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Chemical spill on highway sickens truck driver and two motorists

A commercial truck hauling a potent chemical leaked part of its cargo while traveling on Interstate 94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, sickening three people and causing traffic jams for hours. According to St. Paul Fire District Chief Stan Jadwinski, the truck spilled an estimated 200 gallons of sodium bisulfate, an acidic chemical substance commonly used in cleaning products and swimming pool treatments. The leak apparently occurred when a crack developed in the truck’s tank. The truck is owned by Commercial Pool and Spa Supplies of Maplewood, Minnesota. According to various press reports, the truck’s driver became ill after he discovered ... Read More

Study suggests inert ingredients in Roundup are extremely hazardous

Recent studies conducted in various laboratories around the world have yielded some disturbing findings that the “inert” ingredients found in common pesticides and herbicides are not as harmless as they were once thought to be. New evidence that emerged recently from studies conducted by the University of Caen in France suggest one ingredient in Roundup, a popular herbicide manufactured by Monsanto of St. Louis, Missouri, can damage and kill human cells. Polyethoxylated tallowamine (POEA), an “inert” ingredient in Roundup, was found to be particularly destructive of human reproductive cells, especially embryonic, placental, and umbilical cord cells. POEA is a substance ... Read More

Pennsylvania puts federal dollars to use for UST cleanup, removal

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is using part of the $6.1 million in federal stimulus money it received to remove three leaking underground storage tanks in Union Township, according to a report in the Herald-Standard. The tanks in Union Township, located in the southwestern corner of the state, are only 3 of 71 tanks slated for removal statewide this year. Federal environmental records suggest the UST cleanup money will be well spent. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Pennsylvania has 3,368 leaking underground storage tank cleanups in its backlog to be completed. Pennsylvania spends $1.5 million per year on ... Read More

EPA settles with Penn company over multiple UST violations

The Environmental Protection Agency announced a settlement it reached with Handee Marts, Inc., doing business as 7-Eleven, over alleged violations of federal underground storage tank regulations. The two stores held in violation of EPA standards are located in Pittsburgh and Cranberry, Pennsylvania. The parent company, Handee Marts, is based in Gibsonia, Penn. The company agreed to pay $22,758 to settle alleged violations of UST regulations designed to prevent, detect, and control fuel leaks from underground tanks. With hundreds of thousands of USTs throughout the country leaking fuel and other hazardous substances, curbing environmental contamination caused by such releases is one ... Read More

Maryland county settles UST violations with EPA

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached a settlement with the Frederick County, Maryland, board of county commissioners over multiple violations of federal underground storage tank regulations. According to the EPA, Frederick County owns and operates three underground storage tanks, yet it failed to uphold federal regulations and safety measures designed to protect the land and water from becoming contaminated by substances released from underground tanks. The County agreed to pay penalties of $4,600 for failing to maintain release detection records on three tanks between March and December 2007. The EPA also found that the county never performed automatic leak ... Read More

Kentucky oil company repeatedly damages environment, sued by state

A Kentucky oil company faces a criminal investigation and possible $25,000-per-day fines for multiple environmental violations that have marred the local community, according to a report by Convenience Store News Online. Childers Oil Co., a petroleum vendor and operator of 45 convenience stores, is responsible for a serious oil sludge leak in November of last year and a diesel fuel leak February. According to government records, Childers Oil, which is based in the eastern Kentucky city of Whitesburg, has also been cited for at least 10 other violations since 1995. The November incident occurred when oil waste from a Childers ... Read More

Penn community seeks justice years after massive fuel leak

Forty-five neighbors from a Pennsylvania community that was contaminated by a massive fuel leak more than a decade ago are still fighting for justice. Many residents of  Blue Bell, a town in Montgomery County, Penn., became sick in the late 1990s after consuming water contaminated by several thousand gallons of gasoline released from an underground storage tank at a local Gulf gas station. All of the affected people had wells or access to wells. None of the plaintiffs have appeared in court since the case opened in April of 1999. Montgomery County judge Maurino Rossanese Jr. bifurcated their civil lawsuit, ... Read More

California sues truck stop chain for UST violations

The state of California is suing Ohio-based TravelCenters of America, LLC, the owner and operator of several truck stops throughout the state, claiming the company will not comply with California’s underground storage tank regulations. “TravelCenters of America has knowingly and repeatedly disregarded California’s underground fuel storage laws for years,” attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. told the Central Valley Business Times. According to the CVBT, Riverside, California, District Attorney Rod Pacheco filed a similar suit against TravelCenters in July of last year, alleging the company violated multiple state regulations governing the possession of underground storage tanks, which almost always store ... Read More

EPA receives $200 million in stimulus money for UST removal, cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency announced today its allocation of $200 million in funds appropriated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 – popularly known as the economic stimulus package, which President Obama signed into law on February 17. The EPA will use these funds for the assessment and cleanup of at least 1,600 leaking underground storage tanks throughout the country, creating or retaining “significant numbers of jobs” in the process. According to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, the agency is “providing immediate growth opportunities across the nation, as well as long-term protection from dangerous pollution in the land ... Read More

EPA trains Navajo Nation UST inspectors

Underground storage tank inspectors for the Navajo Nation’s Environmental Protection Agency launched a two-year program geared toward inspecting all of the tanks buried on Navajo land. The federal EPA announced on March 24 that it had issued inspector credentials to two inspectors from the Navajo Nation’s EPA. The Navajo inspectors now have the authority to carry out the important inspections on behalf of the federal EPA. The Navajo inspectors are also authorized to issue citations for tanks that do not meet federal EPA criteria for safety. Fines for problematic tanks, normally ranging from $500 to $3,000, encourage tank owners to ... Read More