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Traffic Fatalities Rise Again in 2016

Traffic fatalities in the U.S., already at a 50-year high, leaped again last year dramatically, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Traffic data collected from all 50 states and the District of Columbia show that 37,461 people were killed on U.S. highways and roads in 2016, an increase of 5.6 percent from 2015, NHTSA reported. Part of the rise in traffic fatalities can be attributed to a corresponding leap in the number of vehicle miles traveled on U.S. roads in 2016. According to NHTSA, vehicle miles traveled increased by 2.2 percent last year, resulting in about 1.18 deaths per ... Read More

NHTSA Releases Guidelines For Electronics Manufacturers Addressing Driver Distraction

Addressing an historic surge in deadly traffic crashes nationwide, federal transportation regulators have proposed guidelines for developers of portable and aftermarket electronics that aim to reduce driver distraction and promote better safety on roads. The proposed voluntary guidelines encourage electronics manufacturers and developers to implement features such as pairing, where a portable device is automatically linked to a vehicle’s infotainment system, and Driver Mode – a simplified user interface. Both pairing and a Driver Mode interface would reduce the potential for unsafe driver distraction by reducing the time a driver’s eyes are off the road while at the same time ... Read More

NHTSA sets Ambitious Plan To Eliminate Traffic Fatalities

Federal auto safety regulators have announced an ambitious new plan that they say could lead to “an America free of motor vehicle fatalities.” “Americans deserve safer roads, and that starts with culture,” the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says on its website. “[We] are taking the initiative to create the future as opposed to just letting it happen. In our view, the only acceptable goal for roadway fatalities is zero.” NHTSA envisions its strategic plan to eliminate traffic fatalities as a three-lane highway, which it calls “The Road Ahead.” Each lane is an aspect of auto safety that the ... Read More

Circus Operator Reaches Settlement With U.S. Over Deadly Tent Collapse

A Florida-based circus operator has reached a settlement with federal safety regulators over the deadly 2015 collapse of an improperly installed tent during a thunderstorm in Lancaster, N.H. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited Walker International Events in February 2016 with 14 serious violations of federal workplace safety rules after investigating the accident, which resulted in the deaths of Robert Young, 41, and his daughter Annabelle, 6, of Concord, Vt. More than 50 other people were injured, including two circus workers. OSHA investigators found that Walker chose to proceed with its scheduled outdoor circus performance despite repeated warnings ... Read More

Trench Excavation Deaths More Than Doubled In 2016

In June, 33-year-old James Rogers  was crushed to death as he was digging in a 12-foot trench in Washington Township, Ohio, after the trench walls caved in and buried him under tons of dirt. His death was a part of an “alarming and unacceptable” trend in trench deaths, which have more than doubled since last year, federal regulators say. It took hours for rescue workers to recover Mr. Rogers’ body. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) probed the circumstances surrounding Mr. Rogers’ death and that investigation revealed some disturbing evidence that his employer, KRW Plumbing LLC, showed little regard ... Read More

Feds To Investigate Fatal Construction Accident At Wetumpka Airport

WETUMPKA, ALA. — Federal safety investigators are investigating a fatal construction accident Jan. 20. The worker was killed on the job during a project at the Wetumpka Municipal Airport. The worker, an employee of a construction company contracted to build a drainage ditch at the airport, died of injuries he sustained when he was struck by a concrete drainage pipe, Detective Mike Hafley of the Wetumpka Police Department told The Wetumpka Herald. The fatal construction accident occurred around 4:30 p.m., authorities said. The Wetumpka Herald reported that the worker was “fatally injured … by one of the concrete drain (pipes) striking him,” ... Read More

New reporting requirements could mean fewer work-related deaths and injuries

The New Year brought a significant change to the American workplace as new, stricter rules went into effect January 1 designed to reduce work-related deaths and injuries. In particular, the new regulations mandate employers report all work-related amputations, eye loss, and in-patient hospitalizations of workers within 24 hours. Under the old rules, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) required employers only to report fatalities on the job and accidents in which three or more workers were injured. Employers are expected to report work-related deaths within eight hours under the new rules. “We believe the updated reporting requirements are not simply ... Read More

Department of Transportation announces new plan for pedestrian and bicyclist safety

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Anthony Foxx has announced a new initiative by the DOT to reduce the growing number of pedestrian and bicyclist injuries and fatalities. This comprehensive approach will address infrastructure safety, education, vehicle safety and data collection. In 2012, 4,743 pedestrians were killed and around 76,000 were injured in traffic crashes in the United States. The 2012 fatalities represent an increase of 6 percent from 2011 and were the highest number of fatalities in the last five years. Also in 2012, 736 pedal cyclists were killed and around 49,000 were injured due to traffic crashes. This ... Read More

Medtronic recalls drainage and monitoring system due to potentially dangerous defect

Medtronic is recalling its Duet External Drainage and Monitoring System, a device that externally drains and monitors cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) and monitors intracranial pressure (ICP), because the patient tubing line may separate from the patient line connectors. This is more likely to occur during frequent handling, such as when injections or sampling is needed. This defect could cause air in the skull, a condition known as pneumocephalus; infections such as meningitis, ventriculitis, or encephalitis; and over or under drainage of the cerebrospinal fluid that could lead to serious adverse health consequences, including death. To date, there have been no reports ... Read More

Seven killed in southwestern New Mexico pileup, tractor trailer rig fire on I-10

Authorities investigating a deadly multi-vehicle crash in southwestern New Mexico Friday that killed seven people and ignited a tractor trailer rig fire said that a violent storm system in the area may have contributed to the pileup. The crash occurred on I-10 ten miles east of the Arizona border at 5:30 p.m., about the same time high winds were reported across southern New Mexico. A storm of thick, blowing dust may have reduced visibility severely in the area of the crash. Some parts of southern New Mexico reported winds of more than 60 mph Friday. A witness who was traveling ... Read More