $1.1 billion

Toyota Motor Corp. has agreed to pay $1.1 billion to settle class-action lawsuits related to sudden and unintentional acceleration in some of its vehicles. If approved, the settlement would be one of the largest in automotive history. As part of the settlement, Toyota would make cash payments for economic loss on vehicles affected by multiple recalls and install special safety features on up to 3.2 million vehicles. The settlement does not cover claims of wrongful death and personal injury related to Toyota SUA. Those cases are scheduled to go to trial in February 2013. The multi-district litigation was filed in ... Read More

Toyota can’t force arbitration in sudden unintended acceleration cases, judge rules

Toyota can’t force arbitration of economic-loss claims filed by plaintiffs who allege the carmaker’s sudden-unintended-acceleration defects led to diminished market value for their vehicles, U.S. District judge James Selna has ruled. Arbitration is a nifty tool widely used by big corporations like Toyota to force settlements in consumer cases before they can go to trial. Forced arbitration clauses are often tucked into the fine print of sales contracts, requiring consumers to forfeit their right to sue the company as a precondition of doing business. “Toyota waived any right it may have had to compel arbitration of 15 of the 20 ... Read More