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Injectable erectile dysfunction drug recalled due to sterility concerns

Endo Pharmaceuticals is recalling one lot of the prescription injectable erectile dysfunction drug Edex (alprostadil) to the consumer level due to a defect in the crimp caps that has the potential to lead to a loss of container closure integrity, which could impact the product’s sterility and lead to serious infections both at the injection site and systemically. To date, no repots of adverse events have been reported. The recall affects the 10 mcg strength of Edex (alprostadil for injection), packaged in a two-pack carton with the NDC 52244-010-02, the product lot number 207386, and the expiration date of May ... Read More

Pill for overactive bladder might cure erectile dysfunction

A common problem, many men suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), finding themselves unable to get or maintain an erection firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. According to the Daily Mail, studies suggest that one in five men older than 40 is affected by ED. The likelihood of experiencing ED increases with age. The rate of occurrence increases to 30 percent in men age 70 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health. Well-known treatment option Viagra, although a best-selling drug accounting for more than $1.8 billion of its manufacturer Pfizer’s revenue in 2013, is not a magical solution to ... Read More

British erectile dysfunction gel aced clinical trials as safer, faster alternative to Viagra

The timing is right for men to be offered alternative forms of treatment for erectile dysfunction besides Viagra. With nearly a hundred Viagra users making allegations against the drug’s maker Pfizer that the company did not warn them of its association to increased melanoma risk, multi-district litigation against Pfizer is quickly growing. Studies have found that Viagra and other drugs of its class, PDE5 inhibitors, cause melanoma tumors to grow more rapidly and can increase melanoma risk up to 84 percent. Currently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking into this potentially serious risk and evaluating the need ... Read More

Prevent erectile dysfunction with healthy eating before you have to treat with drugs

Need another reason to eat your fruits and vegetables? Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) and Harvard University have found that the chemicals called flavonoids, specifically the ones found in berries and citrus fruit, could be beneficial in preventing erectile dysfunction and improving vascular health. “It’s all about inadequate blood supply and impaired blood flow,” says lead researcher Professor Aedín Cassidy from UEA, “and what’s really interesting about the flavonoids is that there’s clinical trial data and also lab data suggesting that they can improve blood pressure, they can improve blood flow and make our arteries more flexible.” ... Read More

Diabetes more likely to affect men with erectile dysfunction

Men with erectile dysfunction are twice as likely to have type 2 diabetes than men with no sexual problems, according to a new study published in the journal Annals of Family Medicine. The study, which involved data from the U.S. National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey, involved 4,500 men and spanned from 2001 to 2004. All the participants were at least 20 years of age. Researchers crunched the data to see if there was a link between erectile dysfunction and undiagnosed type 2 diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Researchers found no association between erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure or ... Read More

Prostate enlargement drugs linked to erectile dysfunction, declining testosterone

Men with benign prostate enlargement who were treated with Proscar or Propecia experienced worsening erectile dysfunction that does not improve with continued use, and a reduction in testosterone levels resulting in a condition known as hypogonadism. However, men who used Flomax did not have these same side effects, according to a study published in the journal Hormone Molecular Biology and Clinical Investigation. Proscar and Propecia, which contain the active ingredient finasteride, are in a class of drugs known as 5a reductase inhibitors, or 5a-RIs. Several studies have suggested the drugs are riddled with side effects that affect sexual function but ... Read More

10 things you probably didn’t know about erectile dysfunction

No one likes to talk about performance issues in the bedroom, but it’s not uncommon. About half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 experience erectile dysfunction (ED) to some degree. Here are some other ED facts you probably were not aware of: 1. Erectile dysfunction is hard to define but generally it is not considered a medical condition unless a man fails to achieve an erection more than 50 percent of the time. 2. ED can be an early warning sign of other medical issues such as high blood pressure and heart disease. So, if you ... Read More

ED drug Viagra increases risk of melanoma

Cancer Network, a community for physicians and health care professionals, warns that men who use the erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, known generically as sildenafil, have an 84 percent increased risk of developing melanoma, according to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Viagra is in a class of medications known as phosophodiesterase (PDE) 5A inhibitors. These drugs affect the same genetic pathway that allows skin cancer to be more aggressive. A team of researchers led by Wen-Qing Li, PhD, of Brigham and Women’s Hospital set out to determine whether this association would cause men who used Viagra to be ... Read More

New study links Viagra to deadly skin cancer

Researchers recently uncovered an important pathway where drugs known as PDE5A inhibitors, which include Viagra (sildenafil) and other drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension, could make a person more susceptible to melanoma – the deadliest form of skin cancer. Now a new study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, has connected the dots. The study analyzed data from more than 25,000 men and found that those who had recently used sildenafil had nearly twice the risk of developing melanoma than men who had not used the drug. Men who had used sildenafil at one time but discontinued use still had ... Read More

Testosterone levels tend to fluctuate significantly in younger men but remain more constant in older men

Most schools of thought suggest that measuring testosterone levels in men can be tricky because the hormone levels vary from day to day as well as hour to hour. However, a new study finds that only young men experience statistically and clinically significant fluctuations in testosterone levels. Researchers studied records of more than 2,500 men ages 26 to 84 who had their testosterone levels checked at an erectile dysfunction clinic. The men were sorted into five age groups, beginning with 26- to 39-year-olds. Each of those groups were divided into sub-groups depending on the time of day their testosterone was ... Read More