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Drug maker boosts manufacturing to claim larger share of diabetes treatment profits

Drug maker Eli Lilly and Co. will invest more than $700 million to beef up its insulin-making capacity in Puerto Rico, France, China and the United States. Diabetes treatments have been the company’s bread-and-butter, but sales have dropped off in recent years due to increasing competition. Diabetes treatments have generated billions in revenues and drug companies are always looking for new medications to profit. An estimated 382 million people worldwide have diabetes, and most require medication to keep their blood sugar levels in check. If not controlled, diabetes can lead to heart disease, kidney disease, dementia, blindness and amputations from ... Read More

Four sisters file lawsuit against pregnancy drug claiming it cased them breast cancer

Four sisters have filed a lawsuit against Eli Lilly and Co., claiming that its drug DES, or diethylstilbestrol, taken by their mother during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and preterm birth, caused them to develop breast cancer. The drug, a synthetic estrogen, was used during the 1930s through 1970s, but was eventually pulled from the market after it was found to be linked to rare vaginal cancer in women whose mothers used DES. All four Melnick sisters experienced miscarriages, fertility problems or other reproductive tract problems that were suspected to have been caused by prenatal exposure to DES. Each of the ... Read More

Wrongful death lawsuit filed against makers of Darvocet

A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against the makers of the newly banned painkiller Darvocet by a woman who claims the drug caused her mother to suffer a fatal heart attack. Peggy Oniate, individually and as a representative of the estate of her mother, Elizabeth Houlihan, filed the suit against Eli Lilly and Co., Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals Inc., Vintage Pharmaceuticals Inc., Qualitest Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Endo Pharmaceuticals in federal court in New Orleans. Houlihan reportedly began taking Darvocet or its generic version sometime in 2009 and continued to take the drug until her fatal heart attack in May 2010. The ... Read More