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Long Island Woman Required Amputation After Festival Accident

A woman who was critically injured by a runaway Army Humvee at a Long Island bacon festival has undergone an arm amputation due to injuries she suffered in the accident. According to the Associated Press, the accident happened Saturday, Sept. 23 when a Humvee the U.S. Army Reserve was displaying at the Long Island Bacon Bash apparently popped out of gear and careened 30 feet down a hill through throngs of people. The U.S. Army Reserve says it is conducting an internal investigation of the accident. “Everyone was running and screaming and we just wanted to make sure that she ... Read More

Ohio Fair Ride Malfunction Gives Riders Minor Injuries

Another ride malfunction at an Ohio fair left people with only minor injuries, but it put a spotlight on the safety of carnival rides that are disassembled, hauled around the country, and reassembled month after month. The ride malfunction at the Highland County Fair in Hillsboro, Ohio, Sunday, Sept. 3 occurred on a ride consisting of two caged cars attached to each end of a vertical rotating arm. Charley Davidson, president of the Highland County Fair, told FOX19 that one of the cars hit the ground “a little hard” as it swung down, causing some of the six people on ... Read More

Ohio Festival Ride Malfunction Injures Two Children

An amusement ride malfunctioned at a Cleveland, Ohio-area festival, injuring two children whose ride car derailed Friday, August 11. According to local authorities, the ride malfunction occurred at the North Ridgeville Corn Festival about 24 miles west of Cleveland. Five children were on a low-speed car track ride when one of the cars left its track and stopped abruptly. News 5 Cleveland reports that two children were injured and an ambulance was required. The nature of the injuries was unknown but they were reportedly minor and no hospitalizations were necessary. The children were examined at the scene, treated, and released ... Read More

Disaster at Ohio Fair Kills One, Critically Injures Three Others

A ride malfunction at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus has killed one person and injured several others, including three critically, Wednesday evening, prompting Governor John Kasich to shut down all rides in the state until further inspection. The tragic accident reportedly occurred on a ride called the Fire Ball, which spins riders in a circle as they swing suspended from a giant pendulum. According to the Columbus Dispatch, Battalion Chief Steve Martin, a spokesman for the Columbus Fire Division, said the ride broke apart in motion, throwing passengers from the ride. An 18-year-old man was thrown high into the ... Read More

Tough New Amusement Laws Could Kill Kansas County Fair

Amusement rides in carnivals and county fairs, a Kansas tradition since the mid-1800s, will likely become history unless state legislators amend tough new legislation whipped up after the tragic death of Caleb Schwab, the 10-year-old boy who was killed on an extreme waterslide in Kansas City, Kansas, last summer. According to The Hutchinson News, at least one Western Kansas county has decided to no longer have rides at its annual carnival even though the new regulations won’t take effect until 2018. Other counties predicted that they are almost 100 percent certain they will no longer be able to offer rides ... Read More

Three Girls Tumble From Top of Ferris Wheel At Tennessee Fair

Three girls tumbled 35 to 40 feet from near the top of a Ferris wheel Monday night at the Greene County Fair in Greeneville, Tenn. The three girls, reportedly from two families, were spilled from their cart after it apparently failed to pivot as it ascended. All three were rushed to a Johnson City, Tenn., hospital, two by ambulance and one by helicopter. They are in serious condition but were responsive Monday night. One witness told Johnson City’s WJHL News Channel 11 that “It was like watching water pouring from a glass.” They bounced off the metal bridging of the ... Read More

Inspectors dismantling swing ride that injured 18 at Connecticut festival

NORWALK, Conn. — Investigators are dismantling a circular swing ride that failed during a summer oyster festival in Southern Connecticut Sunday in an effort to understand why the ride stopped abruptly, sending the riders hurtling into each other and injuring 18 riders. The “Zumur” ride, which consists of swings suspended from arms that raise and spin, was one of the featured ride attractions at Norwalk’s annual Oyster Festival. Connecticut State Troopers investigating Sunday’s incident say that some kind of mechanical malfunction in the drive system seems to have occurred while the ride was in operation. Stewart Amusement Co. bought the ... Read More

Ride malfunction at Ohio amusement park injures seven

SANDUSKY, Ohio — A water thrill ride malfunctioned Friday at Cedar Point amusement park near Cleveland, Ohio, Friday, injuring seven people who were on boat that slid backward down a steep hill and flipped over in water. Investigators are at the park this week trying to determine how the malfunction occurred on the “Shoot the Rapids” ride and why some of the safety restraints were not working properly. “We heard a snap and then a clunk and then it was the loudest noise, like an explosion,” Emily Capezzuto, one of the riders, told the Sandusky Register. “Then it slid down ... Read More

Texas roller coaster death rekindles debate on amusement ride safety regulations

ARLINGTON, Texas — Officials from a German roller coaster manufacturing company are traveling to Arlington, Texas, to inspect the Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas amusement park after a woman was killed when she was tossed off the ride Friday evening. Tobias Lindnar, a project manager at Gerstlauer Amusement Rides in Munsterhausen, Germany, told the Dallas Morning News by phone that he is certain the death is not the result of a defective safety bar, which some witnesses said failed to restrain the passenger, identified as Rosa Ayala-Goana, 52. Mr. Lindnar said the Texas Giant is one ... Read More

Outdoor concert safety concerns rise after Indiana stage collapse

Outdoor concerts have exploded in size and popularity over the last 20 years, creating a swiftly burgeoning multi-billion-dollar industry with almost no safety standards and regulations, according to an article in the Associated Press. What once were relatively small stage-and-canvas-roof shows with a few multicolored lights have evolved into monumental productions incorporating tons of lighting, video, sound, and special effects equipment that are hauled around in semi-trucks and set up in break-neck speed. Millions of dollars are usually at stake in these shows, leaving organizers averse to canceling performances because of bad weather until the very last second. According to ... Read More