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Jury awards $57.1 Million for Defective Pelvic Mesh Implant

Johnson & Johnson was slapped with a $57.1 million verdict, awarded to a woman who alleges her pelvic mesh implant was defective, scarred her urethra, and caused her incontinence. Ella Ebaugh, the recipient of two Ethicon pelvic mesh devices, claims the mesh was defective, ultimately leaving her with a “mutilated” urethra and severe incontinence. The award included an eye-popping $50 million in punitive damages, Law360 reports. “Hopefully they recognize that their conduct was reckless,” Ebaugh’s attorney told Law360. “I hope this sends a clear message that they did something wrong with these products and that they really think, going forward, about what they ... Read More

Arkansas Woman Alleges Physiomesh Severely Injured Her

An Arkansas woman who alleges Physiomesh is responsible for her severe injuries has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer in a case that is now part of a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Northern District of Georgia. Jennifer Stone was implanted with a Physiomesh hernia repair mesh on June 29, 2011, for the repair of a ventral hernia. The mesh device, made polypropylene with four additional layers, is designed to bridge the gap of a hernia with the intention of allowing it to heal. Later, Stone says she had no choice but to undergo invasive medical treatments from the complications ... Read More

Georgia Woman blames Physiomesh for Husband’s Death

A Georgia woman has filed a lawsuit against the makers of her husband’s Physiomesh, blaming the hernia mesh device for his death. Kathy Edwards, the widow of William Stanley Edwards, is suing Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Ethicon, over its hernia mesh repair device that allegedly led to her husband’s death. On June 26, 2015, Mr. Edwards underwent surgery to repair an incarcerated ventral hernia at Southeast Georgia Health System Brunswick Campus in Brunswick, Georgia. Physiomesh was used to bridge the hernia in an attempt to repair it. On July 9, 2015, Mr. Edwards returned to the hospital complaining of severe ... Read More

Australian Woman blames hernia mesh for infection

An Australian woman has been awarded a $1 million verdict after she suffered an infection following hernia mesh surgery Kylie Tinnock, a mother of three, underwent incisional hernia repair surgery on June 7, 2010, at  Wagga Base Hospital. The primary surgeon, Dr. Justin Gundara, and specialist general surgeon, Dr. Michael Payne, used a hernia mesh device to assist in repair. On June 15, 2010, a second surgery was required to drain a seroma that had formed. A vacuum dressing was used as a therapeutic technique to promote healing. On June 27, 2010, Tinnock returned for a third procedure in which Dr. Payne closed the abdominal cavity ... Read More

Rapid Growth in Physiomesh MDL

The Physiomesh multidistrict litigation (MDL) has experienced rapid growth in the last month, according to the Judicial Panel on MDL report released on July 17. According to the report, at least 84 lawsuit actions are pending against Physiomesh, 14 of which were added just since June, when 70 actions were pending. In March, there were only 18. Lawsuits state that Physiomesh “is not used in any other hernia repair product sold in the United States” due to it’s unique five-layer design. “The mesh product is composed of a nonabsorbable, macroporous polypropylene mesh laminated between two undyed polyglecaprone-25 films,” the 510(k) approval summary states. “An ... Read More

Tennessee Man Sues Ethicon Over Physiomesh

A Tennessee man filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon over his implanted Physiomesh hernia repair mesh device, claiming it failed and injured him. According to the complaint, on July 8, 2013, Robert Burdge went to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Collierville, Tennessee, to have an incisional hernia repaired. He was implanted with a Physiomesh device as treatment. However, on Dec. 29, 2014, Burdge returned to the same hospital for repair of the hernia mesh, which ruptured. He was laparoscopically implanted with a larger Physiomesh device. On Sept. 12, 2016, Burdge was back in the hospital to repair the hernia mesh ... Read More

Is Physiomesh ‘Substantially Equivalent’ to Prior Devices?

Physiomesh, a now-recalled hernia repair mesh, is not substantially equivalent to prior devices despite FDA 510(k) approval, according to lawsuits filed that claim the device is linked to injuries and high revision rates. Physiomesh is a polypropylene mesh that is designed to assist in the repairing of a hernia. The mesh was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) using a 510(k) approval, which is a fast-track approval method that allows a product to be marketed as long as it is “substantially equivalent” to a device already approved. Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson and the maker ... Read More

Physiomesh MDL established in Atlanta

Nearly 70 lawsuits against Ethicon over its Physiomesh hernia repair mesh device have been consolidated into a multidistrict litigation (MDL) in Atlanta, Georgia. Ethicon is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated the lawsuits in the Northern District of Georgia before Judge Richard W. Story. Mass Tort Nexus reports that the consolidation has centralized the actions pending throughout 36 various district courts, with dozens of lawyers scattered among them. Although each case is unique, the complaints shared common elements of device failure such as herniation through the mesh itself, recurrent hernia formation and hernia rupture, ... Read More

Physiomesh patient intestines push through hernia mesh

A Georgia woman has filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson and subsidiary, Ethicon, after her intestines pushed through their hernia repair mesh device, Mass Tort Nexus reports. Connie Franklin and her husband, Marvin Franklin, are accusing the companies of negligence, failure to warn, defective design, as well as loss of consortium. Franklin was implanted with a Physiomesh device measuring 20 cm by 25 cm in an attempt to repair an incisional hernia. Franklin said after the surgery she experienced severe pain as well as nausea and vomiting. On Aug. 1, 2016, she underwent an additional surgery for the hernia that recurred. The lawsuit ... Read More

Physiomesh MDL established

A hearing was held May 25, 2017 on plaintiffs’ request to create a new multidistrict litigation (MDL) for Physiomesh, against Physiomesh makers Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson. On June 2, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation ordered that the cases should be combined in MDL No. 2782. The cases will be consolidated in the Northern District of Georgia under Judge Richard W. Story. According to Mass Tort Nexus, at least 330,000 Physiomesh hernia repair devices have been sold around the world. It is believed that half of them were sold in the U.S. There are currently 18 complaints pending in nine federal district courts, ... Read More