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Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parrish Hit By Three Oil Spills In One Week

A faulty oil well released an estimated 4,200 gallons of crude oil in the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parrish Aug. 2. It was the third oil spill in a week to hit the southeastern Louisiana Parrish, which is still struggling to recover from BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The U.S. Coast Guard reported the spill came from a well owned by the Texas Petroleum Investment Company. The exact cause of the spill remains unknown, but Coast Guard and state authorities continue to investigate. According to the Times-Picayune, Texas Petroleum has contracted OMI Environmental Solutions and Clean ... Read More

California Pipeline Breach Causes Another Major Shell Oil Spill

A Shell pipeline that ruptured underground near Tracy, Calif., May 20 is the same pipeline that ruptured in the same general area eight months ago, company officials confirmed. Both spills released an estimated 20,000 gallons of crude oil or more. The pipeline breach occurred in a two-foot diameter pipeline that runs about 200 miles from Martinez, Calif., northeast of Berkeley to Coalinga, southwest of Fresno. The spill was first reported about 3 a.m. Friday after Shell detected a loss of pipeline pressure. A preliminary test found a split of approximately 18 to 20 inches in length in the pipeline near Interstate 580 ... Read More

Crashed fuel tanker truck ignites inferno on California freeway

COMMERCE, Calif. — A tanker truck hauling 8,000 gallons on crude oil and diesel fuel crashed on a Southern California highway Sunday morning, Oct. 27, creating a giant inferno that injured two people and forced the evacuation of a neighborhood. The rig was traveling on the Long Beach 710 freeway in Commerce, Calif., when it slammed into a side rail on an overpass and exploded. Aerial footage of the crashed tanker showed its charred remains dangling off of the bridge to the underpass below. The driver of the truck was able to escape, but suffered life-threatening burn injuries. He is ... Read More

Concealed documents show officials may have downplayed BP oil spill’s effects on sealife

U.S. federal documents obtained by an environmental group under the Freedom of Information provisions and shared with the UK’s the Guardian newspaper show that government officials apparently tried to quash images and reports of a young sperm whale likely killed by BP’s 2010 Gulf oil spill. According to the Guardian, on June 15, 2010, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) personnel aboard the Pisces research vessel found the whale’s body decaying and partially eaten by sharks about 77 miles south of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill site. Communication between NOAA officials indicated the young whale may have come from a ... Read More

U.S. Justice Department ready for BP oil spill trial, Attorney General says

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told a House of Representatives appropriations subcommittee that the Justice Department is ready to go to trial next week against BP over the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill that left vast sections of the Gulf Coast awash in sticky crude. “We are prepared to go to trial. We were ready to go to trial yesterday,” Mr. Holder told the Congressional panel, alluding to the one-week trial start delay ordered by U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, who is presiding over the BP oil-spill litigation in New Orleans. The trial was originally set to begin on ... Read More

Plaintiffs lawyers prepared for BP oil spill trial set to begin in New Orleans

Beasley Allen lawyer Rhon Jones, who is serving on the plaintiffs steering committee for the BP oil spill litigation, told the Troy Messenger that he feels confident about the case, which is set to begin trial in U.S. District Court in New Orleans Monday. The case against BP and its partner companies for their role in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion is considered by many legal analysts to be the biggest environmental lawsuit the world has ever seen. The case against BP for the disastrous oil spill that harmed thousands of individuals and businesses along the Gulf Coast has so ... Read More

Gulf states are one step closer to acquiring BP oil-spill fines

Legislators from the Gulf States are one step closer to making sure billions of dollars in oil-spill fine money collected from BP’s violations of the Clean Water Act will go to the Gulf Coast states rather than into the federal government’s general fund. The House gave approval last week to an amendment that would apportion 80 percent of the fine money to the Gulf States directly harmed by the disastrous 2010 oil spill, but they are still in a race against the clock to make sure the amendment gets Senate approval before the oil-spill fines are determined and collected in ... Read More

Weatherford off the hook for oil-spill penalties, punitive damages

Weatherford U.S. LP, a Swiss oilfield service company that built key parts of BP’s failed Macondo well, will not have to face civil or criminal penalties and punitive damages for its role in the deadly Deepwater Horizon explosion and Gulf of Mexico oil spill, U.S. District Judge Judge Carl Barbier said Friday. Weatherford designed and built the doomed well’s float collar, a device that sat at the well’s opening three miles below the seafloor. The device was supposed to ensure the cement poured into the well did not rise to the surface before it had time to set. Federal investigations ... Read More

U.S. Justice Dept seeks oil-spill fines against BP, Transocean, Anadarko

Lawyers for the federal government are posturing to collect heavy fines from BP and other companies for playing a role in the causing 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Justice Department argued in a hearing in New Orleans Friday that BP, Transocean, and Anadarko should be found liable ahead of February’s trial for violating U.S. pollution laws. Holding BP in violation of the Clean Water Act and Transocean and Anadarko in violation of the Oil Spill Act, another set of environmental-protection laws for which BP has already accepted responsibility, would mean the companies couldn’t dispute allegations that they violated ... Read More

BP plans big U.S. expansion, wants public trust back

Priding itself on “making things right” in Gulf of Mexico and coastal communities hard-hit the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, BP says it has big plans for expanding its operations in the United States. The announcement wasn’t supposed to comfort residents and businesses still struggling to recover in the BP spill’s oily aftermath, but to reassure investors that it doesn’t intend to hold back on its push to find and extract more oil and gas from U.S. lands and waters, despite the ongoing destruction of Gulf ecosystems and frustration of people who depend on them for a living. BP’s Bob Dudley, ... Read More