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Two ‘eerily similar’ fatalities at ExxonMobil site

A trial is currently underway in Jefferson County District Court in Texas accusing ExxonMobile, B&G Crane Service, and AltairStrickland of the wrongful death of refinery worker Miguel Barron. The lawsuit, which seeks more than $1 million, was filed by Barron’s brother, Hector Barron. Both were employed at AltairStrickland. Barron was killed May 11, 2016, while working on an elevated platform at the Beaumont Texas Exxon refinery during turnaround operations, when he was struck by a heavy pipe that fell from overhead. The original petition claims that because an effective rescue plan was not in place, medics were unable to reach ... Read More

Two separate asbestos lawsuits filed in Texas courts

Two separate lawsuits have been filed in Jefferson County District Court in Texas against several companies alleging they negligently exposed workers to asbestos and asbestos-containing products which led to serious health problems, according to the Southeast Texas Record. Michael Haynes sued Chevron USA, ExxonMobil, Atlantic Richfield, Huntsman, Total, Texaco and other companies alleging he was exposed to asbestos fibers and defective products made with asbestos that were manufactured and sold by the defendants. Haynes says he was employed by Atlantic Richfield in Port Arthur in 1967, and later worked at Neches Butane (sued as Huntsman) for 10 years beginning in ... Read More

Benzene lawsuit names nearly two dozen companies

Travis Bergeron began working for a chemical company in Port Arthur, Texas more than 50 years ago, staying on the job for more than a decade. Now he claims the work gave him a deadly disease and he wants to hold accountable the companies that made him sick. Bergeron claims that while working for Sinclair Koppers from 1967 to 1978, he was exposed to benzene, a toxic volatile, flammable liquid chemical byproduct of coal distillation that is used as an industrial solvent in various products. Benzene exposure is linked to blood cancers including leukemia. Bergeron was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, ... Read More

Parents of Worker Killed At ExxonMobil Refinery File Lawsuit

The parents of a worker killed at the ExxonMobil refinery in Beaumont, Texas, have filed a lawsuit seeking compensation and damages from the companies whose negligence they allege caused the workplace fatality of their daughter. Yesenia Espinoza, 31, was working as a pipefitter assistant at a construction project at the ExxonMobil plant Dec. 1 when she was struck by a piece of piping and killed, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. Ms. Espinoza’s parents filed their lawsuit in Jefferson County court Dec. 4 against ExxonMobil, the construction and engineering firm Bechtel, and Echo Maintenance, the Port Arthur, Texas, company that employed ... Read More

ExxonMobil Not Cooperating in Discovery, Family of Man Killed in Texas Plant Claims

The family of a worker who died in an industrial accident at an ExxonMobil petrochemical plant in Beaumont, Texas, has filed a motion to compel discovery in the case, alleging the corporate energy giant refuses to cooperate. According to the SE Texas Record, Hector Barron filed suit against ExxonMobil in Jefferson County, Texas, Court, May 17, 2016, seeking damages of more than $1 million for the death of his brother and coworker Miguel Barron. The lawsuit also names AltairStrickland, an industrial engineering company that specializes in petrochemical plant turnarounds, and B&G Crane Service. The lawsuit alleges that on May 11, ... Read More

Suit Filed Against ExxonMobil alleging cover up of leaky petroleum storage tanks

The owner of property bordering a former ExxonMobil gas station has filed a lawsuit against the petroleum giant alleging contamination due to leaky petroleum storage tanks. The property is planned for development, but the plans were halted when groundwater testing found benzene levels at nearly 100 times the allowed regulatory levels. Other chemicals exceeded regulatory levels including toluene, ethylbenzene, xylenes and methyl tert-butyl ether. The suit alleges that Exxon never told the property owner about the leaky petroleum storage tanks when they were discovered in 2003. The “constant and continuous, not intermittent or recurrent” contamination and the resulting damage has diminished the property’s value, and ... Read More

ExxonMobil Ordered to Pay $2.6 Million For Pegasus Pipeline Disaster

Federal regulators hit ExxonMobil with a $2.6 million fine and sharply rebuked the oil giant for its failure to maintain and detect problems with its 65-year-old Pegasus pipeline, which burst underneath an Arkansas community in March 2013, flooding it with about 210,000 gallons of highly toxic, dense tar sands oil. In an Oct. 1 order delivered to the oil company, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) faulted ExxonMobil for a number of deficiencies it said contributed to the spill that forced residents of Mayflower, Ark., about 25 miles north of Little Rock, to evacuate. Twenty-two families had to ... Read More

ExxonMobil to pay $5 million for Arkansas oil spill fines, costs

ExxonMobil will pay $5 million to settle claims brought against it by the U.S. and Arkansas governments stemming from its March 2013 Pegasus Pipeline oil spill that swamped an Arkansas community with thousands of gallons of heavy Canadian oil. Under the settlement agreement, ExxonMobil will pay $3.19 million to the U.S. in Clean Water Act penalties and $1 million in state civil penalties to Arkansas. The oil company will also devote $600,000 to a project geared toward improving water quality at Lake Conway, a reservoir affected by the spill, and pay the Arkansas Attorney General’s office $280,000 in legal fees. The ... Read More

Exxon refinery blast shutters California city

TORRANCE, Calif. — An explosion and fire at a Torrance ExxonMobil refinery in Torrance Wednesday morning injured three workers, decimated part of the plant, and shattered the windows of surrounding buildings as noxious fumes covered the city. Speaking to local television station KNBC, Torrance Mayor Patrick Furey urged residents of his city to stay indoors and avoid using air conditioning Wednesday. “The most important thing is to shelter in place, stay indoors, no outdoor activity, turn the air conditioners off, keep the windows closed,” Mr. Furey told the station. According to the Los Angeles Times, Torrance Fire Captain Steve Deuel ... Read More

ExxonMobil’s Arkansas oil spill trial set for June 2014

ExxonMobil Corp. may go to trial in June to face pollution charges stemming from its March 29 oil spill that left an Arkansas community swamped in highly toxic tar sands crude. U.S. District Judge James Moody’s proposed schedule calls for the trial to start during the week of June 16. ExxonMobil faces a joint lawsuit filed by federal and Arkansas authorities seeking damages for its alleged violations of the U.S. Clean Water Act, the Arkansas Water and Air Pollution Control Act, and other federal and state anti-pollution statutes. Exxon’s Pegasus pipeline, a 70-year-old pipe that moves refined Canadian tar sands ... Read More