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2.6M Vuse Vibe E-Cig Units Recalled For Fire Risk

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Company is recalling about 2.6 million of its Vuse Vibe e-cigarette units after receiving several consumer reports of overheating and fire. The company says the problem with the Vuse Vibe units stems from the batteries that charge the e-cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds initiated the nationwide recall after receiving 10 complaints of the devices overheating and catching fire. Although the devices pose a potential risk of burn injuries and property damage, the company says it isn’t aware of any injuries related to the defect. The company said it is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ... Read More

Maryland Teen Blasted by E-Cigarette Battery

A Maryland teen suffered serious burn injuries when her e-cigarette exploded and set fire to her clothes. The Kent Island Bay Times and Record Observer reported that the 19-year-old resident of Cloverfields, Maryland, was retrieving an e-cigarette from her purse when it exploded in her hand March 16. The Maryland State Fire Marshal’s Office said the woman tossed the e-cigarette away from her, but the initial explosion set fire to her clothing. Fortunately, the woman was at home and her father helped her remove the burning clothes and put out the fire. The victim was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview ... Read More

Texas Man Injured By E-Cigarette Blast Files Lawsuit

A Houston man whose e-cigarette exploded in his face a year ago, leaving him with serious facial and bodily injuries, has filed a product liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the lithium-ion battery that allegedly caused the blast and the e-cig shop that sold it to him. According to the SE TexasRecord, plaintiff Dunta White, a resident of Harris County, claims that H Town Vape Inc., the shop where he bought the allegedly defective lithium-ion battery, and LG Chem Ltd., the Korean electronics company that made the battery, are liable for the injuries that the exploding e-cigarette caused. When the ... Read More

Medical Study Warns Of E-Cigarette Injuries, Toxicity

No matter what companies and vendors claim about the safety of e-cigarettes and other electronic nicotine delivery systems, the devices continue to send scores of people to emergency rooms, week after week, month after month. The New England Journal of Medicine released its latest findings on e-cigarette dangers Oct. 6. Among the hazards detailed in the report were the potential for the devices to cause serious physical injury and acute toxic effects associated with the e-liquid or e-juice that goes into the electronic devices. Hospitals throughout the country have seen a rise in severe burns and other blast-related injuries caused ... Read More

Girl burned on Harry Potter ride in e-cigarette explosion

It might have been mistaken for a special effect mimicking the magic and sorcery of Harry Potter’s world if it weren’t for the burn injuries. A “fireball” shooting from an exploding e-cigarette on the Hogwarts Express train ride at Universal Studios Orlando hit a schoolgirl, leaving her with moderate burns on the right side of her face, arm, and leg. Florida police who responded to the incident said that a group of young men were waiting to ride the Hogwarts Express train when one of their e-cigarettes exploded, blasting a fireball that hit the unidentified girl in the face. According ... Read More

Vaping As Bad For The Heart As Smoking Regular Cigarettes, New Study Warns

Vaping presents serious health risks and a new study indicates they have damaging effects on the heart similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes, according to researchers speaking at the world’s largest heart conference in Rome, Italy. The findings, presented by researchers from Hippokration General Hospital in Athens to the European Society of Cardiology’s annual congress prompted warnings from several leading experts that the electronic devices, while often touted as safer alternatives to conventional smoking, are “far more dangerous than people realize.” “The findings show that [vaping has] a similar effect to normal cigarettes on the stiffness of the main blood vessel in ... Read More

Colorado Teen Suffers severe burn injury from Exploding E-Cigarette

Seventeen-year-old Colorado student Marcus Forzani hopes reports of a severe burn injury he received when an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket Thursday, setting his leg on fire and causing second- and third-degree burns that extended from his upper thigh all the way down to the middle of his calf. Marcus, a resident of Castle Rock, was in school when the e-cigarette began shooting flames through the leg of his pants. The teen told KDVR Fox 31 News in Denver that he stood up to get his jacket when the bell rang and sparks started flying out of his pants. “It literally looked ... Read More

California Woman Injured By Exploding E-Cigarette Awarded $1.9 Million

A California jury awarded a woman who was badly burned by an exploding e-cigarette nearly $2 million, one of the biggest awards in a product liability lawsuit against an e-cigarette manufacturer. Jennifer Ries, 31, of San Clemente, Calif., was traveling to the airport with her husband, Xavier, in March 2013 to catch a flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they were going to help build a community center for children living in the slums. On the road, Ms. Ries decided to charge her VapCigs-brand e-cigarette and used the manufacturer’s charger to plug the device into the car’s cigarette lighter. Soon ... Read More