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Driver of New York City tour bus used drugs before crash in Times Square

NEW YORK CITY — The driver behind the wheel of a double-decker tour bus that crashed into another double-decker bus in Times Square Tuesday afternoon failed sobriety tests at the crash scene and later tested positive for drug use. William Dalambert, 58, of Irvington, N.J., remains in police custody after causing the collision, which injured 14 people in the vicinity of a TKTS kiosk, which sells discounted tickets to Broadway shows. Mr. Dalambert’s Gray Line bus also hit a GMC Yukon SUV and toppled a street light at 47th St. and 7th Ave. that narrowly missed striking a toddler from ... Read More

Researchers aim to understand the potential harm in nanoparticles

When a mineral is broken down into smaller and smaller particles, or nanoparticles, its biological makeup can be affected, turning a seemingly harmless mineral into a potential lethal threat. Understanding which minerals’ nanoparticles pose risks is the work of a group of researchers at Northwest Nazarene University. Chemistry professor Jerry Harris refers to the book, “Asbestos: Silk of the Mineral Kingdom,” which was published in 1946 and touted the benefits of abestos. Asbestos became widely used in the United States throughout the 20th century as insulation because of its affordability and sound absorption. What researchers didn’t learn until decades later ... Read More

Canadian passengers injured in N.Y. bus crash file personal-injury lawsuit in U.S.

A group of Canadian tourists who were injured in a July 18 bus crash near Rochester, N.Y. are suing the Quebec-based bus operator and tour company in the U.S. Lawyers involved in the case told the Toronto Sun that plaintiffs were likely to receive fairer compensation through the U.S. court system than they would by filing their lawsuit in Canada, where $326,000 is the most in damages they can expect to see from a case. The tour bus, owned by Fleur de Lys, was subcontracted by JaimonVoyage.com to take a group of 56 passengers from Quebec to New York City. ... Read More

Testosterone therapy poses same safety risks to young men, teenagers

Young men and teenagers hoping to improve in sports are turning to testosterone boosting products, raising concerns about their long-term health. Testosterone replacement therapy is a prescription drug indicated for men whose blood levels show lower than normal levels of the male hormone, resulting in symptoms such as low sex drive, weight gain and fatigue. The treatment can also help build muscle mass, which makes it an attractive supplement to body builders and athletes. Many professional sports have cracked down on the use of performance enhancing drugs, which include testosterone therapy. However, some gyms sell testosterone supplements, says Chad Zimmerman, ... Read More

Roberts says he would use testosterone therapy despite serious health risks

Morning Joe panelist Thomas Roberts says he would “live today, I will borrow from tomorrow” and take testosterone replacement therapy to boost his levels of the manly hormone if his levels were low, despite serious risks with the drugs including heart attacks, strokes and death. Roberts made the comment during Morning Joe’s segment on Time’s cover story “Manopause,” which addresses skyrocketing sales of testosterone supplements and health risks associated with the drugs. “We only got the now. I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow,” he said. Roberts is obviously being lured by television advertisements from drug companies that ask men ... Read More

Fresenius may open new dialysis clinic in Louisiana despite AG’s lawsuit

Fresenius Medical Care, the world’s largest provider of dialysis products and services, is proposing to build a new dialysis center in Terrytown, La., despite being slapped with a lawsuit by the state’s Attorney General earlier this month. Fresenius owns nearly 100 dialysis clinics in Louisiana. The company uses its brand-name products in its facilities and also sells them to non-Fresenius-owned clinics. The state’s lawsuit claims that Fresenius’s dialysis concentrates GranuFlo and NaturaLyte caused patients to suffer from injuries including sudden cardiac arrest, and that the company violated Louisiana law and attempted to defraud dialysis clinics, physicians, the state and its residents by ... Read More

Most victims in charter bus/FedEx collision died of smoke inhalation

Seven of the 10 people who died in a fiery bus California bus crash in April survived the crash initially but then died of smoke inhalation, the Coroner of Glenn County, Calif., found. The April 10 crash occurred in the Northern California city of Orland when a FedEx truck veered off the highway and collided with a charter bus full of college-bound students. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigators said the FedEx truck was traveling south on Interstate 5 when it veered left and crossed a 58-foot-wide median before entering oncoming traffic. The FedEx truck swiped a Nissan sedan with ... Read More

New York City pothole blamed for Canadian bus crash went unrepaired for months

Residents, commuters, and workers in the Hell’s Kitchen area of New York City say a dangerously deep pothole that caused a charter bus carrying a company of young Canadian dancers to crash has been gone unrepaired despite complaints. The bus, operated by Optimum Rides of New Brunswick, Canada, hit the massive pothole near the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel around 8:10 a.m. July 17, sending it over a curb and crashing into scaffolding on a West 41st St. building near 10th Ave. The bus was carrying a group of dancers from the Dance Zone Studio in New Brunswick to Carlo’s ... Read More

Controversial analysis suggests Actos may help protect users from dementia

The type 2 diabetes drug Actos could help ward off dementia, a new analysis has found. However, researcher say more analysis is needed as well as adverse side effects addressed before the medication can be recommended as a preventative measure. The analysis involved data from Germany’s biggest public health insurer, which included about 146,000 patients aged 60 or older. The patients were tracked from 2004 to 2010, during which time about 14,000 of them developed dementia. When prescriptions for Actos were factored into the analysis, researchers found that patients taking Actos had about a 6 percent decline in the likelihood ... Read More

Mother sues bus company, driver for striking and killing Portland teen in crosswalk

The mother of a Vancouver, Wash., teen who was killed when she was hit by a charter bus in Portland, Ore., last month is suing the bus driver and his employer, claiming excessive work, fatigue, and carelessness played a role in the girl’s death. Monserrat Hernandez Garcia, 18, was “just three days away from graduating high school” when “this preventable bus crash took her life,” an attorney for the teen’s mother, Maria Del Carmen Hernandez, told Vancouver, Washington’s The Columbian. On June 8, Ms. Hernandez Garcia was walking to her job at Bridgeport Brewing in Portland’s Pearl District just before ... Read More